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Product Review

The Product Review widget is intended to be used on a single product page. 

If you want to customize the Product Review styles, you can use ShopEngine’s Product Review widget.

Activate Product Review Widget #

From the WordPress admin dashboard, go to ShopEngine > Widgets. From the list of single-page widgets, turn the Product Review widget ON.

enable the product review widget of ShopEngine

Use the Product Review Widget #

Search for the Product Review Widget under the ELEMENTS tab of Elementor.

Search for the product review widget of ShopEngine

Drag and drop the Product Review widget from Elementor onto the single product page.

drag and drop the product review widget of ShopEngine

Customize the Product Review Widget #

The Product Review widget for Elementor will let you customize the Heading, Review Style, Review Form, Submit Button, and Global Font from the style settings tab. 

Heading: Change the heading color, heading typography, and heading margin (for desktop, tablet, and mobile). 

Customize the header of product review widget of ShopEngine

Review Style: Select the rating color, date, author, and description color. comment separator color, author typography, date typography, description typography, and single review spacing in px. 

customize the review style of the product review widget

Review Form: Choose the review form’s input label color, required color, and typography. 

Customize the review form style of Product rating widget of ShopEngine

Also set the form input color, border color, focus border color, typography, field spacing, input border-radius, and input padding. 

edit the form input styles of the product review widget of ShopEngine

Submit Button: Choose the submit button’s typography, alignment, normal and hover color, background, border type, width, border radius, and padding. 

Customize the product review button of ShopEngine with Elementor

Global Font: Set the global font family for the product review widget

edit and customize the global font of product review widget on Elementor
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Updated on March 27, 2022