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Additional Information

Additional Information widget is made to be used on the single product page. 

If you want to give the shoppers a little more product information (such as color and size) in your way, you can use ShopEngine’s product additional widget.

Activate Additional Information Widget #

From the WordPress admin dashboard, go to ShopEngine > Widgets. From the list of single-page widgets, turn the Additional Information widget ON.

Turn the Additional Information widget of ShopEngine ON

Use the Additional Information Widget #

Search for Additional Information Widget under the ELEMENTS tab of Elementor.

Search for additional information widget of ShopEngine on Elementor

Drag and drop the Additional Information widget from Elementor onto the single product page.

Drag and drop additional information widget onto the single product page

Customize the Additional Information Widget #

Product additional widget for Elementor will let you customize the common style, label style, and value style from settings.

style settings tab of additional information widget

Common Style #

  1. 1. Select the top, right, bottom, and left table cell padding.
customize the common settings of the Additional Information widget

2. Choose a typography family, font size for phone, mobile, and tablet. Select weight from 100-900, bold, normal, and default. Choose style from default, normal, italic, and oblique. 

customize the typography of additional product information widget

3. Define the Separator color

define the separator color of the additional information widget of ShopEngine

Label Style #

  1. 1. Pick label’s color
Pick the label's color of additional information widget

2. Pick label’s background-color

pick the background color of additional information widget

3. Select Width (In pixel or percentage for mobile, tablet, and desktop)

select the width of additional information label

Value Style #

  1. 1. Choose a value color and a value background-color
customize the value style of the product additional information widget of ShopEngine
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Updated on February 17, 2022