GutenKit Block Editor

Ultimate No Code Solutionfor Gutenberg

Build websites 10x Faster with ZERO coding in the Block Editor. Get GutenKit blocks & ready templates; say hello to a smooth website-building journey!

300+ Patterns

& Templates

35+ Advanced


Mega Menu


3D Parallax


Motion Animations

Inline SVG

Icon Pack

Making Gutenberg Feel
Like a Page Builder

Features Explain Action

Native Gutenberg Interface, with Better Features

Simple yet advanced page builder with the same interface that you know inside out.

  • Easiest workflow for Gutenberg.
  • Design pixel-perfect websites.
  • Full flexibility in customization.

Create Entire Pages Within Full Site Editor (FSE)

Every block, pattern, module, and setting works perfectly with Full Site Editor.

  • Complete full site editing compatible.
  • Design layouts within Full Site Editor.
  • Create your own templates and patterns.

Create Stylish Menus with Mega Menu Builder

Missed Mega Menu in Gutenberg? Not anymore! Start creating Mega Menu in WordPress.

  • Improve site navigation.
  • Create two-dimensional menu layout.
  • Add dropdown menu items.

One Plugin Includes All The Blocks You Need

No more loading your websites with plugins for a single feature. GutenKit comes with 35+ Blocks.