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Preorder Module

ShopEngine offers many modules and preorder is one of them. You can easily enable and use this module. But, before setting up let’s find out about this module.

What is the Preorder module of ShopEngine? #

The preorder module will let your customers order a product that hasn’t been released yet. You can take orders from your customers in advance with this module. As a result, you will see extra profit in your business.

ShopEngine pre-order module will let you set:

  • Pre-order price.
  • Available date.
  • Default countdown.
  • Maximum product order.
  • Preorder message.

Why do you need a preorder module? #

You will need this module because it will bring additional success to your business. Here are the benefits of using this module:

  • It will increase your sales.
  • You can predict the demand for your product. As a result, you will know how much product you need to order.
  • The manufacturer can get an idea of the production amount.
  • Production will be more precise.

How to enable and use this module? #

Enabling and using the preorder module of ShopEngine is super easy. Follow the following steps to enable and use this module:

Step 1: Enable the preorder module. #

First, go to your admin dashboard then select modules under ShopEngine.

Enable Preorder module

Now, enable the module and fill the gaps like the following image. After that, press the save changes button.

Preorder module setting

Step 2: Set preorder option for your product. #

In this step, go to all products and select the product, you want to set for preorder.

Add preorder product

Now, click inventory and set preorder as stock status. Then, enter:

  • Maximum order.
  • Available date for preorder.
  • Preorder price.
  • Message.
Insert info for your preorder product

After entering the preorder details like above, now press the update button.

Update your preorder product

The final look of your preorder setup #

Preorder product final look
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Updated on February 16, 2022