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Product Rating

Convincing your customers could be difficult. But if you show the average rating for the product, customers will get a clear idea about the product. ShopEngine’s built-in product rating widget made it easy.

How to Add Product Rating #

To add product rating, you need to create a single product page. You can do that with the ready template of ShopEngine.

Step 1: Add a Single Product Page #

Create a single product page templates as described here.

Step 2: Add Product Rating Widget #

On the page, you will see the options panel in the left bar.

Search for ‘Product Rating’ in the search bar. You will see the ShopEngine’s Product Rating widget. Drag and drop the widget on the page.

how to add product rating widget

Step 3: Customize the Product Rating Widget #

Now, you can modify the style of the Product Rating with multiple options.

how to customize product rating widget

Star Color: By default, the star color would be yellow. You can change it from this option.

Empty Star Color: You can change the color of the empty part of the start rating

Star Size: Choose the start size from this option

Link Color: You can change the link color from this page

Link Hover Color: Choose the color for link hover from this option

Typography: Select and customize typography from here

Left Spacing: Change the left spacing for the star

customize the product rating widget

After selecting and customizing the options, hit the Update button to save changes.

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Updated on March 27, 2022