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Order Confirm

When a customer orders a product in your WooCommerce store, she wants to confirm that the order is placed. The ‘order confirm’ widget makes it easy. There is no need to use any shortcodes.

Our ‘Order Confirm’ widget is ready to use with all the essential elements.

How to Add Order Confirm Widget? #

You need to integrate the widget in the order page. If you have already created an order page, you can integrate the widget there.

Or, you can use the ready template of ShopEngine.

Step 1: Add Order Page Template #

Create an Order Page as described here.

Step 2: Add Order Confirm Widget #

Now you will land on the template page. Search for the ‘Order Confirm’ widget in the widget gallery.

You will see it in the list. Drag and drop the widget on the page.

how to add order confirm widget

You will see the preview of the widget layout.

order confirm layout

Step 3: Customize the Order Confirm Widget #

From the left options panel, you can customize the widget layout.

customize order confirm widget

Typography: Change the typography of the widget.

Color: Change the color for texts

Background: Choose the background color as you want

Border Type: Choose the border type for the ‘Order Confirm’ layout

Width: Change the widget if you want

Padding: Increase or decrease the padding

how to customize order confirm widget

Step 4: Update the Page #

Once the customization is done, check the preview and update the page.

Now, next time if someone buys from your store, he/she will see the order confirmation with details of the order.

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Updated on February 17, 2022