Increase productivity

Ultimately, All social integration
at one place

GDPR Compliant

Enables GDPR compliants before collecting user data, explains how usually using the user data

Up to date API

We used the latest SDK for API and continually updating the codebase according to the provider

Simple to setup and use

Easy and fully customized user friendly social login and register, you haven’t seen ever before.

On Scroll Animation

We have designed creative parallax styles and advanced parallax options with our plugin.

Enable user share content

Share creative blogs, posts, latest updates to spread popularity and customize social button

Faster & better optimised

No more laggy plugin, Social login & Registration plugin is optimised for performance

Instantly Boost and Grow Revenue

Social Share Demos

Social share demo 01

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Social share demo 03

Ensure Security

Social Counter Demos

Social counter demo 01

Social counter demo 02

Social counter demo 03

Customize Login Button

Social Login Demos

Social login demo 01

Social login demo 02

Social login demo 03


What WordPressians Say About WP Social

Best and Greatest Social Plugin

Best and greatest social plugin don’t use any plugin just this only.


Great plugin, excellent customer support!

Love this plugin very much. Very easy to use and configure and the support team is fantastic.Thanks! @khalidjubair

    General Knowledge Base

    Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

    Yes, Wp Social is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. Wp Social does not collect or preserve any personal data of the users without their consent.

    If you face any technical difficulties, feel free to contact us 24/7 through support section. We would love to help you.

    No worries. we have a well-organized documentation page to explain everything you need to know for using Wp Social smoothly. However, you can contact us anytime through support for any issues.

    Fortunately, No. You do not require to have any coding knowledge to use Wp Social.

    Yes. Wp Social offers shortcodes to let you place the social buttons at anywhere of your website,

    We are constantly adding more and more features to Wp Social. Follow our public roadmap to know what's coming next.

    If you are looking something badly that you expect to see in Wp social, feel free to request the feature here.