ShopEngine FAQ

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about ShopEngine. Check if your question is listed. If you can’t find the answer to your query, feel to make a ticket with Wpmet support.

What are the Required Plugins to use ShopEngine? #

ShopEngine requires Elementor Page Builder and WooCommerce.

Why ShopEngine Showing Error “There is no default product to show preview. Please add a Simple Type Product first” ? #

You are seeing this error because most likely your store does not have a Simple Product (A type of product in WooCommerce). So, to resolve the issue, add a Simple Product using WooCommerce. If you need help on how to add products on WooCommerce Check this documentation.

Why Elementor Editor fails to load or not working? #

It’s due to your server PHP settings. Increase your server PHP memory limit from the wp-config.php file or php.ini file. If you don’t have an idea about it. Please contact your hosting provider and

ask to increase PHP – 

* memory_limit = 512M

* max_execution_time = 300

Why ShopEngine Showing Error: “you must call function “the_content” in current template to make Elementor works on this page”? #

This is a common issue in WordPress with Elementor. In most cases, this issue arises because of the permalinks structure in WordPress. To resolve this error, reset the permalinks structure.

How to reset permalinks and fix permalink problems:

From the admin dashboard,

  • Go to : Settings > Permalinks
  • Chose the Structure of your preference under common settings
  • Save changes.

Why ShopEngine Showing Error “Preview Could Not Be Loaded”? #

It’s a common issue in WordPress and Elementor Page Builder. You can resolve this issue by resettling the permalink. Follow the steps above to reset permalinks.

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Updated on August 31, 2022