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Fancy Animated Text

Interestingly designed texts catch viewers attention most. Marketers style their marketing messages applying fancy effects. ElementsKit has brought such a wonderful widget with advanced features. It helps to make animated and attractive texts easily.

Let’s learn how to use ElementsKit Fancy Text Widget following the below steps.

Adding Fancy Animation Text with ElementsKit #

Access your Dashboard -> Select any Page or Post -> Click edit with ElementsKit -> Search ElementsKit Fancy Animation Text widget -> Drag and Drop the widget

Content Section #

Here, you will see Fancy Text part, it contains the following fields-

Animation #

  • Animation Style- You can select Text or SVG for different animation styles.
  • Animation Type– Based on your animation type you will get various choices here.
Make a text more attractive by applying fancy animation using ElementsKit fancy animation text widget.
  • Reveal Duration (ms)/ Type Letters Delay (ms)/ Animation Delay etc.- According to animation style and type you have to adjust duration.
  • Reveal Animation Delay (ms)/ Selection duration (ms)/ Letters Delay (ms) etc.- This field is also associated with animation style and type.

Content #

  • Prefix Text– Write the prefix content you want to display. It means it will be written before the fancy animation.

  • Fancy Lists– Add items here for fancy animation.
Add animated texts in your WordPress site quickly using a quick widget.
  • Suffix Text– Write the suffix content you want to display. It means it will be written after the fancy animation.
  • Title HTML Tag– Select the HTML tag of the content here.
  • Link (Optional)– Add any link if you want the users to redirect to any other location.
Users have multiple options to design the needed statements with ElementsKit fancy text widget.

Style Section #

  • Heading Text- Here you can adjust alignment, typography, color, etc.
  • Highlighted Text- Use this field to adjust typography, color, and padding.
  • SVG- select stroke color and stroke weight here.
Styling your animated texts is simple with ElementsKit fancy text widget.

After editing and styling all your required statements click update and see the changes from front end. An example is-

ElementsKit animated text widget is all about adding amazing animated effects to your important headlines.

Use the useful tool today, it is quick and well-systematic. You can make your important headlines and promotional statements more eye-catching by customizing the content with the help of ElementsKit fancy text widget.

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Updated on October 10, 2022