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Getting Started #

Display navigation links in your WordPress websites with Elementor Breadcrumbs Widget. Here’s a comprehensive article to explain every method in detail. Follow the step-by-step process to connect the Breadcrumb.

Add Breadcrumb Widget #

  • Step=>1: Go to Elementskit-> Elements-> Make sure that your Breadcrumb is Active-> Save
  • Step=>2: Go to Elementor=> Search Breadcrumb=> Just Drag and drop the field.
  • Now you can see your Breadcrumb widget.
  • Step=>3: Now, enter the Content Tab from the widget settings. Here, you will find the following settings: 

Settings, #

  • Home Icon– You can add a home icon for the breadcrumbs. You will see three different options:
    • Click this one for not showing any home icon.
    • The next one lets you upload an SVG icon from your device.
  • And, clicking the third option will open up a popup with the icon library. 
  • Select an icon and hit the “Insert” button.
  • Show Separator Icon: This toggle button is enabled by default. Disable this button if you do not want to show a separator between paths.
    • Separator Icon: From here, you can change the default separator icon and add a new one from the icon library. There’s also an option to upload an SVG icon. It works in the same way like “Home Icon”.
  • Max Title Word Length: Define the maximum word length of the page or post title.
  • Show Category Trail

Customize Breadcrumbs Widget #

Now, we’ll explore the customization options for the breadcrumb widget. Head to the Style Tab.

Style, #

  • Text Color: Set a color to the breadcrumb step where users are currently active.
  • Link Color: Add a different color to link-embedded text.
  • Link Hover Color: Give color to the link-embedded text on the hover state.
  • Typography: Control all the factors within typography like font, size, color, line height, word spacing, etc.
  • Alignments: Set the positioning of the breadcrumb to the left, right, or center.

Breadcrumb, #

  • Padding: Adjust the spacing between breadcrumb items and add additional space with the element border.  
  • Margin: Set space surrounding the breadcrumb items.
  • Box Shadow: Set the shadow effect around the breadcrumbs.
  • Item Background: Give a background type between solid color and gradient for an item.
  • Active Background: Add background color to an active background item.
  • Border Options: Use these controls to adjust the border width, color, style, and roundness of the border.

Icon, #

Home Icon, #

  • Color: Use the color picker to set the color for the home icon.
  • Space Between: Use the slider or enter a custom value to define the gap between the home icon and text.
  • Size: Set the size of the breadcrumb home icon.

Separator Icon, #

  • Padding: Set the spacing between breadcrumb text and separator icons.
  • Size: Determine the size of the separator icon by using the slider or entering a custom value in the field.
  • Box Shadow: Use these controls to add shadow effects around the breadcrumb’s item border.
  • Color: Choose a color for the separator icon.
  • Background: Add a solid color or gradient background to the separator icon.
  • Border Settings: Get all the features like adding border color, selecting border style, defining border thickness, etc to customize the border.

That’s it! Now, its your turn. Add a beautiful breadcrumb to your Elementor website.

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Updated on January 2, 2024