Translate ElementsKit Elements containing Sub-Elements

The ElementsKit plugin has Elements that contain Sub-Elements such as Advanced Toggle or Off Canvas.

How to Translate Elements containing Sub-Elements ( Advanced Toggle or Off Canvas) #

To be able to translate the sub-elements part of such elements, follow the steps below:

Set the sub-elements as translatable #

  1. Go to WPML > Settings > Post Types Translation.
  2. Find the Templates (elementskit_template) post type.
  3. Set it to Translatable (only show translated items).
  4. Click the Save button.


Alternatively, you can add the XML code below to WPML > Settings > Custom XML Configuration (tab):

    <custom-type translate=”1″>elementskit_content</custom-type>

Click the Save button.

Translate the Sub-Elements. #

  1. Go to WPML > Translation Management > Dashboard (tab)
  2. Select the ElementsKit Item at the top filter.
  3. Click the Filter button.
  4. All Sub-Elements will show in the list.
  5. Select the Sub-Elements and click the blue button at the bottom to send to translation.
  6. Go to WPML > Translations.
  7. Take the Sub-Element for translation to be redirected to the Advanced Translation Editor.
  8. In the editor, copy the title exactly like it is in the original language.
  9. Translate the rest of the content as you wish and complete the translation.
  10. Check the screenshot below.
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Updated on March 14, 2023