Fluent Forms

Overview #

WP Fluent Forms is the ultimate user-friendly, customizable drag-and-drop contact form builder for WordPress. With the ElementsKit Fluent Form, you can design Fluent Form from the Elementor page builder and customize it the way you want. Here’s a comprehensive article to explain every method in detail. Follow the step-by-step process to connect the Fluent Forms.

Step#1: Add Fluent Forms #

  • Go to Elementskit-> Widgets-> Make sure that your Fluent Forms widget is active-> Save Changes.
  • Now search for Fluent Forms-> Drag the widget-> Drop on the selected area.

Step#2: Customize Fluent Forms #

  • Select your Contact Form from the Drop-Down.
  • You can see your selected contact form showing.
  • Now enable Title & Description.
  • Add Title and Description.
  • You can see your Form Title & Description showing.
  • Enable Labels.
  • Enable Placeholder.
  • You can see your label and placeholder showing.
  • Enable Error Messages.
  • Go to your Site-> Submit your form without filling the Required Field.
  • Now you can see the error message showing “This Field is required”.
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Updated on February 15, 2022