Behance Feed

Getting Started #

Present your Behance Portfolio on your website with Behance Feed Widget. Showcase your creative work that focuses on Animation, Photography, Web Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, etc. Here’s a comprehensive article to explain every method in detail. Follow the step-by-step process to connect the Behance Feed.

Watch our video guide:

Or, just follow the step by step process:

Add Behance Feed Widget #

  • Step=>1: Go to Elementskit-> Elements-> Make sure that your Behance Feed is Active-> Save
  •  Step=>2: Go to Elementor=> Search Behance Feed=> Just Drag and drop the field
  • Step=>3: Provide your Behance Username on the selected area.
  • Now you can see your Behance post to your Behance feed widget.

Customize Behance Feed #

  • Set Count: 6.
  • Clear Cache: You can delete your previous data from here.
  • Here you can see the 6 work is being fetched from Behance.
  • Choose your Style from the Layout.
  • You can see your selected style showing.
  • Set Column: 2.
  • Control Column Gap.
  • Shots are showing in 2 columns.
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Updated on February 15, 2022