Woocommerce Product Carousel

Filter #

Product Limit #

Select product limit like in what amount of product you want to showcase on your site

Show Product Type #

Show your product in Category wise or Product wise

Search #

You can search your product from the selected area

Order By #

Select Order By: Date, Title, Category or Random

Order Format #

Select Order format Descending or Ascending

Layout #

Content Alignment #

Select Alignment Vertical or Horizontal

Content Position #

Select Content Position: Inside Thumb or Outside Thumb

  • Select Content Alignment: Horizontal
  • Enable Flip content
  • Set Up Desktop Column
  • Set Up Table Column
  • Set Up Column Gap

Image Size #

Select Image Size from the Drop-Down

Open Thumb in Popup #

Click on the Circle to open thumb in Popup

You can see the Popup Appeared Accordingly

Show Badge #

Enable the toggle to show Badge in the image

Categories #

Enable Categories to show Product image Categories

Title #

Enable Title to show Product image Title

Rating #

Enable Rating to show Product Rating

Price #

Enable Price to show exact Product Price

Add to Cart #

Enable Add to Cart to provide Add to Cart option in the product image

Carousel Settings #

  • Enable Auto play
  • Set up Speed
  • Enable Loop
  • Set up Animation Speed

Navigation #

Select Navigation from the Drop-Down: Arrows and Dots, Arrows, Dots, None

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Updated on February 15, 2022