Particles Module

You can design particular sections of different pages with ElementsKit module Particles. This is a new and pro feature of ElementsKit. This cool feature is made professionally and is simple to learn. Now you can style your WordPress site with beautiful backgrounds by customizing each section as you want.

Let’s see how the ElementsKit Particles module works-

Utilizing ElementsKit Particles Module #

Firstly, you must install ElementsKit pro and turn on the Particles module. Afterward, you can start customizing the feature.

Particles Module #

To utilize the feature you have to turn on the module first. Go to your WordPress Dashboard -> 1. Find ElementsKit -> 2. Go to Modules -> 3. Find Particles -> 4. Save Changes

ElementsKit prticles module

Edit Page with Elementor #

Now, you have to choose any page that you want to design. Or, you can also create a new page and then edit with Elementor.

  1. Select any section of the page and Click Edit Section
  2. Go to Advanced
Apply ElementsKit Particles module in any section of a page.

Enabling ElementsKit Particles #

Find the ElementsKit Particles feature bar and press the switch to YES.

Find out ElementsKit Particles module and enable it.

Choosing Format #

There are three formats – Preset, Upload File, and Enter Json Code.

There are three format of ElementsKit Particles module
Choose Format Preset #

There are five styles for Preset format – Default, NASA, Bubble, Snow, and Nayan. All the styles give different effects.

Preset format of ElementsKit Particles module
Choose Format- Upload File #
  1. You have to generate a JSON file. By clicking the link you can do this process easily.
  2. Next upload the file in the field named Upload Json File.
Upload File format of ElementsKit Particles module
Downloading JSON File

The above link will take you to this site where you can customize your sections using particles according to your choices. After customization you can download current config (JSON).

Customize particles and download JSON File to use in any section
Choose Format- Enter Json Code #
  1. You need to generate a JSON file first, the process is just the same as before.
  2. Open the downloaded file in any editor or simply with the notepad and copy the code.
  3. Finally, paste the code in the field named Particle JSON.
Customize particles file and copy the code to apply in any section

Z-Index #

Here you have to set a value to position the particles according to your needs.

Use z-index to position the particles according to your needs

Final Output #

This is the final output based on our customization –

Use ElementsKit Particles module and change your website look easily.

So, this is the process of working with the particles feature. Customization is easy and you can change your site look within a short time experimenting these different particle backgrounds.

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Updated on January 26, 2023