Image Swap

Overview #

Image Swap is a simple way to change the display of any image when you mouse over them and may revert back to the original image by mouse out of the image. Here’s a comprehensive article to explain every method in detail. Follow the step-by-step process to connect the Image Swap.

Plugin Required: #

  1. Elementor: Download plugin.
  2. ElementsKit Lite: Download plugin.
  3. ElementsKit Pro: Get the plugin.

Step 1: Enable Image Swap widget #

Firstly, you need to enable the widget from the WordPress dashboard. To enable the Image Swap widget:

  1. Navigate to ElementsKit > Widgets.
  2. Find the Image Swap from the list and enable the widget.
  3. Click on the SAVE CHANGES.

Step 2: Drag and Drop the widget #

After that, open the Elementor editor, then drag and drop the ElementsKit Image Swap widget into the design area.

Step 3: Configure Image Swap widget #

In this step, you can add the front and back images, set the image size, choose swap style, and more.

  1. Front Image: Upload the first image as the front image.
  2. Back Image: Upload the second image as the back image.
  3. Image Size: Select an image size from the given options.
upload front and back images for image swap widget
  1. Swap Style: ElementsKit Image Swap widget comes with 21 swap styles. You can choose any of the styles.
Available swap style in ElementsKit Image Swap Widget
  1. Tigger: Choose how to trigger the swap effect from the following options.
    1. Hover: The swap effect will trigger when you hover the mouse over the image.
    2. Click: The swap effect will trigger when you click on the image.
  2. Indicators: It indicates the active image (image on show) and the image on the back.
  3. Link: You can add an URL to the images.
Choose trigger style and enable indicator in Elementor image swap widget

Step 4: Customize Image Swap widget #

Now you can customize the image and indicator styles.

4.1 Image #

  1. Fixed Height: Adjust the height of the image.
  2. Transition Duration: Set the transition time between the image swap.
adjust the height and transition duration in Elementor image swap widget

4.2 Indicators #

  1. Normal Color: Set the color of the indicator.
  2. Active Color: Choose an active indicator color.
Change the indicators colors of Elementor image swap widget
  1. Size: Adjust the size of the indicators.
  2. Spacing: The space between the two indicators.
  3. Style: Two styles are available for the indicators: Horizontal and Vertical.
  4. Position: Adjust the position of the indicators. Position X: To change the horizontal position, Position Y: To change the vertical.
Customize the indicators of image swap widget

Finally, you can add the image swap widget to your website. Here is how it works:

How does Elementor image swap widget works

Like the Image Swap widget, ElementsKit comes with hundreds of advanced elements for Elementor. Get ElementsKit and use those elements to build WordPress websites with full of features.

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Updated on January 28, 2024