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WooCommerce Checkout

Get Started #

WooCommerce Checkout displays product selection and checkout forms on a single page. Add products to an order, remove and complete payment without leaving the page. Just follow the Step by Step process:

Create Form #

Step=>1: Go to Dashboard=> Pages=> Add new=>

  • Add Page Title
  • Select Template Elementor Canvas
  • Click on Publish
  • Edit with Elementor
  • Step=>2: Search For Metform=> Drag and Drop
  • Step=>3: Click on the selected Icon
  • Step=>4: Or you can select New=> Enter your Form Name=> Click on Edit Form

Set Product Value #

  • Step=>1: The Created Form will Appear=> Now Search for Image Select=> Drag=> Drop


  1. Upload Image
  2. Set the Product Price. For EX: 50


Now Search for Calculation=> Drag=> Drop

  • Step=>4: Copy the Image Select Name

Step=>5: Paste the Image Select Name on the Calculation=> Settings=> Expression Section


  • Go to WooCommerece Checkout=> Enable the Toggle=> Provide Title=> Add Pizza Details
  • Step=>7: Now Search for Submit Button=> Drag=> Drop
  • Step=>8: Click on the Form Setting


  1. Add or Edit any Entry Title from Here.
  2. Provide the WooCommerce Cart Page Redirect Link
  3. Save Changes

Site View #

Step=>1: Now go to the Site=> Select Any Item=> Click on Make Order

Step=>2: This will move to the WooCommerce Cart Page that you have given on the Form Settings

  • Showing the Entry Details as you have provided on Form Settings Entry Title.
  • Set the Quantity of the product
  • Showing the Price Details
  • Now click on Proceed to Checkout

Step=>3: This will move to the WooCommerce Checkout Page

  • Provide Your Billing Details
  • Click on Place Order
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Updated on July 3, 2022