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Thank You Page

Thank You Page #

After submitting the form with Payment whether it is Succeeded or Failed, Metform will redirect to the “Thank You Page” where User can see the payment details/status.

Get Started #

Go to Metform=> Settings=> Payment=>Thank You Page=> Select your page From the Drop-Down/ OR Click on Create Thank You Page to create new

How to create a WordPress thank you page

Add Short Code #

Add Short Code to the page, you have selected for WordPress Thank You page

How to create a WordPress thank you page with shortcodes
Thank You page short code

Result #

You can see the WordPress Thank You Page After any Transaction

Created custom WordPress thank you page for WooCommerce
Thank you page demo

Advance #

  • You can add more functionality to your WooCommerce thank you page. Here are some Short Codes that will make a awesome WooCommerce thank you page.

Default Thank You Message #

If you want to show name along with the Default Thank You Message then pass the fname with the field name to create a custom thank you page for WooCommerce

Example #

[mf_thankyou fname='fname_field']

**Note: fname_field is the field name comes form Metform

Payment Status #

If you want to show the Payment Status then you can use the this shortcode

Example #


Transaction Id #

If you want to show a transaction ID then you can use this shortcode.

Example #


Show Field Data / Value #

If you want to show any field data / value from the form then follow this shortcode

Example #

[mf field='fname']
  • fname is the field name of the form
How to create WooCommerce custom thank you page
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Updated on May 8, 2023