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Form not showing in frontend

The issue of the form disappearing may be attributed to a DOM error. DOM errors often arise due to various factors, and common reasons for DOM errors include:

  • When working with our MetForm, which is built using the REACT framework, it’s important to ensure that here doesn’t contain any external or invalid HTML elements. If such elements are present, the form may not display correctly on the frontend, and errors may occur. Often, these problematic markups originate from external widgets, such as the Text Editor Widget. To resolve this issue, please inspect the browser’s console on the page where you’ve integrated MetForm. Removing any external HTML or widgets causing the problem should resolve the issue and ensure proper form functionality.
  • Caching plugin. Sometimes, the Caching plugin Minifies one of the core files of MetForm and that causes the form to not appear on the Frontend. Since MetForm is already minified for giving the best performance, it doesn’t require any additional minification So if you are using any optimization or caching plugin, can you please check by disabling that? If that solves your issue, I will let you know what needs to be done to keep using MetForm while the caching plugin is activated.
  • Also, make sure you are using a unique name for each field (video – & if you using a conditional logic for input fields make sure you are using a valid condition(screenshot –

If you still need any assistance regarding this matter please create a support ticket from this link – We will help you solve any problems.

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Updated on March 7, 2024