MetForm’s entries field will let you find all the forms that are submitted by your visitors. From here you can easily monitor form submissions and get all data that are submitted by your visitors or customers. You can also export your customer’s submitted data in pdf format.

First, you need to enable “Store Entries” from the general settings to enable the Entries field. To do that, go to MetForm>> Forms and after that click on the edit form option like the added gif. Then enable “Store Entries” and press the save changes button. After doing this, all customer-submitted forms will be shown up in the Entries field.

Enable Store Entries

For example, if your customers enter form info and press the submit button like below. You will find that on the entries.

Form entry

To see the submitted form, go to the entries and click the view option of the entry like the gif. Here you can view the data of all form submissions.

MetForm's entries
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Updated on October 18, 2022