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FAQ’s #

  1. Do you provide trials?
    Sorry, we do not provide trials. But we provides 30 days money back guarantee for any package.
  2. Do you have online demos?
    Yes, please view our demos here:
  3. Can I allow only logged in users to submit the form?
    Yes, you can change the option to allow only logged in users to submit the form. Please read our guide here.
  4. Can I enable notifications if someone submits a form?
    Yes, you can enable the notifications to get emails if someone submits the form. Navigate to Form Settings → Notification → Notification mail to admin

Support Center #

If you haven’t found any suitable answer in the Docs or, FAQ. Then you may open a support ticket at our website:
We’ll try our best to help you with your issues.

Most of the support tickets get answered by our support team within 24 hours.

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Updated on February 14, 2022