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REST API Integration

MetForm is the most flexible, advanced, and design-friendly Elementor form builder. This is the fastest way to create forms with the highest number of functionalities and pre-designed layouts. 

The MetForm plugin comes with WordPress rest API integration, allowing you to make POST/ GET requests to another API endpoint. Creating REST API requests is easy with the MetForm plugin.  Read this documentation to learn how to integrate REST API in WordPress.

Step-1: Edit Contact Form in MetForm #

To edit the MetForm contact form for REST API:

1.1 Navigate to MetForm > Forms from your WordPress dashboard.

1.2 Click on the “Edit” to open the form settings for the form you are integrating REST API.

WordPress REST API integration with MetForm

Step-2: Enable WordPress REST API Integration #

Under the Form settings, you have WordPress REST API integration options. To integrate REST API:

2.1 Open the Integration tab under Form Settings.

2.2 Enable the toggle button for REST API to activate the integration.

2.3 When enabled, choose the POST or GET method for REST API.

2.4 Enter the API endpoint URL in the URL / Webhook field.

2.5 Finally, click the Save Changes button to finalize the process.

Enable WordPress REST API integration with MetForm

By following the steps above, you can easily make the WordPress REST API integration on Elementor using the MetForm plugin.

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Updated on September 21, 2022