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Set up Notification Email

Using the best form builder MetForm, you can easily set WordPress forms email notifications. Just follow the steps we have shared here.

  • To Set Up Notification Emails, first Create a Form

How to Create Form #

Follow the Video Screen-cast:

Follow the Step By Step Process

Step=>1: Go to Dashboard=> Pages=> Add new=>

  • Add Page Title
  • Select Template Elementor Canvas
  • Click on Publish
  • Edit with Elementor
  • Step=>2: Search For Metform=> Drag and Drop
  • Step=>3: Click on the selected Icon
  • Step=>4: Select the form option from the previously created form
  • Or you can select New=> Enter your Form Name=> Click on Edit Form
  • The Created Form will Appear=> Click on Form Setting

Form Setting #

Go to Form Setting=> Notification Email

Notification Email #

You can send a submission copy to the admin by email. You can also set different WordPress forms email notifications for separate Forms.

  • Follow the video Screen-cast

Or follow the step-by-step Process

Step=>1: Navigate to Form Settings → Notifications

  1. Toggle the Notification mail to admin option: Notify admin after user submission is completed or any type of customer data is processed.
  2. Email Subject: Provide the subject of the email.
  3. Email To: Enter the admin email where you want to send mail. For multiple email addresses please use “,” separator.
  4. Email From: Enter the email by which you want to send an email to the admin.
  5. Email Reply To: Enter an email where the admin can reply or you want to get a reply.
  6. Admin Note: Enter here your email body, which will send to the admin.
  7. Save the changes.
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Updated on August 20, 2023