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Set up CRM

  • To Set Up CRM, first Create a Form

How to Create Form #

Follow the Video Screen-cast:

Follow the Step By Step Process

Step=>1: Go to Dashboard=> Pages=> Add new=>

  • Add Page Title
  • Select Template Elementor Canvas
  • Click on Publish
  • Edit with Elementor
  • Step=>2: Search For Metform=> Drag and Drop
  • Step=>3: Click on the selected Icon
  • Step=>4: Select form option from previously created form
  • Or you can select New=> Enter your Form Name=> Click on Edit Form
  • The Created Form will Appear=> Click on Form Setting

Form Setting #

Go to Form Setting=> CRM

  • Enable Hubsopt Contact: Get the Metform Submissions Data in the Hubspot Contact List. You can disable this option if you want. See Documentation to Enable Hubspot Contact
  • Hubspot Forms: Fetch Hubspot form and you can choose in which Hubspot form field you want to Send the Metform input Data. See Documentation to Fetch Hubspot Form
  • Enable Zoho Contact : Get the Metform Submissions Data in the Zoho Contact List. See Documentation to Enable Zoho Contact
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Updated on February 14, 2022