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Payment Method (Pro)

Get Started #

Choose your payment gateway like PayPal with Payment Method input field and make users payment policy easy.

Follow the step by step process below on how you can make your Payment:

Step-> 1  #

Search for Payment method=> Drop the Input Field

Step-> 2  #

  • Drop the Text Field and Submit Button
  • Now Copy the Selected Name: Mf-Text

Step-> 3 #

  • Select Payment Method
  • Paste the Text Name to the Integrated Field

Step-> 4 #

  • Set Amount
  • Click on “Submit”

Step-> 5 #

Log In with your PayPal account

Step-> 6 #

  • Select your Payment Type
  • Click on “Pay Now”

Confirmation sent to your Email

Show LabelTurn on/off Label.
PositionDefault: Top
Select the label position. where you want to see it. top or left of the input.
Input LabelType the label text.
NameName is must required. Enter a name without space or any special character. use only underscore/hyphen (_/-) for multiple words. The name must be different.
Option Display Display Toggle select options Horizontally or Vertically
Payment MethodSelect Payment method from drop-down. For example: PayPal or Stripe
Help Text Type the text to show below the widget.
Integrate FiledField Name: Set amount field for payment.
RequiredDefault: No
Toggle this option to make it required. Users can’t submit the forms without filling the required fields.
Conditional LogicShow/Hide this field based on certain criteria.
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Updated on February 14, 2022