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PayPal Payment Gateway Set Up

Through a payment gateway, your website communicates with an acquiring bank and a payment processor. Today, the PayPal payment gateway is an internationally popular name and so the gateway widget is. In our MetForm widget, we have kept dynamic currency choices as PayPal currency options.

Let’s see how you can add this powerful payment processor in WordPress and what are its functions.

PayPal Payment Gateway in WordPress #

Get Started #

Choose your payment gateway like PayPal with Payment Method input field and make users payment policy easy.

Step=>1: Navigate to Dashboard Form Settings → Payment

  • Choose any default currency. Here the widget presents Dynamic currency options. A Dynamic currency feature allows people to make payments on your site via PayPal.
  • Enable the PayPal option
  • Click on Configure PayPal Payment
You can find dynamic PayPal currency options in payment gateway MetForm widget.

Step=>2: It Will move to MetForm=> Settings page

PayPal is a widely popular payment gateway.

GET PayPal Identify Token #

To get Identify token, Go to URL :

Step->1: Create a PayPal Business account

  • Log in with your created PayPal Email and Password
You can choose any currency option in the PayPal payment gateway.

Step->2: Access your PayPal dashboard, then navigate to Settings-> Account Settings 

Making payment is easy with any currency with this MetForm payment gateway widget.

Step->3:  Website payments. Tap the Update link next to the Website preferences option.Tap the Update link next to the Website preferences option.

Choose any currency option in PayPal and make your payment faster.

Step->4: Enable the Auto return for website payments, then add your store’s thank you page link in the Return URL field.

Now you can make payment in any currency with this MetForm online payment widget.

Step->5: Enable the Payment data transfer as well. The identity token should appear at the bottom of the section.

Create a form=> Edit=> Open a Form in the Editor=> Search Payment method=> Drop the Input Field

  • Drop the Text Field and Submit Button
  • Now Copy the Selected Name: Mf-Text
  • Select Payment Method
  • Paste the Text Name to the Integrated Field
  • Set Amount
  • Submit

Log In with your PayPal account. The amount will be displayed in the currency you selected earlier.

  • Select your Payment Type
  • Pay Now

Confirmation send to your Email

You can see the transaction appeared in the PayPal Dashboard Payment Section

You can also View it from the Admin Panel: Metform=> Entries

PayPal Payment Gateway in WordPress is easy with MetForm.

PayPal is a mostly used payment gateway no doubt. So, just follow the steps and make your customers feel more comfortable with the payment process. And, we hope people find the dynamic currency options flexible too.

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Updated on July 4, 2022