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Slack Integration

Get Started #

Redirect all the form data to integrate with slack and get the customer information in a team faster. Here you will get step by step process how you can connect slack with Metform

Log In to Slack Workspace #

Step=>1: Go to the URL:

  • Provide your workspace URL. For Ex: tjstartupworkspace
  • Click on Continue


  • Enter your Email and Password
  • Click Sign In
  • Logged In to your account

Create a New Form #

Step=>1: Go to Dashboard=> Pages=> Add new=>

  • Add Page Title
  • Select Template Elementor Canvas
  • Click on Publish
  • Edit with Elementor
  • Step=>2: Search For Metform
  • Step=>3: Click on the Selected Icon
  • Step=>4: Select New=> Enter your Form Name=> Click on Edit Form


  • Just Drag and Drop three Field Named: Email , First Name, Last Name <which data you want from your user>
  • Click on Form Setting

Integration #


  • Now go to Integration Tab
  • Enable Slack
  • Now click on the selected area to get the Slack Webhook


  • Select your Workspace
  • Click on “Add to Slack


  • Select your Channel where you want get user information
  • Click on” Add Incoming WebHooks Integration


  • Copy the Webhook URL
  • Save


  • Now go to Form Settings=> Paste the Webhook URL=> Save

Get Data on Slack #


Go to the Site=> Fill the Form and Click on Submit Button

Step=>2: Now Go to Slack

  • Click on the Selected Channel
  • You can see all the form submitted data will show here
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Updated on August 22, 2022