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List of GutenKit Blocks

GutenKit Blocks extends Gutenberg Builder functionality by supporting over 18 advanced blocks to design almost any kind of website. Let’s explore the capabilities of each GutenKit block.

Container: A horizontal organizational element to show multiple blocks in a single row. Choose from six different layouts to match your design. Also, it is available with its own set of design options to fully customize.

Heading: Create an informative heading with a sub-title, title description, and shadow text. Also, bring an appealing appearance to your heading with a Separator, focused title, hover effects, and many more customizing features.

Icon Box: Display your information or features attractively with the help of an icon box block. You can insert an icon from the extensive list or even upload your own. You can beautify the icon box with a button, badge, and hover effect.

Image Box: Upload and display images that grab people’s attention effectively on your website. With the Image Box block, you can choose from different content styles and add a button. You can also apply the image scale on hover.

Button: Get the most flexible way to add a button to your page or post. You can show an icon and define its position as well. This block also lets you control the border width and box-shadow.

Accordion: Accordion block helps you to add collapsible content to your website. It comes in 5 different styles. You can show numbers with sliders and define the icon position. Even, icons can be selected for active and inactive stages.

Image Accordion: The GutenKit Accordion block is a great way to display multiple images in a consolidated way. You can place an accordion slider horizontally or vertically. And apply trigger options like hovering or clicking. Additionally, you can insert a button and popup icon to make the image accordion more interactive.

FAQ: Let’s you simply design and add FAQs to your website. It comes with vast customizing features for headers and content separately.

Drop Caps: The drop caps block helps to embellish your document with a larger capital letter at the beginning than the rest of the paragraph. It offers various styling features for creating attention-grabbing drop caps.

Social Icons: GutenKit Social Icons Block allows you to showcase social media icons and insert links easily anywhere on your post and page.

Dual Button: Lets you easily display and design a stunning dual button anywhere on a post or page in just a few clicks. 

Blog Posts: The Blog Post block comes with attractive layouts and a range of customization options to showcase your blog posts. You can show or hide featured images and set their position. You can add posts by category, date, 

Social Share: In the social share block, you can display icons, text, or both. Along with displaying them inline or block style, it offers various controls for customizing, sizing, and positioning.

Back to Top: Back to Top block is a simple navigation solution to get your users back to the top of the page from anywhere. There are options to choose between an icon, text, or progress indicator with extensive customization.

Business Hour: Let’s show your business opening and closing hours in an informative and stylish way. You can separately customize the day and time.

Progress Bar: The GutenKit Progress Bar block is available with 10 different bar styles to show your progress or success data in a stunning and interactive way. 

Team: Using the GutentKit Team block is an easy and beautiful way to showcase your team members’ profiles with their names, bios, images, and social links. It provides 11 different layouts with the option to show information on hover. 

Countdown Timer: Comes with 6 different presets to quickly set your countdown timer for all your upcoming events. You can also add custom labels and leave an expiry note while your campaign ends.

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Updated on March 4, 2024