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Client Logo

Presenting your clients’ logos in a sliding style looks eye-catching. GutenKit gives you such a block named Client Logo to add clients’ logos beautifully to your WordPress site.

Let’s learn how the block works.

Using GutenKit Client Logo block #

From your WordPress dashboard, find Blocks of GutenKit. Then, in the Pro section you can find the Client Logo block and have to enable it.

Now, open the page/post where you want to add a client logo. Search the block and simply drag it to your editor.

Editing Content Part #

The content part consists of Logo and Settings.

Logo #

Select Style – Choose the Simple Style, or the Banner Style from here.
Item List – You can add items by clicking the plus sign. However, if you expand an item, you can set a Logo, Enable Hover Logo, and Enable Link for that item.

Settings #

  • Spacing – It lets you adjust the spacing between the slides.
  • Slides To Show – Here, you can set how many slides you want display at a time.
  • Slides To Scroll – Set the number of slides to scroll with this option.
  • Speed (Ms) – It lets you control the speed of the slides.
  • Autoplay – You can keep the slides at autoplay by enabling the button.
    • Delay (Ms) From here you can adjust the delay time of the slides.
  • Pause On Hover – If you enable this button, it will ensure pause upon hover over.
  • Enable Loop – You can enable loop if you want by enabling this button.
  • Show Dots – It’ll show dots style for the slides.
  • Show Arrow – You can set arrow style for the slides.
    • Left Arrow Icon – For left arrow, you can choose icon from the options.
    • Right Arrow Icon – For right arrow, you can choose icon from the options.
  • Additional Options – You can set the number of rows by using this bar.
  • Show Separator – You can set separator between the slides by using the button.

Style #

Logo – Here, you can change the Background, Border Radious, Padding, Box Shadow, etc. for the logo.

Arrow – To style the arrow, the options are: Icon Size, Background Size, Border, Color, etc.

Client Logo with GutenKit #

Look at the customized client logo style –

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Updated on May 9, 2024