7 Best HR Software for Payroll in 2024

Best HR software for payroll

As businesses grow and expand gradually, managing payroll manually is complex and error-prone. Thankfully, there are various HR software for managing payroll activities effectively. 

HR software are designed and developed to streamline the payroll and all other tasks related to human resource management. 

Now the question is what are the best HR software for payroll? 

Don’t worry! We have picked the 7 best HR software solutions for payroll. From automatic calculation to reducing compliance, this type of software can improve employee satisfaction as well as business growth. 

Besides, I will discuss their benefits and key considerations to choose the best one. Before jumping into the main section, let’s see how HR software for payroll works. 

7 Best HR Software for Payroll of 2024

HR Software for PayrollBest fit for 
GustoMicro-businesses, mid-size, and startups
OnpaySmall and midsize businesses
Oyster ‎Global employment solutions for any size of businesses 
RemoteAny recruitment agencies that work remotely 
BambooHR Small Business, Mid Size Business, large business 
Papaya GlobalOrganizations of any size that works with different nationalities  
Paychex Flex Banking and financial services, Professional services, Leisure and Hospitality, Distribution, Health care 

How Does HR Software Work for Payroll?

HR software for payroll is designed to perform the core payroll processing, automate tracking, and calculate employee wages, benefits, and taxes. Besides, they also generate reports and insights about employee compensation. 

The way HR software works for payroll can vary based on your company type, company policies, number of employees, etc. But in general, the primary responsibilities of HR software for payroll are –

✅ Data Collection: Collecting the data on employees’ working hours, overtime, bonuses, and other payroll-related information.

✅ Calculation: Calculating each employee’s gross pay, bonus, taxes owed, and deductions like health insurance, retirement plan contributions, etc. 

✅ Payment Processing: Transfering funds automatically to the employees’ bank accounts based on the calculation.

✅ Insights and Reporting: Generating insights and various summary reports based on compensation-related information. 

5 Key Considerations Before Choosing the Best HR Software for Payroll 

5 Key Considerations Before Choosing the Best HR Software for Payroll 

🔗 Easy Integration

While choosing any HR software payroll, make sure it is compatible with other human resource tools and applications

For instance, selected software can be integrated with performance management, attendance, and benefits management tools. Also, having Android and iOS-supported apps make the payroll process more simple and efficient. 

These integrations will simplified data entry, reduce the chances of errors, and save time. 

🔒 Security 

As HR software contains all records of local and global employees (e.g. personal details, bank account), considering a robust security system is a must. 

Make sure, your selected software has high-level security like data encryption, multi-factor authentications, regular bug fixing, and updates. 

These will help to prevent any unauthorized access, hacking, or any other cyber attacks.

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🚀 Scalability

After that, consider the scalability before choosing the HR software for payroll. As the organization will grow gradually, make sure the chosen software is able to meet these changes. 

Also, it can handle the growing number of employees, and the associated process of their payroll and other tasks.

As a result, you don’t need to switch software after a certain period — continuing to manage all the HR activities within one software.  

✔️ Customer Support 

Many of you may neglect this factor initially but suffer in the long run. 

While choosing small or large businesses’ HR software for payroll, make sure they have a consistent customer support system. 

For any issues with integration or errors, you can take help from their customer care in the form of email, live chat, phone call, etc.

Besides, make sure the software has enough resources (e.g. doc, video, blog, live session) for training so that your team can leaser and use the software efficiently. 

These will help your organization continue payroll tasks seamlessly and improve productivity. 

💰 Price 

Last but not least, consider the price range. Make sure, the selected software has multiple packages with a variety of features and services.

Choose the best deal based on your organization type, number of employers, etc. When businesses grow and increase the number of employees, make sure software has the option to migrate for bigger deals.

These will reduce complexity and save both money and valuable time.

7 Best HR Software for Payroll of 2024 (Review)

1. Gusto

Gusto is a comprehensive and award-winning HR software to streamline the payroll process of any growing micro-businesses and startups. It’s an all-in-all solution to handle payroll, compliance, and benefits administration of all employees automatically. 

You can integrate Gusto with various platforms like Aplos, Jirav, allGeo, Github, Dropbox Business, Webex, Neo.tax, Shopify, and many more. 

Besides, with a smooth interface, you can track all activities of the employees. You can use this on your phone or tablet and also through the web browser. 

gusto hr software for payroll

Key Features

  • Unlimited payroll runs
  • State tax registration 
  • International contractor payment 
  • Accounting integration
  • Activity dashboard
  • Time-off requests and tracking
  • Insights and reporting 


Gusto offers 3 pricing plans (Simple, Plus & Premium) which are suitable for different business needs. 

The simple package started at $40/month with the automatic payroll features and benefits integrations. The Plus package offers payroll processing and benefits at $60/month for on-site or remote employees. 

And, their Premium plan is customizable with the expert HR system, scalable payroll, and benefits. 

✅ Offers an intuitive interface
✅ Completely automates the entire payroll processing 
✅ Provides excellent customer support via phone, chat, and email 
❌ The mobile app is not available yet 

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2. Onpay

Onpay HR software is designed for small businesses offering a reliable payroll solution. It simplifies the total payroll process and avoids the complexity and cost of advanced HR software. 

Besides, you can create multiple payrolls for different categories based on the employee’s salaries, work hours, etc. 

With payroll automation, it offers tons of features to manage business and employees more effectively. It can be integrated with various applications like Humanity, QuickBooks Time, When I Work, Quickbooks Online, Xero, Deputy, etc. 

In addition, Onpay offers various forms of customer support e.g. chat, email, phone Support, FAQs/Forums).

Onpay HR Software for Payroll

Key Features 

  • Unlimited monthly pay runs
  • All tax filings and payments
  • W-2 and 1099 workers
  • Multiple pay rates and schedules
  • Pay by debit card, check, or direct deposit
  • Multi-state payroll
  • Activity dashboard and tracking 
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Access controls/permissions


OnPay offers flexible pricing plans. With a plan of $40 base + $6/person, you can choose deals according to the total number of employees. That means you don’t need to pay extra bucks by choosing any fixed prices deals. 

Pros Cons
✅ Provides cost-effective deals
✅ Payrolls on various schedules
✅ Available in all 50 states of the USA
❌ Not for employees outside the U.S.

3. Oyster 

As the previous one is not available outside the USA, it’s time to bring a globally-available HR software for payroll. Introducing Oyster HR software which you can use in 180+ countries. Plus, it supports payouts for 120 different currencies

You can handle salaries, benefits, bonuses, and equity compensation using this one platform. Also, get the salary insights after finding out the low, mid, and high range salaries for specific roles. 

So, whether you’re running an office physically or remotely, you can process the payroll process for all using this one software from any corner of the world. 

oysterhr Software for Payroll

Key Features 

  • Fully-compliant international payroll 
  • Handle salaries, expenses, and bonuses
  • Single invoice for all your global hires
  • Prepare salary insight and benefits packages 
  • Generate equity compensation 


Oyster offers 3 different plans for contractor, employee, and scale for custom pricing. 

The contractor plan starts at $29 with a complete solution for contracts, global payment setup, and managing contractors. 

The employee package starts at $499 per employee per month. Besides, you can create custom plans for managing payroll for global employees taking with the expert of Oyster HR software. 

✅ A complete payroll solution for 180+ counties 
✅ Payouts in 120+ currencies
✅ Excellent customer support
❌ Quite expensive

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4. Remote

This time, presenting Remote – another outstanding HR software for payroll. This one can be used globally too. Remote HR offers a complete solution for making the payroll process seamless. 

Also, they have a powerful API to connect employees and all data associated with payroll in human resource management. Besides, their customer support is also up to the mark.

And the best part is, you can pay your global employees in their local currency. So, from small businesses to large enterprises, all can perform their payroll activities using this HR software. 

Remote HR Software for Payroll

Key Features 

  • Payroll processing and management
  • Manage contractor payments worldwide
  • Act as an employer of record (EOR) 
  • Offers country-specific knowledge on hiring and contractor management 
  • Benefits administration and management


They offer the most flexible deals for your business. You can get manage and pay international contractors at $29. Also, they have packages for multi-country payroll in countries and custom pricing options. 

✅ Can integrate with a variety of applications 
✅ Payroll for both global and local entities
✅ Option to pay in local currency
❌ Support only one (English) language

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5. BambooHR 

If you need multi-language supported HR software for payroll management, BambooHR is a reliable option for you. It supports 7+ languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, etc. 

What else to choose this HR software for payroll? 

Well, this HR software is suitable for freelancers, small, mid-size, and large businesses, and even for nonprofits and administrations. This software is supported by Android, iPad, and iPhone also. 

Besides, they have API to use and can be integrated with Lattice, Zapier, JobScore, Cornerstone HR, Humanity, Ability Network Jobvite, Absorb LMS, and many more applications.

Overall, BambooHR can ensure accuracy and compliance to perform and manage payroll calendars and company taxes. 

BambooHR HR Software for Payroll

Key Features 

  • Ability to run payroll automatically 
  • Comprehensive payroll reporting
  • Offers a single source of data
  • Provides full-service tax filing
  • Supports payroll data in multiple currencies


BambooHR has 2 plans – Essentials and Advanced. The “Essentials” package is the basic plan for the startup or small business that starts its HR journey. 

The “Advanced” plans are more suitable for large businesses ready to experience strategic HR.

✅ Multiple currencies and languages compatibility 
✅ Suitable to use in multiple devices and applications 
✅ Offers the free trial opportunity
❌ Self-hosted data is not supported, only a cloud solution

6. Papaya Global

The next pick for this list of best HR software for payroll is Papaya Global. It offers on-time payroll execution with secured data verification. Also, this software helps to automate budget-making, tracking, and anomaly detection. 

Also, this advanced system will give immediate alerts for any compliance issues and keep the payroll processes updated. 

Besides, this software also supports multiple languages including English, French, and Spanish. Plus, you can use Papaya Global software on any device e.g. Android, iPad, and iPhone. 

Moreover, this software is allowed to integrate with Expensify, NetSuite, Namely, SAP Business One, BambooHR, SAP Concur, etc applications. 

Last but not least, Papaya Global provides 24/7 customer support via live reply, chat, phone, email, FAQs/forums, and help desk.

Papaya Global HR Software for Payroll

Key Features 

  • Provides salary updates 
  • Budget tracking and anomaly detection
  • Offers AI-based data verification
  • Prepares payroll summary 
  • Completes the employee’s payment 
  • Provides insights and reports 


The pricing plans of Papaya Global start at $12 per month per employee. It’s a full-service payroll package for 3-20 locations to manage payroll, payments, and workforce analytics. However, there are also varieties of plans for different businesses and workers. 

Pros Cons
✅ Ensures agility, resilience, and insight
✅ Offers fast and reliable operational excellence
✅ Automated the manual calculations of payroll 
❌ API is not available

7. Paychex Flex 

Finally, presenting the Paychex Flex HR software which is another reliable choice for payroll management. 

This software helps to connect HR administrations with all other employees in one platform and manage all personal details to administrative processes.

From payroll management to execution for each employee to generating reports, all can be done by using this all-in-one software. 

Besides, you can use this software for small to large businesses. Plus, the mobile app for Android and iOS helps you to punch in and out from anywhere, on any device. 

In addition, their every form of customer care(e.g. in-app live chat, phone call, email) excellently works to solve any issues with the payroll and overall HR management. 

paychex hr software for payroll

Key Features 

  • Run unlimited payroll from the desktop or mobile device 
  • 3 different pay entry options
  • Automatically create payroll journal, and job costing report
  • Generate tax deposit and cash requirements insights 
  • Voice assistance using any Google Assistant-enabled device.​


Paychex Flex offers 3 primary plans for any type of business. Their Essentials package starts at $39 per month + $5 per employee. You can customize their “Select” and “Pro” deals based on your unique needs.

✅ Simple and user-friendly interface 
✅ Automates all processes associated with payroll 
✅ Offers hands-free operation using voice command 
❌ Customer support only follows US working hours

5 Significance of Using HR Software for Payroll 

5 Significance of Using HR Software for Payroll 

🟡🔵 Accurately Process Payroll Information

The key significance of using HR software for payroll is accuracy. This will increase accuracy by calculating the wages, deductions, taxes, and other activities related to payroll.  

The automatic payroll process of HR software will reduce the need for manual data entry and effectively eliminate the possibility of errors. 

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🟡🔵 Compliance with Regulations 

HR software keeps up-to-date with employee regulations, tax laws, and other compliance requirements. And, your company can always be in compliance with all the latest regulations. 

As a result, the company can reduce the risk of mismanagement as well as any legal issues of fines.

🟡🔵 Improve Reports and Analytics 

With proper payroll execution, HR software can prepare reports and analytics automatically. 

These will help the HR managers to make an informed decision about payroll, benefits, and other tasks related to your organization’s growth. Also, can help to find room for improvement by providing proper insights. 

🟡🔵 Enhance Security 

HR software offers a secure platform to manage payroll data and all other information about your company. 

This will reduce the risk of data loss or theft. Also, many HR software has data encryption, and authentication systems, to keep the payroll system always protected. 

🟡🔵 Save Cost and Time 

In terms of automating the payroll system, HR software helps to save the cost of managing each step manually. And, for dynamic payroll processing, using HR software will save valuable time also. 

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Bottom Line 

In summary, HR software for payroll is a powerful and effective tool for any organization regardless small or large. It simplifies the payroll process and makes every step dynamic. 

Here, I have summarized the key features, benefits, and limitations of the 7 best HR software for payroll. With their essential features and robust functionalities, each of them can transform the payroll process from a laborious, error-prone, and time-consuming task to an efficient and reliable process. 

Overall, using HR software for the payroll process is a wise and cost-effective investment for any organization. 


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