Best Free Ai Writing Assistants to Unlock Higher Clicks

best free Ai writing assistant

With the right content, you have incredible possibilities to promote your brand, and services, and get desired traffic. There are web-based and Ai-powered tools in the market that are useful to people. From basic writing to advanced content a standard writing tool can make a big difference to your writing task process.

The good fact is most writing tools offer free testing options. You can create unique, well-researched full-length content without any cost. In this regard, Ai writing assistants are ahead of the talk today. The best free Ai writing assistant delivers excellent content with impressive efficiency.

Today we will discuss the best free Ai writing assistants. Hope it will guide you to pick the best tool and lessen your effort.

What Qualities Make a Free Ai Writing Assistant Best?

Let’s see what qualities make an Ai writing tool the best one – 

✔️ Accuracy: The writing assistant should be able to identify and correct errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style.

✔️ Ease of use: The best Ai writing assistant should be user-friendly. It also has to integrate with your writing process.

✔️ SEO-optimized content: It is one of the attractive qualities of a good Ai content generator. The tool should take care of your content’s SERP rank.

✔️ Feedback: The best writing assistant always provides feedback on your writing, including content scores and tips for improvement.

✔️ Multilingual support: The best Ai-fueled writing tool offers multiple language support.

The Best Free Ai Writing Assistant

Here are some top Ai writing tools for you. Look at the details –

GetGenie Ai

GetGenie Ai is the best free Ai writing assistant

GetGenie Ai is a compact content-writing solution for WordPress users and web editors. Utilizing the tool you can generate insightful long articles and engaging copies. Its attractive UI, fast process, wonderful help desk, cost-effective offers everything has made the tool worth trying. However, GetGenie Ai offers both a free trial version and a premium version.

Leading features of GetGenie Ai

★ Exclusive plugin of WordPress and a SaaS app.

★ Provides 37+ updated templates for writing

★ Offers many crucial SEO features such as keyword research, competitor analysis, H2H comparison, Content Score, etc.

★ Supports 33+ languages

★ Has a helpful ChatBot- GenieChat (ChatGPT alternative)

★ Offers Genie mode template to write any type of content

Why is GetGenie Ai the best free Ai writing assistant?

🔥 Pricing – Based on the consumer and market demand GetGenie offers the most reasonable price for you. The price starts from only $17 monthly and $13 yearly

Moreover, a trial version of GetGenie is available free of cost! The starter plan offers 2,500 Ai Writing Words per month, 10 Credits of SEO Keyword Analysis per month, 5 Credits of Competitor SERP Analysis per month, and many other facilities.

🔥 Number of pros vs. the number of cons- GetGenie Ai has no browser extension. Except for this, there is no such downside found in the tool. There are various first-class advantages you can enjoy working with this tool. However, its work of bringing out the browser extensions is in progress.

🔥 Meets the standards – GetGenie Ai is a smart writing assistant that serves as a plugin, an app, and also a chatbot. It holds almost all the qualities of the best Ai writing assistant to rank your content 20x faster on SERP. This is an advanced tool that crafts content within a very short time with human-like expertise.


One of the good ai writing assistant free.

Here is another Ai writing tool that can support you to get a satisfactory output without any cost. From writing new content to paraphrasing, and creating blog posts to short copies, WriteSonic is a handy and quick tool. To grab visitors’ attention Ai tool-generated content is super effective for any marketers.

Leading features of WriteSonic

★  WriteSonic supports 22+ language

★ It offers 80+ writing tools

★ It offers Ai Art generator

★ The tool offers Chatsonic: an Ai-powered chatbot

★ Botsonic: It is a no-code Ai chatbot builder

Why is WriteSonic the best free Ai writing assistant?

🔥 Pricing – WriteSonic provides cost-effective prices that are convenient for all. With the free trial plan, you will get Chatsonic, Botsonic, 100+ Ai templates, etc. The paid plan begins at $12 which gives everything from free plan and Bulk Processing, Surfer Integration, etc.

🔥 API access – Writesonic is a WordPress plugin and you will get its API access. This API can integrate the features of the tool into your applications easily. 

🔥 Content share functionality – Writesonic produces publink links that help you to share the generated content. People need no Writesonic account to see the content. 

SEO Writing Ai

A good Ai writing assistant online free

This is another free Ai tool that is a user-friendly writing solution for you. You can produce exclusive content and increase possibilities for your product promotion. The optimized content also saves you time to succeed in your business straight away.

Top features of SEO Writing Ai

★ Offers 20+ templates

★ Enriched with product listing features

★ Optimizes content for SEO

★ Generates long-form content faster

Creates documents of content and allows to edit later

Why is SEO Writing Ai the best free Ai writing assistant?

🔥 Pricing – The pricing starts at $19 per month and at $12 yearly. You have a chance to use 5k words, 100 documents, unlimited tool usage along with some other facilities during the free trial. Overall, the packages are all good which makes the tool more inviting to use.

🔥 Carrying tasks creatively – When it comes to creativity the tool is greatly innovative. It synchronizes various actions through documents and lets you see them as a list.

🔥 Faster product listing – With SEO Writing Ai product listing is faster than ever! Just inserting the URLs of your products you can get a full listing quickly.

Copy Ai

One of the popular Ai writing tool

Copy Ai is one of the current writing tools that help you write better marketing copy and content. Whether you are a busy marketer or a small business owner this writing tool can be very effective.

Top features of Copy Ai

★ Supports 29+ languages

★ Offers Ai Chat to continue Ai-driven workflow smoothly

★ It has a browser extension

90+ copywriting tools

Why is Copy Ai the best free Ai writing assistant?

🔥 Pricing – At $0 you will get 90+ copywriting tools, unlimited projects, 25+ language supports, etc. using the tool. The premium packages start at $49 monthly and $36 yearly. The facilities and services are all premium with paid packages.

🔥 Completely responsive – The functionality is simple and the tool understands any given instruction quickly. Copy Ai goes hand-in-hand with the writers to lessen the writing pressure.

🔥 Easy sharing system – With Copy Ai you can share the generated output with anyone by sending the link. It is a flexible system within the tool and saves you time.

Jasper Ai

Jasper is a quality Ai writing assistant

To automate the writing tasks fast and keep pace with the modern marketing demand Jasper Ai is another recognized tool. You can use this tool to break writer’s block and generate useful content at any time.

Top features of Jasper Ai

★ Provides 50+ templates

★ The tool works for 25+ languages

★ It has a browser extension

★ Jasper creates excellent art for different business content

Why is Jasper the best free Ai writing assistant?

🔥 Pricing – The monthly price begins at $49 but you can try this plan free for up to 7 days. In the free plan, you will get unlimited words, 50+ templates, 1 brand voice, etc. to test the tool’s efficiency.

🔥 Third-party integration – Jasper has several integrations that have made the tool more flexible to work with. 

🔥 Learning materials – There are enough documentation and videos to learn using Jasper. The tools get routinely updated, so it is always helpful for any beginner or old user to learn from training materials.


Rytr is a standard Ai writing assistant

We have this last Ai tool in our list that performs well like any other modern Ai writing tool. You can use it for free and get done all the content-generating tasks without any disappointment.

Top features of Rytr

★ The tool holds 40+ user cases

★ It provides 20+ tones

★ Rytr offers a plagiarism-checking facility

★ It supports 25+ languages

★ The tool offers Rytr Chat 

Why is Rytr Ai the best free Ai writing assistant?

🔥 Pricing – While trying Rytr free you will get access to 40+ use cases, 30+ languages, 20+ tones, and many more. Also, you can upgrade to the paid plans if you want, a premium plan starts at $9.

🔥 Top idea generator – This tool makes it easy for you to come up with new ideas and catchy content. So, using such a tool you don’t have to give much effort, time, or spend lots of money to get ideas for your business.

🔥 Workflow management – The best-designed tool helps you to maintain a solid workflow. You can work on documents, make something new, or edit old content with Rytr with only a few clicks.

So Which Free Ai Writing Assistant is for You?

Well, the best tool always provides high-quality content faster. It will offer you the best free credits or plans, and the best prices Of course. Moreover, whether it is a blog article or any marketing post use the tool that gives a complete solution of SEO. You should also look for brilliant templates like Blog Wizard, special mode templates like Genie mode, a smart chatbot such as an alternative to ChatGPT, etc. These things fulfill almost all the basic to advanced-level writing necessities.

GetGenie GIF Banner (Updated in August 2023)

Finishing Lines

There are various Ai writing tools online that consist of basically the same features. But when selecting the free yet good tool you must consider the facts we have discussed. Some tools are popular but don’t have good features in the free version. Again, you can enjoy some really good standards from a new yet skilled tool free of cost. You can choose the tool to test and later upgrade to the paid plans to increase your conversion rate through quality content.

So, these are some best free Ai writing assistants we have listed for you. Now, decide for yourself which tools are worth trying and which ones you should pick for your business.


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