Best Alternatives to Fluent Forms (with Better Features + Affordability!)

Best Fluent Forms Alternatives

Are you searching for an alternative to Fluent Forms? It is a powerful form builder plugin with a loyal customer group. However, the high price of Fluent Forms leaves many current and future users searching for an alternative.

So, we’ve listed 12 of the best Fluent Forms alternatives that will give you an all-in-one form-building solution at a fair price. Whether you’re an active Fluent Forms user looking for something better or just starting to use a form builder for the first time, this guide will help you to pick the right alternative.

Let’s dive into the best Fluent Forms alternatives of 2024.

Before Looking at the Fluent Forms Alternatives…

Now, before moving on to the list of best Fluent Forms alternatives, we need to know about the reasons for changing this plugin and what to expect from the new one.

The Reasons to Switch

Fluent Forms is one of the most popular WordPress form builder plugins. It ensures various features and functionalities to create any kind of form. It has a free version too. So, you can think about installing this plugin. 

But, before that, when you expand your business, a basic ordinary form on your WordPress website won’t be enough to meet your versatile purposes. So, you have to buy the premium plan. 

And, here comes the need to explore other options. Because the premium version of Fluent Forms is expensive compared to other plugins in the market. The price doesn’t justify when you think about user experience as well. 

You have to go back and forth between the editor and the settings page to build an advanced form. Another downside is you can’t insert or upload images in the Fluent Forms. So, it wouldn’t be ideal for many WordPress users to bear this heavy cost without these benefits.

Features to Look for in a Fluent Forms Alternative

When you’ve decided to go for an alternative to the Fluent Forms plugin, you should follow the list below to help you choose the best one.

➡️ Ease-of-use: A Fluent Forms alternative with a simple user experience is invaluable. Go for a plugin that includes a drag-and-drop visual builder interface for a smooth journey.

➡️ Multipurpose Form Builder: The WordPress form builder plugin should empower you to create and design any type of form like a contact form, conditional form, multi-step form, sign-up form, etc.

➡️ Pre-built Templates: The best Fluent Forms alternative should offer a range of pre-made templates to easily build a form in no time. This is something a must-have feature for beginners.

➡️ Form Fields: The form builder plugin should have versatile form fields to empower you to bring a unique look to your WordPress website form.

➡️ Conditional Logic: To bring personalization to your website form you are required to apply smart conditional logic. So, your choice should have various conditional logic support.   

➡️ Spam Protection: Security features are precious to get real entries and accurate data from users.

➡️ Payment Methods: Integration with popular payment methods is essential to function your form targeting different regions and user groups.
➡️ Similar Experience: Adapting to the form builder plugin features will take less time if it is similar to other plugins you use. For example, if you use the Elementor page builder, the form builder plugin you choose should have the same look and feel.

Head-to-Head Comparison of the Alternatives

Form Builder PluginsBest Alternatives ForPrice
MetFormBeginners, freelancers, and agencies, looking for comprehensive form-building solutions at an affordable price.Free Version Available.
Pro Prices: Personal-$39, Professional- $87, Agency- $179
WPFormsBeginners looking for a simple contact form builder.Free Version Available.
Pro Prices: Basic – $49.50, Plus – $99.50 Pro – $199.50, Elite $299.50
Ninja FormNon-techy person looking for complex form-building solutions.Free Version Available.
Pro Prices: Plus-$99, Pro- $199, Elite- $499
ForminatorAnyone looking for specialized form-building solutions polls and quizzes.Free Version Available.
Pro Prices: Basic – $36, Standard – $60, Freelancer – $120, Unlimited – $240
Formidable FormsAnyone looking for an affordable plugin with a user-friendly interface.Free Version Available.
Pro Prices: Basic – $39.50, Plus – $99.50, Business – $199.50, Elite – $299.50
Everest FormsLead hunters looking for easy solutions for surveys, polls, newsletter forms, etc.Free Version Available.
Pro Prices: Personal-$34, Agency- $99, Themegrill Agencey- $299
Type FormGood for gathering user feedback or responses.Free Version Available.
Pro Prices: Basic – $25, Plus – $99.50, Business – $50, Elite – $83.

If you need a lot of widgets and premade templates.Free Version Available.
Pro Prices: Basic – $34, Plus – $39, Business – $99.
Gravity FormsIf you’re looking for advanced form-building functionalities. No freemium package.
Pro Prices: Basic – $59, Pro – $159, Elite – $259.
JetFormBuilderGutenberg-based form-building solution.Free Version Available.
Pro Prices: Site PRO – $34, Master PRO – $39, Agency PRO – $99.
WS FormsSomeone needs a drag-and-drop Contact Form Builder for WordPress.Free Version Available.
Pro Prices: Personal – $59, Freelance – $149, Agency – $249.
Contact Form 7For a plain and simple contact form builder.100% Free!

12 Best Fluent Forms Alternatives in 2024

You may see hundreds of form-building plugins that you can choose from. But, we have hand-picked the best Fluent Forms alternatives that you can use.


Best Fluent Forms Alternatives

MetForms can be the perfect alternative to Fluent Forms. This Elementor-based plugin doesn’t compromise on offering an intuitive drag-and-drop visual builder interface. And, you’re not bound to any specific form types. 

It ships with 40+ input fields and fully customizable versatile pre-made templates to effortlessly build and customize any type of website form. Then, you get different cutting-edge form functionalities like spam protection, conditional logic, third-party integration, etc.

Further, MetForm also has a spontaneous quiz builder, short-code support, payment integration, and more. Plus, you can show notifications to users on a successful form submission and apply the unique email control feature to get rid of duplicate accounts.

✨ Advantages over Fluent Forms

✅ You can switch to the best Fluent Forms alternatives at only half the price of Fluent Forms. Doesn’t matter which package you’re choosing, MetForm offers the same features and functionalities at a cheaper rate.

✅ MetForm lets you create a well-functioning multi-step form with advanced customizing options like editing tab titles, icons, and buttons.

✅ MetForm is the top Fluent Forms alternative for Elementor users due to no learning curve. Provides the same UI with responsive controls.

No need to deal with HTML to add images to your website forms with MetForm like Fluent Forms. Even, you can show image-select fields to make your form more appealing.

✅ Save time by grouping fields and using them with only one click.

💸 Price: You can download the free MetForm plugin version from the WordPress repository. And, the MetForm pro version starts with only $39 for a year.


Best Fluent Forms Alternatives

WPForms is another top Fluent form alternative with the highest number of installations. They have gained this huge popularity by providing a flexible form-building experience to all WordPress users.

The biggest advantage of WPForms is its big library of pre-made templates with over 1300. This plugin is renowned for its user-friendliness. Simultaneously, it is also a powerhouse of WordPress form building with excellent add-ons.

Advantages over Fluent Forms

✅ Compared to Fluent Forms, WPForm’s biggest advantage is that the form editor and settings panel are available on the same screen.

✅ Configure the web pages that users go through to reach the website form.

✅ Provide more anti-spam tools for better security.

✅ Get access to a bigger template library.

💸 Price: Apart from the free version, you can get the premium version starting at $49.50 for one year.

Ninja Form

Best Fluent Forms Alternatives

If you are looking for a Fluent Forms alternative that allows you to create any type of form, Ninja Forms can be an obvious choice. It has one of the largest user bases with positive customer reviews.

This form builder plugin will ease your form building with user-friendly features like exporting form submissions as PDFs, Excel files, or Google Sheets. Further, you can mark some blocks as favorites to find them quickly in the form editor.

And not only for yours! For your visitors, Ninja Forms has some distinctive features. They can save an incomplete form. Another unique one is, that a visitor can publish a blog on your site just by submitting a form.

 ✨ Advantages over Fluent Forms

✅ Ninja Forms provide a larger number of fields compared to Fluent Forms.

✅ With Ninja Forms, you get 26+ language translation support. Whereas, the number is 8 with Fluent Forms.

✅ Ninja Forms facilitates import/export advantage, which Fluent Forms doesn’t.

✅ Ninja Forms has almost twice the number of 5-star reviews as Fluent Forms.

💸 Price: Along with installing the free version, you can go for the premium version starting at $99 per year.


Best Fluent Forms Alternatives

Forminator differentiates itself from other Fluent Forms alternatives by its 1000+ third-party integrations. And, the most important thing about this form builder plugin is that it is completely free.

Renowned developer community WPMU DEV developed this plugin with advanced features and made it available to everyone for free. This Fluent Form alternative is specialized in making polls and quizzes. You can also navigate the reports of form submissions in an interactive dashboard. 

Advantages over Fluent Forms

✅ Available with a Pro version at a minimal price.

✅ Forminator has more third-party integration than Fluent Forms.

✅ The numerical calculation feature is available in the Forminator Free version, but not in Fluent Forms Free.

✅ Fields like phone, file upload, and payment are premium features of Fluent Forms but are available for free with Forminator.

✅ Automatically detect user location and autofill address.

💸 Price: The free version is popular. And, you can upgrade to the premium version for at least $36 for a year.

Formidable Forms

Best Fluent Forms Alternatives

It’s easy to get started with Formidable Forms. You will not find any notable difference while switching from Fluent Forms to Formidable plugins. It’s a convenient choice for modern-day form-building solutions such as styling features, interactive dashboards for survey reports, third-party integrations, payments, and drag-and-drop editing interfaces.

Other advanced features like calculators, conditional logic, email notifications, file uploading, etc are also available with Formidable Forms.

Advantages over Fluent Forms

✅ Formidable Views is something that gives you a detailed overview of all submission data which isn’t possible through Fluent Forms.

✅ Formidable Forms is more developer-friendly than Fluent Forms.

✅ Comparing the freemium version of both plugins, Formidable  Forms steps ahead.

💸 Price: Check for the free version of the plugin. And, the premium version is available for $39 .50 for a year.

Everest Forms

Best Fluent Forms Alternatives

Another well-known name in the WordPress form builder arena is Everest Forms. It accommodates unlimited form fields, pre-designed form templates, conditional logic, webhooks, multiple file uploading, smart tags, and many more. You have complete freedom to create any kind of form.

Moreover, you will experience great flexibility in customizing and functioning a WordPress form within a few minutes. This Fluent Forms alternative boasts a powerful security system with features like CAPTCHA Protection, Honeypot Protection, Whitelist/Blacklist Domains, Cloudflare Turnstile, IP Block, etc. 

Advantages over Fluent Forms

✅ Everest Forms is AI-compatible, whereas Fluent Forms does not yet have this support.

✅ You can block certain IPs from submitting forms on your website with Everest Forms.

✅ Everest Forms facilitates cloud storage to safely store form submissions. 

✅ Can figure out the form submitter’s locations with Everest Forms.

💸 Price: The free plugin version can be installed to your website and the premium pack is available for $34.5 for one year.

Type Form

Best Fluent Forms Alternatives

If you’re trying to get more data, the Type Form is at the top of many recommendations for Fluent Form alternatives. It is a common choice for creating forms for data collection purposes such as signups, feedback, quizzes, and surveys. 

Gathering user feedback or responses can be challenging when you publish a survey or lead-collection form. This is where Type Form works better with vast customizing features. It stands out with unique features like one question at a time interface. 

Advantages over Fluent Forms

✅ Have advanced features and functionality for conversational forms like quizzes and surveys.

✅ Available with robust analytics tools to give you deeper insights into track submissions and user interactions.

✅ In terms of the number of templates, Type Form is far ahead of Fluent Form. Type Forms Library contains around 3000+ ready-made templates.

💸 Price: For an annual fee of $25, you can get the premium version. And, the free version is available in the WordPress repository.


Best Fluent Forms Alternatives

Jotform is another comprehensive form builder plugin that supports all modern features like conditional logic, reporting, automated workflow, payment integration, etc. It is a Fluent Form alternative that aims to provide every customization feature to create your unique forms. 

It’s packed with 300+ widgets and 1000+ premade templates. That means for any unique design idea you have in mind, there’s a good chance you’ll find a widget or pre-made layout for it.

Advantages over Fluent Forms

✅ Jotform is a perfect-matched alternative to Fluent Form with a lower price.

✅ Can export data with the free version of Jotform.

✅ Jotform provides all the features in the free version.

💸 Price: Spend $35 annually to buy the Bronze pack of Jotform. And, the Starter pack is free.

Gravity Forms

Best Fluent Forms Alternatives

If you’re shopping for a Fluent Forms alternative, Gravity Forms can be an optimum choice for solving complex form functions. This plugin does not come with a free version but has managed to develop a loyal customer group.

This premium plugin helps you with essential advanced features like calculations, signatures, multi-step forms, file uploads, and more. A notable feature of this plugin is partial entry, which allows you to find the reason for form abandonment.

Advantages over Fluent Forms

✅ Gravity Forms supports a greater number of integrations compared to Fluent Forms.

✅ Gravity Forms has language translation support, which Fluent Forms lacks.

✅ Regularly improve their security features for your website forms.

✅ Gravity supports non-profit organizations. 

💸 Price: No free version is available! The Basic license costs $59 for a year.


Best Fluent Forms Alternatives

JetFormBuilder is developed by the team behind Crocoblock and is an ultimate toolkit for WordPress form building. To get started you can use the free version of JetFormBuilder which even lets you create multi-step forms and various post-submit actions.

Further, you can also keep a record of all the submissions and entries. And, upgrading to the pro version of JetFormBuilder, you can create a payment form to accept your e-commerce payment recurring payments.

Advantages over Fluent Forms

✅ Get payment integration with JetFormBuilder free version, but not with Fluent Forms.

✅ Only JetFormBuilder gives versatile post-submit actions.

✅ JetFormBuilder has better WooCommerce features than Fluent Forms.

💸 Price: You can download the free plugin. And, paying $49 for a year you can begin with the pro version.

WS Forms

Best Fluent Forms AlternativesBest Fluent Forms Alternatives

Another feature-rich alternative to Fluent Forms is WS Forms. The free version can easily meet your demand for any type of advanced form. You will experience some beneficial features like scheduling forms and built-in tracking systems to track website visitors who submit a form.

Additionally, WS Forms can be a good option for those who are switching to Fluent Forms for their e-commerce website. You can use the WS form on your product page. It also contains some WooCommerce fields.

Advantages over Fluent Forms

✅ WS Forms has a higher form field collection than Fluent Forms.

✅ Only WS Forms provide debug console support.

✅ WS Forms has a higher number of third-party integrations.

💸 Price: The Personal plan costs $59 per year. Also, you can choose the Lite version for free.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is a lightweight Fluent Forms alternative that lets you create a simple contact form on your website. It’s a flexible free form builder plugin with a plain interface. It provides all the necessary features, support, and helpful docs.

It wouldn’t be ideal to expect the powerful functionality of Fluent Forms from a free plugin. Simultaneously, you may not need to do heavy things for basic purposes. Thus, Contact Form 7 can be a worthy good alternative to Fluent Forms alternative. 

Advantages over Fluent Forms

✅ Gives specialized features like reflection, hidden fields, and autocompletion without any cost. 

✅ Educates on WordPress form building without any financial support.

💸 Price: Contact Form 7 is 100% free. 

Which Fluent Forms Alternative Should You Use?

If you are still confused about choosing a Fluent Form option, we can tell you about our recommendations.

Before that, we want to clarify that our chosen Fluent Forms alternative must need to have advanced features and an intuitive visual builder. Also, we want to buy it at a fair price. Another important thing is if there is a free version of the form builder plugin.

So keeping these things in mind, our pick is MetForm. It is an all-in-one form builder plugin that powers your website forms with fully customizable fields, pre-made templates, integration with various third-party services, etc. 

Further, starting with Fluent Forms will allow you to join a big user group. The developer Wpmet has some popular products for WordPress users. For instance, their flagship product ElementsKit – an Elementor addon with 2 million active users.

Final Thoughts

We hope now you have decided on the best Fluent Form alternatives. We hope this article helped you in this way. You might have been using the Fluent Forms now and it could have been a costly option for you. 

But, the good thing is that we have some good alternatives to Fluent Forms. Our best selection is MetForm in this list.


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