How to Add “Buy on Amazon” Button in WordPress Without Coding

How to add "buy on Amazon" button on WordPress

Adding a “Buy on Amazon” button to your Amazon affiliate website is fruitful for multiplying click rates and commissions. It uses Amazon’s reputation and credibility to positively influence customers’ buying decisions. This will significantly improve your sales as well as revenue.

Now, if your affiliate website is built with WordPress and you want to add “buy on Amazon” buttons, you need to have enough customization options that let you reflect Amazon’s brand identity. Unfortunately, the default WordPress button block may not have the customization capability that a plugin would have, e.g. a Gutenberg block plugin.

So, in this blog post, we’ll walk you through how to add a “buy on Amazon” button in WordPress using a comprehensive block plugin called GutenKit. Before diving into the guide, let’s briefly explore more about the “buy on Amazon” button and its significance…

What is a “Buy on Amazon” Button?

A “Buy on Amazon” button is a widget or link that redirects your audience to Amazon’s product listing page connected with an affiliate program. This means you will receive a commission whenever a user buys a product using this link.

Why Use the “Buy on Amazon” Button on Your Site

Displaying the “buy on Amazon” Button on your site offers numerous benefits that contribute to business growth, success, and credibility. It allows you to establish a business that scales. Apart from these, you will also experience the following advantages of implementing the “Buy on Amazon” button on your site:

  • It encourages your audience to convert because of Amazon’s reputation and familiarity.
  • You can reduce overhead costs as Amazon handles inventory management, shipping, and delivery.
  • The “Buy on Amazon” button seamlessly assists in carrying out affiliate business and earning tempting revenue.
  • These buttons add relevant links to your posts or pages that benefit improving sites’ SEO.
  • Your visitors will have a great shopping experience as Amazon is completely responsive for mobile devices.
  • Earning revenue with zero investment is possible through these buttons.

No-Code Method to Add “Buy on Amazon” Button in WordPress

Here we’ll demonstrate a friendly and codeless process of how to add a “buy on Amazon” button to your WordPress sites:

Step 1: Install GutenKit to Add a “Buy Now Amazon” Button.

Adding a buy on Amazon button in WordPress requires a plugin through which you can create a button for promoting Amazon products on your site. Here, we’ll use GutenKit, a Gutenberg block plugin that offers numerous blocks and modules to create complete websites with no prior coding expertise.

To leverage the friendly features of GutenKit, you need to first install it by navigating to Plugins >> Add New Plugin. Then Search for “GutenKit” and hit the “Install Now” button. After completing the installation, activate GutenKit.

Install GutenKit

Step 2: Navigate to the Post/Page to Show “Buy on Amazon” Button.

In this step, you need to open the page/post where you want to add the “buy on Amazon” button. Go to Pages >> Add Pages and Edit a page or post to add WordPress Buy on Amazon button to your site. Thus, you will be redirected to that page/post.

Edit page/post to show buy on Amazon button on WordPress

Step 3: Add a Custom “Buy on Amazon” Button and Insert an Affiliate Link Using Block Plugin.

After navigating to a new page or post, hit the “+” icon and search for the “Button” block. There you’ll get to see a “Button” block with the GutenKit icon. Press that block to add it to your site.

Add "buy on Amazon" button to your WordPress site

Now, you’ll see three customization options: Content, Style, and Advanced. In the content tab, you can customize the following areas:

  • Label: Change the label text of your “buy on Amazon” button.
  • URL: Enter the affiliate URL of your Amazon product in this field to create a “Buy on Amazon” button.
  • Add Icon: Enable this option to add an icon with the button text.
  • Icon: Insert the Amazon icon from here.
  • Icon Position: Select the before or after position for your icon. By selecting before, your icon will be shown before the label text. And, after position will display your button icon after the label text.
  • Alignment: Choose the alignment for your button.
  • Class: Enter the class for your button.
  • ID: Insert a unique button ID.
Customize "Buy on Amazon" button using GutenKit

Now, navigate to the “Style” tab and adjust the Width, Padding, Typography, and Text Shadow. Also, select the color and background type for general or button on hover views.

Style the "buy on Amazon" button using GutenKit

Again, you have to alter the Border and Border Radius for both the Normal and Hover view of the button. Then, add shadow to your WordPress Amazon “add to cart” button.

Border customization of buy on Amazon button using GutenKit

Now, change the Font Size, Space Between, and Move Icon Vertically for the Button Icon.

Icon customization of "Buy on Amazon" button using GutenKit

Now, visit the “Advanced” tab and customize the Margin, Padding, Width, and Z-INDEX for your button Layout.

Layout customization of buy on Amazon button using GutenKit

You can also customize Position, Visibility, Motion Effects, and Advanced options for your “Buy on Amazon” button. Finally, after customizing everything, press the “Publish” button.

How to add "Buy on Amazon" button on WordPress using Gutenkit

Here is the final output for your “Buy on Amazon” button and see how it works on your website:

Final look of Buy on Amazon button built with GutenKit


Yes, you can display the “buy on Amazon” button on WooCommerce by navigating to Products >> All Products and pressing the General tab. Then, by using the External/Affiliate product option as Product data, you will find the option for adding a “Buy on Amazon” button on WooCommerce.

To add an Amazon link to your website, you need to first get the Amazon product affiliate link. Log in to your Amazon affiliate program account and navigate to your selected product page. Here you need to hit the Amazon affiliate sidestripe banner and press the “Get Link” button. Now, insert this affiliate link in your “Buy on Amazon” button.

Yes, you can promote and sell Amazon products on your site. Not just Amazon, any eCommerce site’s products can be sold on your site using their affiliate accounts. Thus, you will receive a commission for every sale that happens on your site.

Wrapping Up

Earning commissions through Amazon affiliate marketing is not a new business strategy. Almost all affiliate marketers promote Amazon products on their WP sites. And the best way to promote Amazon products is to add a custom “buy on Amazon” button.

In the above guide, we introduced Gutenkit, an advanced Gutenberg block editor that offers additional customization features than the default WordPress button block. This not only contributes to branding but also boosts website credibility connecting with Amazon. 

So, follow this tutorial and make use of the fullest potential of Amazon affiliate marketing.


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