ShopEngine vs JetWooBuilder vs ShopLentor vs CoDesigner: An Ultimate Face-off

ShopEngine vs JetWooBuilder vs ShopLentor vs CoDesigner

ShopEngine, JetWooBuilder, ShopLentor, and CoDesigner are the most familiar names in the landscape of WooCommerce solutions. Whenever you search for a WooCommerce addon, you will encounter the names of these four plugins. Since they are closely related, selecting one is quite difficult and confusing.

That’s why a comprehensive comparison is needed to find out the best WooCommerce builder. Here on this blog, you will get that ultimate face-off among the four WooCommerce solutions comparing their USPs, features, templates, supports, ratings, recognition, plans, etc.

Besides, you will be able to get a quick overview and reach an informed conclusion by going through different data tables attached to this blog. So, let’s jump in and find which one fits with the tier of the perfect WooCommerce solution.

ShopEngine vs JetWooBuilder vs ShopLentor vs CoDesigner

Brief Overview

Before diving into their in-depth comparison, let’s learn briefly about each of these WooCommerce builders:


ShopEngine WooCommerce builder

ShopEngine is a comprehensive WooCommerce builder that includes full-fledged functionalities to build your WooCommerce pages without needing any coding expertise. This codeless WooCommerce page builder is so smooth and user-friendly that you can create your entire eCommerce site enjoying a drag-and-drop interface. Besides, it’s also available as a Gutenberg addon.


ShopEngine vs JetWooBuilder vs ShopLentor vs CoDesigner: JetWooBuilder

JetWooBuilder is a premium WooCommerce plugin offered by Crocoblocks that has numerous widgets and templates to redefine the website creation experience in WordPress. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer any free plan.



ShopLentor is another WooCommerce solution that claims to provide an all-in-one option to create your online store without facing any boundaries or limitations. It’s an Elementor-based WooCommerce builder, facilitating diverse features with a drag-and-drop interface.



Codesigner (Formerly Woolementor) is another Elementor-compatible WooCommerce builder, offering unparalleled control over features and modules that empower your website-building opportunities.

Unique Selling Point (USP)

The unique selling point is an important parameter in finding the best and most advanced WooCommerce builder. So, let’s check what unique selling points these WooCommerce solutions offer:


  • It’s available as both an Elementor addon and a Gutenberg addon.
  • You can display relevant products with cross-sell popups.
  • Its Vacation module allows you to announce holidays on your eCommerce site.
  • You can create and customize user profiles by attaching pictures using ShopEngine’s Avatar module.
  • It lets you display a popup add-to-cart button on your store with the Sticky Fly Cart feature.
  • You will be able to display size variations with its product size chart option.
  • This WooCommerce page builder breaks down long checkout pages into multiple steps.


  • You can sort out products based on popularity, rating, etc.
  • It has Account Downloads for digital products (movies, series, songs).
  • Your visitors can share your website content using the Single Sharing Widget.
  • It includes templates for Upsell & Cross-sell.
  • You can control the access to comment or rate your WooCommerce products.


  • You can customize WooCommerce emails and provide personalized appearance using its Email Customizer module.
  • It has a Popup Builder to capture customers’ attention and boost engagement by creating converting popups.
  • ShopLentor lets you integrate your WooCommerce store with Google Tag Manager for accurately tracking conversions.
  • You can set flexible product pricing using the Call for Price and Suggest Price features.


  • Its Bulk Purchase Discount module can convert regular customers into bulk buyers by offering discounts for bulk buying.
  • You can create custom WooCommerce emails or invoices using Email and Invoice Builders.
  • Codesigner helps to establish brand identity using its Product Brands feature that displays products with their brand names.

Widgets & Modules

Widgets and modules define the possibilities your WooCommerce builder provides while creating your online store. So, it’s important to double-check and compare all their features beforehand.

ShopEngine, JetWooBuilder, ShopLentor, and CoDesigner have numerous freemium and premium widgets and modules. Although, their functionalities are quite similar. Still, some feature variations remain in these builders that further foster website creation and branding opportunities.

Widgets (Free)46+04740
Widgets (Pro)27+1502240
Modules (Free)4….1211
Modules (Pro)12….133
Sticky Fly Cart
Multistep checkout
Product Size Chart
GTM compliant
Email Customizer
(available as an extension)

Built-in Templates

Templates are pre-built layouts or patterns that assist you in creating WooCommerce pages in minutes, giving additional tweaks in customization. It simplifies the overall workflow of building WooCommerce pages which is a more friendly approach for beginners.

That’s why before picking a WooCommerce solution, you need to check whether your one provides professional templates or not. Do they offer both free and pro templates?

So, here we listed down all the freemium and premium templates of these WooCommerce plugins:

Free Templates 60215
Pro Templates10145525

Freedom of Customization

All four WooCommerce builders are Elementor compatible which means you can leverage drag-and-drop functionality while creating and customizing your WooCommerce pages. Besides, style and advanced customizations are also available in these solutions. Thus, all these WooCommerce plugins almost come with similar customization options.

Customer Support & Ratings

Do you know what your customers check the most before purchasing a product?

It’s support and ratings that add credibility to your business. Approximately 70% of online buyers check reviews before making a purchase. Higher ratings denote higher customer satisfaction. So, checking reviews and support systems is also crucial while selecting the best WooCommerce plugin.

Support24/7 supportLive chatLive chatTicket-based
Active Installation30,000+10,000+100,000+10,000+

Global Recognition

Global recognition is another determining factor that guides you towards a perfect solution. From 2021, ShopEngine secured prestigious positions in Monster Awards and WP Weekly awards each year. In contrast, other plugins stay behind compared to ShopEngine.

Monster AwardsThrice (2021, 2022, & 2023)Twice (2021 & 2022)
WP WeeklyThrice (2021, 2022, & 2023)Once in 2021

Pricing Models

All four plugins offer competitive pricing plans for their users. However, the pricing of JetWooBuilder is quite higher than other WooCommerce builders which might cross your budget. So, have a glance at the starting prices of yearly and lifetime deals of these plugins:

Yearly pricing starts at$59$199$59$49.99
Lifetime plan starts at$149$750$149$149.99

So, The Winner is…

Selecting the best WooCommerce builder means paving the path to setting up a perfect online venture. Above we’ve explored all the important parameters that help you to choose the right WooCommerce plugin. From features to global recognition, we highlighted all.

At first sight, JetWooBuilder, ShopLentor, or CoDesigner might seem like cut-throat competitors. But if you focus on their features, recognition, ratings, support, and pricing then ShopEngine is the winner of all scenarios. ShopEngine includes all the essential features necessary for creating your WooCommerce website. However, you can still explore other plugins and check their compatibility by trying out their free versions.


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