GutenKit vs Spectra: Gutenberg Page Builder Showdown!

GutenKit vs Spectra: Gutenberg Page Builder Showdown!

Gutenberg, the block editor, is transforming content creation in WordPress. 

But what if you crave even more granular control over your page layouts using the block editor? That’s where Gutenberg page builders like GutenKit and Spectra come in. But with both competing for your attention, choosing the right one can be tricky. 

Let’s see which one emerges victorious in the battle for your WordPress pages!

Brief Overviews

Introducing GutenKit and Spectra for your Gutenberg page-building voyage. While both deserve recognition, this face-off is like a young GutenKit vs the full-pledged Spectra. But, will GutenKit defeat Spectra? Let’s find out!


GutenKit vs Spectra - GutenKit

GutenKit prides itself on being a lightweight and beginner-friendly page builder. It integrates well with Gutenberg, extending its functionalities with a collection of pre-built blocks and great customization options. Although GutenKit is a newly launched plugin, it has all the features needed in page building, outshining most of its competitors. 

Additionally, the tool caters to beginners with its user-friendly interface. It features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, an extensive library boasting over 37 pre-made blocks, and 6 powerful modules.

What to expect from GutenKit:

  • 350+ pre-designed templates and patterns for blocks.
  • 37+ advanced WordPress block editor-supported blocks and modules. 
  • Icon Library with 900+ inline SVG font icons.
  • Full access to Google font library.
  • All blocks and modules work seamlessly in WordPress full site editing (FSE).
  • Optimized for mobile, desktop, and tablet user interface.
  • Compatible with Block API version 3.


Spectra - GutenKit vs Spectra

Spectra takes a comprehensive approach in page building. It boasts a vast library of blocks, pre-built page layouts, and a powerful visual editor. This makes Spectra a strong contender for users seeking an all-in-one page building solution. However, Spectra offers a freemium model, with some premium features locked behind a purchase.

What Spectra can offer:

  • Free pre-built starter templates.
  • Minimal clean code for fast loading.
  • Built-in SEO features and automatic schema markup.

GutenKit vs Spectra: The Head-to-Head Battle

GutenKit and Spectra are both popular contenders in the Gutenberg page builder arena, but which one reigns supreme? 

To help you choose the champion for your website, let’s dissect them in a head-to-head comparison.

Features in Comparison

We’ll compare their offerings in essential areas like block libraries, page layouts, editing features, and advanced functionalities.

Block LibraryExtensive collection of pre-designed and free blocks for various functionalities.
📌 38 General Blocks
📌 5 Special Modules
📌 4 Post Blocks
📌 5 Header & Footer Blocks
Offers a good range of essential blocks and additional blocks available through extensions.
📌 34 Essential Blocks
Page Layouts350+ pre-designed templates and block patterns for different page types to jumpstart your design process.Provides basic page layouts; relies more on custom section building.
Editing FeaturesAdvanced editing options like inline editing and responsive editing.Offers standard editing features; some advanced options might require extensions.
Advanced FeaturesIncludes features like Glass Morphism, Motion Effect, Mega Menu Builder, Image Accordion, OffCanvas, and custom post typesLacks some advanced features out of the box; relies on integrations for functionalities like forms

GutenKit takes the lead in terms of the transparent number of features and pre-built elements essential in page building.

The Champion in Customization 

When it comes to creating a website that reflects your unique brand identity, a great customization option is a must. This comparison will help you determine which builder empowers you to take more control over the look and feel of your website.

Styling OptionsExtensive range of blocks and templates. It offers control over fonts, colors, spacing, etc.Extensive for blocks and potentially more layout control (Premium)
CSS CompatibilityAllows adding custom CSS codeAllows adding custom CSS code
Third-Party CompatibilityDefinitely compatible with other plugins, allowing for a wider range of customization possibilities.Compatible with other plugins.

Both tools offer global style and custom fonts. While Spectra has already established its name in this field, GutenKit is worth trying as it is on par to Spectra when it comes to customization. Plus, the tool is continuously growing. So, you can expect that GutenKit will exceed Spectra in no time. 

The Battle in Speed & Performance

Both GutenKit and Spectra are built with performance optimization in mind. However, the actual impact on your website’s speed depends on several factors, including your hosting provider, chosen features, and website complexity. 

Page Load SpeedOptimized for performance.Optimized for performance.
Memory UsageThough GutenKit has many features compared to Spectra, GutenKit is designed to be more lightweight, as each feature doesn’t require additional code to function.Lightweight in general.

It’s difficult to say which builder is faster as both are optimized for performance. The best approach is to thoroughly test each builder on your website setup to see which one performs better in your specific scenario. Consider using tools like Google PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix to measure website speed before and after implementing your chosen builder.

Free Plan Comparison

Here’s a table outlining the structure of both builders and the features included in their free plan:

FeatureGutenKit FreeSpectra Free
Block LibraryExtensive features compare to the rival:
👍 General Blocks – 27
👍 Special Modules – 3
👍 Post Blocks – 3
👍 Header Footer Blocks – 2
👍 Essential Blocks – 6
👍 Content Blocks – 10
👍 Marketing Blocks – 6
👍 Form Styler Blocks – 2
👍 Creative Blocks – 8
Page LayoutsStarter TemplatesStarter Templates
Editing FunctionalityBasic Editing ToolsBasic Editing Tools
Advanced FeaturesLimitedNone

The above data clearly show that GutenKit is taking a lead in terms of the free features and even the support you can avail from the free plan which is very important in the selection process.

GutenKit vs Spectra: The Bottom Line

Both GutenKit and Spectra are excellent Gutenberg page builders. Each with its own strengths and capabilities. When it comes to reputation, Spectra is unquestionable, while GutenKit has yet to prove due to the fact that it’s newly launched. 

Though GutenKit is still so young, considering its features and functionalities, the tool is already on par with Spectra. It can compete head-to-head with Spectra and will soon surpass Spectra due to its commitment to providing continuous Gutenberg page-building solutions.  

Final Thought

Don’t be afraid to experiment with both builders! Both offer free plans that allow you to test-drive their functionalities before committing. With a little exploration, you’ll find the perfect Gutenberg page builder to elevate your WordPress website creation.

Consider your website’s needs, your design preferences, and your comfort level when making your choice.


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