Monster Award Winners 2021: ShopEngine & MetForm

Monster Award Winners

Awards are always exciting especially when you win one, right? Because awards mean an appreciation for your hard work. 

And it becomes way more meaningful when you get this honor from a prestigious WordPress platform like Template Monster.

Yes, Monster Award Winners have been announced. And guess what, we got two awards at this year’s Monster Awards!

Want to learn which two plugins have bought us this honor? Keep reading to find out why Monster`s Award is a big deal in the WordPress community and which two plugins of ours sealed the winning spots…

What is Monster’s Awards?

Monster Award Winners

Monster Awards is one of the most prestigious awards in the WordPress community held by is an independent platform TemplateMonster. It is a noncommercial event that holds contests among WordPress plugins of different categories. 

The Monster Awards was initiated to shed light on the best WordPlugins in different Categories. So, you don’t have to rely on the best WordPress plugin blogs solely.

In this year’s Monster Awards, there were 13 categories with more than 120+ WordPress plugins competing for the top places. The categories include Best WordPress WooCommerce Plugins, The Best WordPress Page Builder, Best WordPress Form plugin, etc.

How do they Choose the Winners?

Template Monster usually does its own research and finds the most prominent plugins to nominate in different categories. However, WordPress users also can apply to ask for the nomination of their favorite plugin.

Now you know how the nominations are done. But How about the winners? How do they choose that?

Well, just like the unbiased approach Monster Award takes in giving the nomination, the platform chooses a neutral process to choose the winners as well and that princess is public voting. Template Monster is not affiliated with any of the plugin companies participating in the competition so the voting is as fair as it can get.

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Our Product Winners

As the Monster award is a symbol of approval from the WordPress community, we are over the moon to share with you that two of our WordPress plugins have grabbed the winner’s badge in Monster Award 2021. Those two products of ours are

  1. ShopEngine
  2. MetForm

Now let’s learn a little bit about these two plugins and their achievements at the Monster Awards 2021

ShopEngine: Best WordPress WooCommerce Plugins 2021

ShopEngine has won the second prize at this year’s Monster awards in the WooCommerce plugin category. This WooCommerce addon beat its competitors to win the second with a 21%  vote.

Monster Award Winners ShopEngine

ShopEngine’s success is due to its marvelous features.  What are those? Let me answer…

ShopEngine is the most Complete WooCommerce builder you will find in the market right now with over 15+ template builders, 65+ widgets, and 13+ modules.  With this revolutionary WooCommerce addon, only you can build your complete WooCommerce website from scratch using the 65+ widgets according to your choice. 

Along with the option to build from scratch, it also provides 15+ templates which include quick view, quick checkout, my account page along with the basic shop page, product page, cart page,category page etc. The amazing part is with each template you get up to 10+ pre-made designs which you can use within a few clicks.

What makes this addon the complete WooCommerce plugin are the modules which include partial payment, currency switcher, preorder, sales notification, and additional check field, etc which will help you to get all the eCommerce functionalities to build a complete working eCommerce website that is set to skyrocket your revenue.

You can check out the features of ShopEngine by clicking on the button below:

Now let’s move on to our second winner…

MetForm: Best WordPress Form Plugin 2021

Monster Award Winners

Our second product that has brought us global recognition by winning the second spot at this year’s Monster Awards is MetForm. Among many popular WordPress forms,  people have chosen MetForm to be one of the best WordPress Forms in 2021 with 18% votes.

If you are hearing about this wonderful WordPress Form plugin for the first time (which is a rare occasion), here are a few words describing MetForm….

MetForm is an advanced and most flexible form builder for Elementor. It is becoming hugely popular day by day currently having over 70,000+ active installations. This form builder comes with 40+ input fields with advanced validation options. 

Moreover, you can also create conditional form, calculation form, multi-step form, survey form and many more with this add-on. Along with different types of forms, you also get Newsletter integration, email notification, Google ReCaptcha for security. 

You can easily integrate platforms like Slack, Zapier along with payment gateway like Stripe, PayPal, etc. In addition to all the advanced options, Metform also comes with 30+ predefined contact forms. To learn more about  MetForm click on the button below

What’s Next For ShopEngine & MetForm?

So, we have won the most prestigious award, what’s next? Is this it? Absolutely not!

We know that all this appreciation has come because we have worked hard to constantly provide the best features possible to our users. 

And we take these awards as a response from our audiences that we are doing the right thing. Along with the celebration, our team has already started working on the upcoming features of both ShopEngine and MetForm.

Upcoming features of ShopEngine include WooCommerce Email Template Customizer, Sticky side cart, Woo Mini Cart, and many more. For more details check out a roadmap of ShopEngine

On the other hand, upcoming features of MetForm include SMS Integration, Customized Notification, PDF export, and many more. You can check out MetForm’s roadmap for details.

Both ShopEngine and MetForm are freemium plugins with a 14days money-back guarantee. So, do try these amazing addon if you still haven’t


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