5 Best ShopLentor Alternatives You Should Check!

Best ShopLentor Alternatives

Are you in search of ShopLentor alternatives, previously known as WooLentor?

We have seen people fascinated with the ShopLentor WooCommerce plugin, as this Elementor-based WooCommerce toolkit fulfills most of the e-commerce needs. But, we’re also aware of how diverse a shop store can be, you might come across unique function needs that are not achievable with ShopLentor. 

So, you need to go for a different one. But, when you search for one, there are many different options. Then, which will be the best alternative to ShopLentor or WooLentor? 

To answer this question, we have curated our picks for the 5 best ShopLentor alternatives to help you decide which Elementor WooCommerce addon to use instead of ShopLentor.

Let’s dig in!

Drawbacks of ShopLentor for WooCommerce Website Building with Elementor?

ShopLentor is top-recommended as an Elementor addon for WooCommerce. Its features ensure you design a functional e-commerce website. You get powerful modules, widgets, and templates to enhance the store’s customer user experience in a variety of useful ways. But still, we cannot boldly claim that this is a one-size-fits-all solution

Actually, you can’t expect everything from a single plugin. And, it’s the same for ShopLentor, because it misses some important WooCommerce features that might be essential for you. For example, Advanced Coupon, Cross-sell popup, Avatar, Vacation, etc.

Additionally, it won’t let you enable a quick checkout by simply using a template. Also, the average memory usage by ShopLentor is higher than its competitors. Such limitations may make go for a ShopLentor alternative. Luckily, there are a variety of ShopLentor options to choose from.

What to Look for in a ShopLentor Alternative?

👉 Make sure the alternative addon offers a drag-and-drop interface to enjoy a visual builder experience and is free from any coding hassles.

👉 It should save you time by providing templates to quickly set up various parts of your eCommerce websites. 

👉 For increased functionality, your alternative ShopLentor addon should include a greater variety of widgets and modules.

👉 Apart from your preferred features, that alternative WooCommerce addon should include some unique features to meet your future needs as well. Such as partial payment, pre-order, order notes, Filterable Product List, etc.

👉 Another obvious point is that there should be an active team behind the plugin development that will continuously bring improvements and updates.

👉 Go for a lightweight and fast plugin that will load only the required assets to enable the respective design on the web page.

👉 Think about the features and support you miss in ShopLentor and look for an Elementor addon that contains those functionalities.

Head-to-Head Comparison of ShopLentor Alternatives

Active Installations40,000+10,000+10,000+2,000+

5 Best ShopLentor Alternatives: Picking the Best WooCommerce Builder for Your Elementor Websites

So, if you’ve already made up your mind about switching to a ShopLentor alternative, here are 5 top picks to help you choose the best Elementor addon for building your WooCommerce website.


Best ShopLentor Alternatives

ShopEngine is an all-in-one WooCommerce solution that has been essentially planned, developed, and designed to meet all eCommerce needs for Elementor users. The publisher Wpmet, offers both free and pro versions of this Elementor addon for WooCommerce.

In comparison with ShopLentor, ShopEngine is packed with almost the same number of widgets and supports a similar drag-and-drop interface. And, in terms of templates and layouts, this ShopLentor alternative can outperform other options.

One of the key benefits of using ShopEngine is its advanced modules, which are very beneficial for vital e-commerce functions without any code.

Plus, you won’t face any tough challenges or need to have any advanced level of expertise to design your online store, as your creative arsenal will include responsive and flexible pre-made templates like My Account, Quick Checkout, Back Order, Multistep Checkout, Variation Swatch and many more.

✨ Prominent Features:

✅ Drag-and-drop WooCommerce page builder for Elementor.

✅ Available with various beneficial widgets and modules.

✅ Easily display product variants with different options.

✅ Make a flexible payment system by adding a partial payment method to increase the conversion rate.

✅ Show pop-ups in various aspects like showing sales notifications and recommended products.

✅ Apply different checkout methods like quick checkout or multistep checkout.

✅ Improve shop user experience with features like Quick View, Avatar, and Product Comparison.

✅ Allow to activate only required widgets and design assets to optimize the page speed.

✅ No need to play with any code and get premium support when needed.

💸 Pricing: ShopEngine offers a free version. The cost of the ShopEngine premium pack starts at $59 per year.


JetWoo Builder is another alternative option to the ShopLentor addon. This dedicated WooCommerce addon for Elementor allows you to design unique shop pages from scratch. To support this experience, it is packed with WooCommerce widgets, various shop page templates, and other different functionalities to set up WooCommerce queries or sorting.

A notable difference here is that JetWooBuilder doesn’t offer module design features, rather this ShopLentor alternative emphasizes a ground-up builder experience where you can freely mix and match all components. It manages all widgets into different categories of WooCommerce shop pages.

And, using these you can create and customize all Woo-specific pages according to your brand style with features such as product gallery layout, archive cart and cart pop-up, AJAX add-to-cart method, etc.

But, if you still value the module feature, then you should pick something like ShopEngine as the best ShopLentor alternative.

✨ Prominent Features:

✅ Freedom for arranging elements on a drag-and-drop interface.

✅ Construc intuitive shop pages from scratch.

✅ Get Customizable and dynamic templates for different Woo functions.

✅ Use page-specific 66 widgets to easily design your dream.

✅ Manage, edit, or delete user reviews as you want.

✅ Invite specific shop visitors to add reviews, comments, and likes/dislikes on products.

✅ Easily combine with JetEngine’s Query Builder functionality.

💸 Price: Crocoblock, the team behind JetWooBuilder offers a free version of this Elementor WooCommerce addon. And, the pro version cost start at $49 per year.


There isn’t enough tool that incorporates the email customization features on a WooCommerce addon for Elementor. And, it has some other smart e-commerce solutions that make it one of the closest ShopLentor alternatives. For example, you can add custom billing or shipping fields

Moreover, CoDesigner also accommodates a pricing table-building functionality in both free and pro versions. And, you can also unlock some other unique Woo features like Customer Reviews Standard, Dynamic Tabs, Sales Notifications, FAQ Widgets, with the pro version.

✨ Prominent Features:

✅ A range of widgets for creating shop pages.

✅ Horizontal & vertical product filtration.

✅ Advanced product showcasing features like dynamic tab and related products.

✅ Multiple pricing table styles.

✅ Versatile fully customizable eCommerce templates.

✅ Mobile friendly and blazing fast.

💸 Price: Along with the free version, you can also use the pro version, starting price: of $50 per year.


If you need a flexible WooCommerce addon for Elementor, PowerPack has your back. It can add different styling and animation options to your Woo Store design. For example, you can display products in grid and masonry styles.

This ShopLentor Alternative option is a part of a renowned Elementor addon. So, considering the PowerPack WooCommerce addon for Elementor will cover everything of your website needs.

Plus, products can be displayed anywhere on the website, meaning you can easily lessen the buying process for customers. Additionally, you will have smart cart functionalities, which will also contribute to an easier checkout process for your e-commerce customers

✨ Prominent Features:

✅ Comes as a complete extension for Elementor.

✅ Display the cart icon at the website header.

✅ Faster website purchasing process.

✅ Support WooCommerce display condition.

✅ Give premium support and regular updates.

💸 Price: PowerPack doesn’t offer a separate WooCommerce pricing plan. And, WooCommerce features aren’t available in the free version as well. The PowerPack Pro can cost from $49 to $119 annually.


ShopBuilder is another flexible option for ShopLentor alternatives. To create your single WooCommorce shop page templates, it offers all the necessary design options in its widgets. To enhance your customer experience, you will get ShopBuilder’s modules like wishlist, compare, flash sale, multi-step checkout, etc. 

And, you have access to advanced features like uploading product size charts. Further, you have access to a big library of modules to get started with your WooCommerce website in no time. 

✨ Prominent Features:

✅ Ships with 80+ widgets to solve your shop page design.

✅ Page-specific robust WooCommerce templates.

✅ Easily control campaigns with modules.

✅ Showing comparison with different products.

✅ Advanced product filter functionality.

💸 Price: Apart from the free version, you can have the pro version ranges from $59 to $299 depending on the plan you choose. 

Which Alternative to ShopLentor Is the Best?

The best alternative to ShopLentor is the ShopEngine WooCommerce addon for Elementor. After taking a closer look at all the above ShopLentor alternative options, we can state that ShopEngine is a comprehensive option. Its free version can be enough for designing a simple WooCommerce website. And, the pro version empowers with powerful e-commerce features. 

And, when it comes to editor experience, ShopEngine provides an intuitive and easier building experience like Elementor Builder. Further, its widget and module design competencies are easily comparable to ShopLentor, or even better with cross-sell popups, advanced coupons, avatars, etc.

Another tricky thing is going for a publisher that offers other solutions too. In this case, the developers behind ShopEngine also contributed to some other tools to extend Elementor websites. For example, ElementsKit- a popular Elementor addon with 2 million active users including beneficial widgets and extensions, and MetForm- a drag-and-drop form builder solution.

So, while you choose the Wpmet bundle pack, you will save a lot while extending your Elementor builder capability. 

Ready to Level up?

Now, it’s time to elevate your Elementor e-commerce website. You might have been using ShopLentor, which isn’t adding the special needs for your WooCommerce website. But, thankfully we have some excellent alternative options for ShopLentor. 

Our best pick is ShopEngine as a ShopLentor alternative. It can be a great choice compared to plugins. 


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