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Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, Absolutely you can use ShopEngine for free. With ShopEngine’s free version you’ll get 45+ useful widgets, 4+ modules, 7+ pre-built templates that will assist you to create a visually stunning WooCommerce website.

The answer is simple, ShopEngine offers the maximum number of WooCommerce template building widgets, features, and templates than any other plugin in WordPress. Our features are sufficient to create an advanced, yet user-friendly WooCommerce site.

Currently, you only need to install WooCommerce and Elementor to enjoy all the features of ShopEngine. All the features come built-in with the plugin.

Our system will send the notification to you a few times to renew your license. In case if you decide not to renew it, no worries. You will still be able to continue using our plugin on your website. You will not get access to our plugin updates and support.

Yes! You can upgrade from any license to a superior one you only pay the difference which is calculated against the time until your license period expires.

The answer is - yes. We have two options in our template sections. Either you can use the blank one in which you will be able to create your desired page, or you can choose from our template library that will save a lot of your time and effort.

Of course, our 24/7 dedicated support team will be there to help you whenever you need it.

Yes, you can request new features for ShopEngine through the roadmap section of the plugin. Our R&D team regularly checks the feature requests and updates the plugin accordingly.

The annual license of the Elements Kit promises one year of support and updates from us. While the lifetime license for lifetime update and support.

We accept credit cards and PayPal.