Jasper vs GetGenie : Which is the Better AI Writing Assistant?

jasper vs GetGenie : Which is the better AI writing assistant for WordPress

If AI writing assistant is your area of interest, then you must have heard about Jasper AI.

But have you heard about GetGenie AI 🧞?

Well, GetGenie is the new competition in the market of Jasper and other similar AI writing tools. However, it’s not just another AI-powered tool, but rather claims to replace existing AI tools with advanced and all-rounder abilities.

Jasper has been one of the most popular AI writing assistants in the market. But is this new competition a threat to Jasper?

We find out how good of a competition GetGenie can give to Jasper aka Jarvis writing assistant in this Jasper vs GetGenie writeup. We compare this AI writing tool concerning various aspects such as variation in the template, writing quality, blog wizard, ease of use, and many more. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the main part…

Jasper vs GetGenie: Quick Overview

Before we start the comparison, let’s get to know a little bit about both the AI tools:

What is GetGenie AI?

GetGenie AI writing assitant

GetGenie is the magical AI writing assistant available in the form of a WordPress plugin that can help users to come up with winning copies and content to boost conversion with just minimal effort. With this revolutionary tool, you can research, write and optimize content at the place using the same tool.

Developed by XpeedStudio, It started its journey to become the only tool anyone with the quest of writing content will ever need. In fact, it’s so well planned and made that it can actually replace 10+ writing tools on the market. Btw, the list of tools GetGenie can successfully replace includes Jasper too!

The other tools that you no longer will require if you get GetGenie include Writesonic, Frase, Copy.ai, ClosersCopy, Bertha.ai, WriterZen, Peppertype.ai, Copymatic, etc.

This extraordinary tool can generate practically all sorts of content you can ask for! Be it blog posts, articles, website content, email copies, social media posts, product descriptions, product ad copies, and many more.

What is Jasper aka Jarvis writing assistant?

What is Jasper aka Jarvis writitng assistant

Jasper aka Jarvis writing assistant is a platform-independent AI writing tool that started its journey to help people in search of content without putting in hours and hours of effort.

This writing tool claims it makes a writer’s life super easy by eliminating writer’s block and making the writing process five times faster than the manual process. Ever since its launch, it has been quite popular for its plagiarism-free content creation.

This Artificial Intelligence trained tool helps you to write all sorts of content such as blogs, emails, website copies, social media posts, stories, ad copies, etc. While it helps you to SEO-optimize content but requires you to get additional add-ons. 

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Jasper vs GetGenie: Writing Blog posts & SEO optimization

blog wizard and SEO optimzation

Firstly, we are going to talk about the blog post-writing feature of the tools because publishing regular blog posts is a key tactic of digital marketing. Moreover, if you are going to buy a writing tool then you should pick a tool that must have the best feature to provide you with SEO-optimized and informative yet engaging blog posts.


If we talk about GetGenie has a close-to-perfect blog wizard because it covers everything. You can start with keyword research and change or alter the topic based on keyword research. After keyword research, you can generate multiple variations of blog post intro.

After choosing the intro, the fun part is producing the outline with the headings. GetGenie generates a well-researched outline option for you along with showing you the outline from the top-ranked competitors. And the best part is you can directly add a heading from the competitor list and then add it to your blog as it is or modify it. GetGenie prepares the outline with H2 headings so you don’t have to make it H2 manually.

On top of that, you can generate content for each heading with just one click and SEO optimize your blog while you generate the blog post as GetGenie shows live Content score along with suggestions to improve the score. And guess what, you can generate a blog post on the WordPress dashboard and publish it without any extra work!

Moreover, you can also find the related keywords with Search Volume and CPC along with the frequently asked questions about your topic on Quora. This way, you can add more related keywords to your blog and also add a faq section to improve your chance to rank higher on the SERP and grab a spot on the feature snippets.

Note: You can check how fast and efficiently you can write a blog post in this video below 👇👇


Jasper’s blog writing feature, on the other hand, is not as advanced or efficient as GetGenie’s. This tool also requires you to provide only input to get output, but it doesn’t do the keyword analysis or provide you with the competitors’ outline list. Moreover, it produces an outline as simple text so you have to manually make them as H2 which can be pretty annoying since they are supposed to be heading. As mentioned before, you can get the features of Keyword Analysis and SEO optimization but for that, you need to spend extra. 

🔔🔔 Keyword and Competitor analysis along with SEO optimization features are inbuilt only in GetGenie whereas, Jasper requires an Addon named SuferSEO.


The clear winner of Jasper Vs GetGenie in terms of writing Blog posts & SEO optimization is GetGenie AI. Because it’s an all-in-one tool that lets you research, write and optimize blog posts with ease.

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Jasper vs GetGenie: A Better option for WordPress users

jasper vs getgenie - best AI writing assistant for wordpress

We are considering ease of use with the WordPress CMS because it’s the most popular content management system with over 35,871,158 users around the globe. So, being a user-friendly option for WordPress users can be a market-winning factor for any AI writing tool. 


GetGenie is a WordPress plugin, so, if you are a WordPress user, then GetGenie is undoubtedly a better option for you because it provides you the option to write and publish content from the familiar WordPress dashboard. 

You can use the tool from the WordPress dashboard using a template or from any WordPress page or post. The best part is you don’t need a separate plugin to SEO optimize your blog or site’s content, you can SEO optimize your content while writing using GetGenie.

Besides, if you want to update your old blog for new keywords, you can do it directly from the dashboard using this extremely helpful WordPress plugin. Not just blog, even if you want to update any website content, you can do that using the rewriter templates anytime directly on your website without any hassle. 

Moreover, GetGenie is compatible with both Elementor page builder and Gutenberg editor. So, whatever tool you may use to build your WordPress website, you can use GetGenie to write content without any hassle or trouble.


On the other hand, Jasper is a platform-independent writing tool. It’s not like you can not use Jasper as your AI writing assistant if you are a WordPress user. You can always generate the content using Jasper and then move it to your WordPress site. But that’s just an extra hassle and definitely not the most convenient option out of these two.


 The winner of Jasper vs GetGenie AI in terms of being a better option for WordPress users is GetGenie AI. Because only GetGenie comes in the form of a WordPress plugin.

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Jasper vs GetGenie: Ease of Use / Accessibility

Ease of use GetGenie vs Jasper

Ease of use is something that is non-negotiable when it comes to any tool including AI writing tools. If a tool generates good results but makes your life difficult while using it then it can not be considered a standard tool. 


Since GetGenie is a WordPress plugin it’s user-friendly for WordPressians only. If you want to use GetGenie for other platforms then it will be very difficult to manage. But in GetGenie’s defense, it is a WordPress plugin! Moreover, the tool will soon introduce voice command options which will then increase the accessibility of use by any user irrespective of their physical ability. Moreover, this AI WordPress plugin has no user limit so many people can use its feature anytime without any restriction.


Jasper as mentioned before is platform independent which results in extra work because you have to first write and then transfer to your website or the platform where you want to publish. Moreover, Jasper has a limit on how many people can access the tool at one time which is a negative point. Though the tool provides an option to nicely organize team members’ work it can not compensate for the limitation on how many people can use it.


As a standalone tool, Jasper is the winner but if you are looking to use it only for WordPress sites, then GetGenie is the clear winner. 

Jasper vs GetGenie: Variety of templates

Variety of templates Jasper vs GetGenie AI

When it comes to the number of content-generating templates, both AI writers offer a wide range of templates. Both the AI writer offers templates to write short and long content along with sales copies.


templates of GetGenie AI. Jasper vs GetGenie AI

If we talk about sales/copywriting templates, then GetGenie offers more templates that are based on proven, popular marketing copywriting techniques than Jasper. For example, GetGenie offers the Before After Bridge template which Jasper doesn’t provide

GetGenie as of now provides 30+. But we also have to keep in mind that GetGenie just got launched, and being launched with 30+ templates is a kickass start. GetGenie has many amazing templates and features on its roadmap.

Moreover, if you are looking for templates focused on your WooCommerce-based eStore, that helps with your conversions, then GetGenie is your tool because it offers templates such as WooCommerce product titlesWooCommerce product Short Descriptions, WooCommerce product long descriptions, etc.


jasper aka jarvis writing templatetemplate

If you are someone looking for creative writing such as storytelling, then Jasper should be your choice because GetGenie as of now doesn’t provide a template for storytelling. Also, Jasper offers templates to produce video descriptions for youtube which is currently not available in GetGenie (but both features are on the roadmap of GetGenie). 

Jasper offers 50+ writing templates. Besides it also offers a Facebook ads template along with Amazon Product features, Amazon Product descriptions, etc which is not available in GetGenie.

On the other hand, if you are looking for templates focused on your WooCommerce-based eStore, that helps with your conversions, then GetGenie is your tool because it offers templates such as WooCommerce product titles, WooCommerce product Short Descriptions, WooCommerce product long descriptions, etc.


The winner of Jasper vs GetGenie in terms of variety of templates is both (it’s a tie) because both have lots of common templates along with unique templates that will cater to different audiences. So, what sort of template you will need is what will decide who is the winner. 

While Jasper win’s the number’s game because it offers more templates now, we must mention that GetGenie is not that far behind and may surpass Jasper in terms of the number of templates very soon.

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Jasper vs GetGenie: Quality of Content

Quality  of content getgenie vs jasper

When it comes to the quality of content that these tools generated, we can say both are great. Both write content that is engaging and most importantly original which is the biggest concern when it comes to AI writing assistants. 


The quality of GetGenie-produced content is top-class. All templates provide plagiarism-free engaging content, especially copywriting frameworks such as AIDA, PAS, BAB, etc along with the awesome blog wizard. In addition, the WooCommerce templates also generate praiseworthy output. 

Note: We would recommend choosing GetGenie’s creativity level 4 for optimal results.


Jasper, on the other hand, produces good-quality results for the video title, video description, personal bio, etc. Copywriting frameworks are not as good as GetGenie. However, overall, we can not complain because the results we have tested with Jasper pass standard the marks.


As both use advanced algorithms and, both seem to write good quality content. So, again the winner of Jasper vs GetGenie in terms of content quality produced would be a tie.

Jasper vs GetGenie: Pricing

Pricing Jasper vs Getgenie AI


getgenie pricing

GetGenie offers both monthly and yearly packages. All the templates and features are available with all the plans. The pricing starts from $19.

The best part is that GetGenie also offers a free plan for starters. The free package includes:

  • 1 Website
  • Unlimited Users
  • 1,500 AI Writing Words Per Month
  • 10 SEO Keyword Analysis Per Month
  • 5 Competitor SERP Analysis Per Month
  • 30+ AI Templates

Here are the monthly plans of GetGenie AI:

AI Writing Words Per Month15,00070,000250,000 
SEO Keyword Analysis Per Month60250800
Competitor SERP Analysis Per Month30100250
Regular Price$19$49$99
Money Back Guarantee14 days14 days14 days
Features and Prices of GetGenie Montly Plans

Here comes the yearly plans of GetGenie AI (20% OFF is avaialble on the annual pricing):

AI Writing Words Per Month15,00070,000250,000 
SEO Keyword Analysis Per Month60250800
Competitor SERP Analysis Per Month30100250
Regular Price(Monthly billed)$19$49$99
Discounted Price (After 20% OFF)$15.83$40.83$82.50
Money Back Guarantee14 days14 days14 days
Features and Prices of GetGenie Yearly Plans

Note: GetGenie offers premium support with all of it’s plans (free, monthly and yearly) and unlimited websites and users with all the paid plans.


Jasper aka jarvis writing assistantpricing

Jasper offers offers three plans on both monthly and annual basis.

Here are the monthly plans:

StarterBoss ModeBusiness
Words Per Month20,00050,000Custom request
SEO Keyword Analysis Per MonthNoneNoneNone
Competitor SERP Analysis Per MonthNoneNoneNone
Regular Price$49$99Custom
Money Back Guarantee5 days5 days5 days
Features and Prices of Jasper AI Monthly Plans

Here are the annual plans:

StarterBoss ModeBusiness
Words Per Month20,00050,000Custom request
SEO Keyword Analysis Per MonthNoneNoneNone
Competitor SERP Analysis Per MonthNoneNoneNone
Regular Price(Monthly billed)$40$82Custom
Money Back Guarantee5 days5 days5 days
Features and Prices of Jasper AI Yearly Plans

Note: Jasper offers premium support with only Boss Mode and custom plan and offer only upto 5 users per package.


The winner of Jasper vs GetGenie in terms of pricing is GetGenie AI because it offers more value for money. GetGenie also offers 14days money-back guarantee when Jasper only does for 5 days. Moreover, GetGenie offers a great free package for starters.

Quick overview of comparison between Jasper and GetGenie AI:

CriteriaWinner (Jasper Vs GetGenie)
Writing Blog posts & SEO optimizationGetGenie
A Better option for WordPress usersGetGenie
Quality of ContentTie
Variety of templatesTie
Number of templatesJasper
Ease of Use / AccessibilityTie

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Jarvis change to Jasper?

Jarvis trademark is owned by Marvel and the team had sent a cease and desist letter to the Japer (then Jarvis) team. After that, team Jasper decided it was the best idea to avoid legal issues with Marvel and rebrand the software from Jarvis to Jasper.

Who Uses GetGenie AI?

GetGenie is popular among Copywriters for writing sales, marketing, and advertising copies. It also has an advanced blog wizard that allows you to write a complete blog.

Is GetGenie AI free? 

GetGenie AI does offer a free trial with one website and unlimited access. The free trial comes with a 15,00-word limit.

Jasper vs GetGenie: Which is the better AI writing assistant?

Honestly, it’s hard to give a concise answer to the question of which is the better AI writing assistant as both the tools have features that put them above the other. At the same time, both have shortcomings as well. 

We have tried to highlight the good and bad of both AI writing assistants so you can make a more informed decision.

However, if you ask the question, “which is the better AI writing assistant for WordPress?”

Then the clear and concise answer would be – GetGenie AI 🧞.

And we must say, GetGenie is on its way to becoming a big threat to Jasper, no doubt about it because it’s highly promising.

I hope you found the blog helpful to choose the AI writing assistant that suits your needs. If you have any questions or thoughts you want to share, write in the comment box.

Happy writing!


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