Brizy VS Elementor 2024: Which One Wins the Race?

Brizy vs Elementor

Elementor is a popular page builder plugin in WordPress. Besides, Brizy is also gaining popularity day by day. They have boundless website creation and customization options. But it is not wise to choose both of them for building your site. Pick the best one to create your dream site. That’s why the comparison of Brizy vs Elementor is needed that we will be discussing here.

A WordPress website builder gives you the chance to build and customize a complete site without writing a single line of code. Therefore, a beginner or non-techy person can easily create a site by dragging and dropping ready sections. But, one thing is hard for a WordPress beginner and that is picking the right website builder for their site.

That’s why we are trying to make this easier for you by presenting the comparison of Brizy vs Elementor 2024 that will guide you towards choosing the best page builder.

Quick Overview: Brizy vs Elementor

Let’s have a look at the overall overview of Brizy and Elementor page builder:


Brizy, the page builder

Brizy page builder is one of the most popular website builders, launched in 2018. Till now it hits 90k+ active installations because of its splendid features and benefits. The main drawback of this page builder is that it is not open-source software. This means third-party developers won’t be able to bring add-ons to expand its functionality. Therefore, you will only have Brizy elements and widgets to build and customize your site.

This website builder also comes up with a cloud hosting service that is beneficial for agencies, marketers, resellers, and freelancers. On top of that, Brizy cloud pricing is comparatively lower than the price of other hosting service providers.

Overall, Brizy page builder provides the finest UX with its blocks, elements, widgets, and features.


Elementor, the best page builder

Elementor came to the market comparatively earlier than Brizy page builder. It was first introduced in 2016 with limited built-in templates, widgets, modules, blocks, and elements. Unlike Brizy, Elementor is an open-source page builder that lets third-party developers build addons based on it.

As a result, users get vast opportunities to create and customize their sites with limitless options. Besides, because of being an open source software, Elementor is growing rapidly. As of today, it has more than 5 million active users. Like Brizy, it has a cloud hosting option. In one sentence, Elementor is more accessible than Brizy for being an open-source tool.

By using Elementor, you can find addons like ElementsKit that will not only save time but also help you to maintain your website speed by keeping minimum plugins installed on your website. Because it is an ultimate addon by that you can add header and footer, conditional content, advanced parallax, hotspot, business hours, and anything to your site.

Templates and features

Elementor and Brizy both have tons of built-in templates. Besides, both page builders have numerous features whereas some features are common and some are unique. Let’s have a look at the features of these two page builders:

FeaturesBrizy Elementor
Templates100+ 300+
Drag and drop editor
Live editing
Global blocks
Social share button
Custom CSS
Global fonts
WooCommerce site settings
Form Builder
Theme Builder
WooCommerce builder
ReCaptcha integration
Slack integration
Discord integration
Language34 59 rating4.7 4.7

Winner in terms of available templates and features:

After checking out the above table, undoubtedly, Elementor is packed with more features than Brizy. Apart from that, the number of Brizy templates is also less than Elementor.


Finding out Brizy vs Elementor’s performance is quite debated. Because without undergoing a performance test, their performance will seem almost similar. Therefore, doing a performance test is a must to detect the best page builder. Have a look at what we have found after going through a performance test.:

Page BuilderDesktop performanceMobile PerformanceWebsite Speed on Desktop ScreenWebsite Speed on Mobile Screen

Winner in terms of performance:

Brizy desktop performance is way better than Elementor whereas its mobile performance is below the optimum performance rate. Brizy isn’t able to maintain its excellent performance on the mobile device.

On the other hand, Brizy’s website speed on desktop and mobile devices is not as fast as Elementor’s. It takes two times more to load on the desktop and mobile screen. Therefore, in the case of website speed, Elementor wins the race.

Compatibility and responsiveness

Brizy is well optimized for any device. Because Brizy templates are made in such a way that they will look great on any device. You can even check how your page will look on different devices. Besides, the compatibility of Brizy is also great. There are many themes and plugins that are well compatible with Brizy

However, Elementor has a high compatibility for themes and plugins. As for being the easiest website building solution, other plugin and theme authors make their products compatible with Elementor. Apart from this, Elementor website builder helps you to build a responsive site that will look perfect on every screen size.

Winner in terms of compatibility and responsiveness:

Brizy and Elementor both are the winners if you map the best website builder focusing on responsiveness. Nevertheless, Elementor has higher compatibility since it has been reigning in the WordPress industry as a website building solution for more time than Brizy.

Search engine optimization

Brizy has some settings for making your SEO better. For example, you can easily set up HTML tags for the headings and you can also add do follow and no follow links to your website that will assist you to prioritize the authority needed to give other sites. Moreover, it is also compatible with all the SEO plugins

Elementor has also these SEO settings like Brizy. Moreover, you will find more options like enhanced search engine optimization options that will make your content or pages optimized for SEO. Furthermore, as it has high plugin compatibility, you can use any SEO plugin on your site.

Winner in terms of SEO:

Elementor has more SEO optimization features compared to Brizy. As a result, you can make your website more optimized by building it through Elementor.


Let’s compare the pricing of Elementor and Brizy by giving two quick tables where you will find all the Brizy and Elementor plans:

Brizy plans

Personal/ YearFreelancer/ YearAgency/ YearLifetime Personal Lifetime Freelancer Lifetime agency

Elementor plans

Essential PlanExpert PlanStudio PlanAgency Plan

Winner in terms of pricing:

Comparatively, the pricing of Elementor plans is higher than Brizy’s. But it is justified as it provides a large number of templates, widgets, and modules than Brizy.

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Final verdict: The winner is

So, that’s the comparison of Brizy vs Elementor. Concluding which one is the best page builder is quite challenging. Because they both provide almost the same features and benefits. Nevertheless, in some cases, Elementor offers more opportunities than Brizy.

For example, Elementor is an open-source software whereas Brizy is not. Besides, its compatibility, performance, and SEO are comparatively better than Brizy’s. Moreover, for being open-source software, you will find lots of add-ons to smoothly build your site such as ElementsKit which is an all-in-one addon for Elementor.

This addon will offer every possible feature for your website creation and customization. Like this, you will find other addons as well. That’s why if you want to choose a page builder focused on features and templates, you can adopt Elementor. But, if you are looking for a lifetime deal then go for Brizy. The choice is yours what you want in your page builder.


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