GetGenie vs Bertha: Which One Comes out on Top

getgenie vs bertha

GetGenie Ai and Bertha are two favored writing assistants today. Knowing the features and characteristics by comparing GetGenie Ai vs Bertha Ai is expected of all. An insightful comparison of popular products always helps people to understand the products and grasp them straight away.

Ai writing tools like GetGenie and Bertha have gained trust by saving our time and providing unique content. But with so many features and values they offer, it’s tough to distinguish between them.. So, a detailed comparison among the tools is necessary to pick your suitable Ai writing assistant.

And that’s where this blog post comes in!
But first…

About GetGenie and Bertha

GetGenie AiGetGenie is an Ai-powered tool that helps streamline content creation and SEO processes. It optimizes, conducts research, writes content, and creates unique copy for you. GetGenie brand presents a top grade packaging of tons of features in one simple WordPress and SaaS tool that replaces the need for other specific apps.

Based on the set of inputs you can wish to GetGenie Ai to create your desired outputs. It uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to generate content. The tool helps to rank, grow, and earn with less effort.

Bertha AiIt is an AI-powered writing and image creation tool. The tool features a wide range of content options – from blog posts to landing pages, product pages, and descriptions.

Bertha Ai is a deep learning-based platform that also uses natural language processing (NLP). It is a modern text and image generator for WordPress posts.

Who is each Ai Tool for? 

GetGenie Ai – GetGenie is an all-in-all writing tool for WordPress and web editors. This is good for making both long and short-form content. Also, if you are thinking about SERP rank then GetGenie is here to serve you SEO-optimized content with the content score.

Bertha Ai Bertha Ai is a top-standard copywriting tool. It is also good at Ai-driven image creation. It is quicker and smarter to ease the writing process for WordPress users.

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Bertha vs GetGenie: Head-to-Head Comparison

These two handy Ai-powered tools have lots of similarities and dissimilarities to compare. This comparison will tell you which writing assistant serves users’ interests best.

GetGenie vs Bertha: Templates

1️⃣ Long-form content writing templates

GetGenie Ai – 

  • Blog Wizard
  • Meta Description
  • Outline
  • Title ideas
  • Conclusion

Here, Blog Wizard is the most convenient way to create long-form content. The wizard helps you get –

  • Title
  • Intro
  • Outline
  • Content

Also, it will help you to analyze keywords and SERP competitors, get NLP keywords, content scores, etc. Thus you can make a quality blog smoothly.

Bertha Ai The tool provides some separate templates to help you write a good blog. The templates are –  

  • Blog Post Topic Ideas, 
  • Paragraph Generator, 
  • Blog Post Outline, 
  • Blog Post Intro Paragraph, 
  • Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph

2️⃣ Marketing content writing templates

GetGenie Ai –

  • Before After Bridge (BAB)
  • Problem, Agitate, Solution (PAS)
  • Attention Interest Desire Action (AIDA)
  • Product Ad Copy
  • Social Media Post/Copy
  • Summary Bullets
  • Feature – Benefit

Bertha Ai – 

Bertha vs GetGenie- Choose your tool
  • Persuasive Bullet Points
  • AIDA Marketing Framework
  • Before, After, and Bridge
  • PAS Framework

3️⃣ General writing templates

GetGenie Ai – GetGenie provides various templates to meet several needs of your writing tasks. Some of them are –

  • Definition
  • Listicle Ideas
  • Featured Snippet (Numbered List)
  • Paragraph Compression
  • Content Rewriter
  • Next sentence
  • Next Paragraph
  • List of Questions, etc.

Bertha Ai

  • Explain It To a Child
  • Content Summary

4️⃣ eCommerce templates

GetGenie Ai –

GetGenie Ai offers useful templates for eCommerce content
  • WooCommerce Wizard
  • WooCommerce Product Long Description
  • WooCommerce Product Title
  • WooCommerce Product Short Description

Bertha Ai You can use the Product/Service Description template to produce WooCommerce content. Bertha Ai doesn’t offer various templates for WooCommerce. But this mentioned template can completely assist you to generate any type of WooCommerce product or service descriptions.

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5️⃣ Website Copy generation templates

GetGenie Ai – With Genie Mode, you can take advantage of making any website copy in just a few clicks. Besides, you can also use –

  • Title Ideas
  • Taglines
  • Call To Action

Bertha Ai – 

  • Unique Value Proposition,
  • Website Sub-Headline, Button Call to Action,
  • Section Title Generator,
  • Service/Product Benefit List,
  • Product/Service Description,
  • Full-on About Us Page,
  • Company Mission & Vision,
  • Personal Bio (About Me), etc.

6️⃣ Social media post templates

GetGenie Ai – The tool has a Social Media Post/Copy template. It also has plans to launch Facebook Post, Linkedin Post, Instagram Bio, Tweet, and so many related useful templates soon.

Bertha Ai There is no specific template for a social media post generator by Bertha Ai. You can utilize the Ask Me Anything template to generate any social post according to your needs.

GetGenie vs Bertha: Other Features

SEO features

Let’s see the SEO features of the two tools –

GetGenie Ai

GetGenie vs Bertha- The best comparison

GetGenie Ai takes care of almost every SEO fact and figure. Such as –

  • Takes care of SERP ranks by providing SEO-optimized content
  • The Blog Wizard allows you to analyze competitors, suggest NLP keywords, writing tips, content scores, etc.
  • You can also utilize the Meta Description template to leverage the SERP ranks 

Bertha Ai – 

  • SEO Title Tag
  • SEO Description Tag
  • SEO City Based Pages
  • SEO Keywords Suggestions


GetGenie Ai – GenieChat is a super efficient chatbot. It has 22+ different Ai personalities (Marketing Expert, Dating Coach, Financial Advisor, Personal Trainer, etc.).

GenieChat also gives the flexibility to adjust the output size, check and clear history, and other features. 

Bertha Ai – Bertha offers a chatbot. Bertha Chat is a simple and effective chatbot to provide all sorts of answers.


GetGenie Ai – 

12,000 Ai Writing Words Per Month, 40 Credits SEO Keyword Analysis Per Month, 20 Credits Competitor SERP Analysis Per Month
40,000 Ai Writing Words Per Month, 250 Credits SEO Keyword Analysis Per Month, 80 Credits Competitor SERP Analysis Per Month
150,000 Ai Writing Words Per Month, 600 Credits SEO Keyword Analysis Per Month, 200 Credits Competitor SERP Analysis Per Month
Offers the same facilities as the monthly package.
Offers the same facilities as the monthly package.
Offers the same facilities as the monthly package.

Of course, you can test GetGenie without any cost! The starter plan offers 2,500 Ai Writing Words Per Month, 10 Credits of SEO Keyword Analysis Per Month, and 5 Credits of Competitor SERP Analysis Per Month with other facilities.

Bertha Ai – 

StarterProPro Unlimited

1 Website Plus access to Chrome Extension, 30,000 Words, 20 Image Generations 

3 Websites Plus access to Chrome Extension, 100,000 Words, 63 Image Generations 

Unlimited Websites Plus access to Chrome Extension, 750,000 Words, 125 Image Generations
YearlyNo packageNo packageNo package

Besides, you can try Bertha Ai for free. It also offers a facility called Pay As You Go at $15 for one-time use.

GetGenie GIF Banner (Updated in August 2023)

GetGenie Ai vs Bertha: Highlights

Genie AiBertha Ai
CMS supportWordPressWordPress
Web interface (SaaS)YesNo
UINeat & cleanUnderstandable
Language support33+20+
SEO supportYesModerate
ChatbotYes (ChatGPT alternative)Yes
TrainingDocumentation, YouTube videos, blogsDocumentation, YouTube videos
Price starts from$17$20
Good forLong & short form contentCopywriting tool
Free version and credits2,500 words, 10 Credits SEO  Keyword Analysis,5 Credits SERP Analysis per month5K words and some images


Both Getgenie and Bertha are fueled by artificial intelligence to achieve all sorts of modern writing and SEO goals. Getgenie vs Bertha analysis simply tells you what the two latest tools have brought to you.

Now, decide for yourself!

GetGenie Ai is a versatile AI writer that generates high-quality content in loads of situations and languages. It offers an easy learning curve and is best suited for marketing content. The tool works like magic by packing all your required features in one simple WordPress tool. Again, Bertha also extends some good writing features. So, it depends on your need which tool will suit you best.


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