How to Create an Online Beauty Supply Store

An online beauty supply store is a website that sells beauty products such as cosmetics, skincare, hair care products, etc. You may have a related business but don’t know how to create an online beauty supply store. Well, e-commerce businesses are growing very fast, and making online stores is a leading trend.

Yes, e-commerce sorts it all together! 👌

This digital era always invites us to learn something new and evaluate the business world. So, having an online store for your dream beauty product business is trendy and fruitful.

Let’s learn how you can create a beauty supply store website through step by step process.

Why Do You Need a Beauty Product Website?

Online purchasing system has changed consumer shopping preferences. a unique voice, and serve specific demands digitally.

Reasons for starting online beauty supply stores: 

1⃣ You can promote your brand concept and find an online product line. 

2⃣ A website helps you keep pace with the global influence of WooCommerce as well as e-commerce on the beauty industry.  

3⃣ Through a website, you can inform details of a range of products from various brands faster than through physical stores. For example- You can post blogs, chat with website visitors through an AI chatbot, announce discounts easily, and many more things.

4⃣ You can also offer monthly subscription boxes in your online beauty supply store. It attracts people fast to explore new products and emerging brands.

5⃣ Reviews are important! It is easy to collect and show customer reviews about the products on your beauty supply store website.

6⃣ You can take action to solve any customer complaint and satisfy him faster than ever by starting an online beauty supply store.

Plan for Your Online Beauty Products Business

Creating online beauty products business site is quick with WordPress.

How to start an online beauty supply store? There are some basic yet important facts to know before starting an online beauty supply business. Here are those –

✔️ Choose the product line and establish your brand identity.

✔️ Fix the budget for the business.

✔️ Be clear about your focus and think of a tagline.

✔️ Set the audience for your beauty products online store.

In your business, you can manufacture your product, take from other suppliers, or follow other strategies. You have to select one model such as – dropshipping model, white label model, manufacturing model, etc.

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How to start an online beauty supply store

Here you go!

We have outlined the steps of opening an online beauty supply store.

This guide will help you to get the whole process of how to create an online beauty supply store in a simple yet effective way 🎯

Choosing CMS

With the right content management system (CMS) you can create a website flexibly and manage content. CMS platform saves you time and effort to write code to make webpages.

You have to choose a CMS to start making your online beauty supply. There are many CMS options available such as WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, HubSpot CMS Hub, etc. Among them, WordPress is the most widely used platform. It consists of the best features for beginners. 

Website Name for Domain and Hosting Provider

Your domain name is your website’s address. It is the first step in creating a website as well as a beauty supply business website. And, a hosting provider is a service that stores all the website data and files. Thus it makes the site available for visitors around the clock.

You can set your domain name as you wish. But, when choosing a domain name, consider how it will appear in search engines. This is important to think about how easy the name is for people to find it. 

Additionally, the hosting provider you choose should have enough resources to support the platform you have selected. For example, for a WordPress beauty supply store, the hosting providers are – Kinsta, Cloudways, Webnus, etc.

Selecting Website builder

Website builders provide a suite of features to make your web pages nice and professional looking. Without any coding or design knowledge, it is fun to make a website with a builder.

An efficient page builder provides an easy-to-use interface. For example – Elementor is a popular WordPress page builder. It allows users to quickly craft a visually-appealing website.

Elementor - The most popular WordPress page builder

So, if you start with WordPress you can do your site-making task easily with Elementor’s advanced drag-and-drop editor.

Setting website theme

A modern, minimalist theme or template is required to give an ideal look to your online beauty supply store. The standard theme provides a sleek and professional space for the website. Its perfect design also helps to drag customers’ focus on the products. 

Iniya, leo beauty, cosmetics store, and many more different design themes you can find online. Pick a theme that is easily customizable with images and other design elements. It will add a unique touch and make the store look more inviting.

How to start an online beauty supply store with WooCommerce

You can design your beauty store page based on your choice. You may use a plugin to style a page that is compatible with your page builder. As WordPress is the most famous CMS let’s see how you can design a page in WordPress –

STEP-1: Install the WooCommerce plugin

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce platform. It is highly customizable and allows you to extend your store as you wish. It also offers WooCommerce Mobile App.

STEP-2: Installing ShopEngine

ShopEngine is a WooCommerce solution for Elementor that helps you to create custom templates for your online shop. Here is an example of creating a single beauty product page with ShopEngine.

The process says – Go to your WordPress dashboard > Find WooCommerce and click products > Add new product > Edit your product and publish

Or, Find ShopEngine and go to builder templates. You can select any single template or create a new one.

1. Click edit with Elementor > 2. Click Create a New product 

Afterward, you can edit the page based on your needs and publish it.

Style your beauty supply online page with ShopEngine easily

Here you can add your product, customize accordingly and publish.

how to create an online beauty supply store with ShopEngine

This is how your single beauty product page looks like.

ShopEngine is the best tool to design a beauty supply website

Top features of ShopEngine

⭐ WooCommerce Builder.

⭐ Gutenberg addon.

⭐ It provides a drag-and-drop interface.

⭐ ShopEngine offers 50+ Widgets to create custom layouts, add product images, and content, shopping carts, payment gateways, etc.

⭐ No coding skills are required.

⭐ ShopEngine also helps you to optimize your store for SEO, tracking, and analytics, and to integrate with third-party services.

⭐ Enable and Disable Any Widget/Module for the Best Page Speed.

⭐ Works with Elementor.

⭐ Compatible with popular themes.

⭐ Display Related Products Smartly.

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Other Essential Plugins for Online Beauty Supply Store

GetGenie AI Blogs, product descriptions, marketing copies, etc. play a vital role to promote any business. Preparing good content takes time and effort and AI tools have made it really easy today. GetGenie AI is a magical plugin to help WordPress users with SEO-optimized content. By installing this plugin you will get amazing beauty products related to long and short-form content within a short time.

MetFormEvery website needs different types of contact forms. Creating forms is easy with the WordPress plugin MetForm. You can fulfill your demands for building a perfect beauty supply online website. 

ElementsKit ElementsKit is the ultimate addon for Elementor. Website customization with ElementsKit is easy, fast & effective. 

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Online businesses are booming day by day. In this digital era, people do online shopping more than ever before. Beauty goods are one of the most demanding sectors, so making a website is worth it.

We have outlined the answer to how to create an online beauty supply store step by step. Studying online a bit, deciding the goal, and following these steps are enough for any beginner. It is straight and effortless. So start your journey and enjoy every step of boosting your business.

With ShopEngine you don’t need multiple tools to achieve your dreams!


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