5 Converting WooCommerce Countdown Timer Plugin to Generate Sales

5 best WooCommerce countdown plugin

Are you here to get rid of the confusion about which WooCommerce countdown timer plugin to use? If so, then you have come to the right place. Because here you will get to know about the 5 best WooCommerce countdown timer plugins.

Adding a countdown timer is the most used strategy that marketers use to boost sales. It can multipy your sales in WooCommerce as it plays a psychological game with the customers. As a result, customers get tricked and converted during the flash countdown sales.

The availability of numerous countdown timer plugins for WooCommerce creates confusion about what to choose. Here, this blog is written to resolve this confusion of yours. But before that, let’s find out the nitty-gritty of the countdown timer plugins…

What is a WordPress countdown timer plugin?

A WordPress countdown timer plugin will let you add a timer on your site that will countdown the time you have set for special sales or discounts. This WooCommerce countdown timer is mainly added on top of the landing page so that everyone can notice the time of starting an offer or the ending time of ongoing sales.

Importance of using countdown timer plugin in WooCommerce

WooCommerce countdown timer has a great significance in boosting sales. As it creates a sense of urgency in your customers’ minds, it can increase sales from 3.5 to 10%. There are other benefits of adding a countdown timer in WooCommerce too. Let’s have a look at what benefits a countdown timer offers:

Importance of adding countdown timer plugin

Helps to take quick action:

Since a WooCommerce sales countdown timer creates a sense of urgency, visitors take action in less time for the fear of losing offers. Besides, it boosts sales by playing mind games with customers. Users always show more interest in buying stuff that has scarcity and high demand in the market.

WooCommerce sales countdown timer uses exactly this trick to generate higher sales. Therefore, when a user sees that offer time is running out they immediately take action without giving any second thoughts.

Higher popularity:

The sales countdown timer gives an idea of product popularity to the users. For example, if you see an offer of a product with a countdown timer, then you will surely take faster action than a product with a general sale badge.

As no one wants to get the risk of being the first customer, people will grab the offer when they will find out that it has many users.

Makes noticeable offers:

By adding a sales countdown timer for WooCommerce, you can make the offer more tempting. Visitors will pay more attention to this alluring offer rather than a normal one.

So, these are the benefits of adding a sales countdown timer for WooCommerce websites. Now it’s time to get rid of your confusion. Just keep reading this write-up which will guide you to pick the best countdown timer plugin for your eCommerce site.

5 Conversion-friendly WooCommerce countdown timer plugins

Now it’s time to give you the main guide. Without further ado, check out the below hand-picked 5 conversion-friendly plugins’ list:

Countdown Timer Widget by ElementsKit:

Best WooCommerce countdown timer plugin

This WordPress countdown timer widget allows you to showcase your timer for sales, and new products launching on your landing page in unique styles. Besides, you can customize the appearance of your countdown timer as you desire. There is no limitation while showcasing timers on the landing page.

On top of that, as it is an Elementor countdown timer plugin, you can easily add a timer with this plugin by dragging and dropping. You will require no coding for customizing the look of a countdown timer. Also, since it is a multi-purpose Elementor addon, you can add a timer along with a hundred other stuff.

Features of countdown timer widget by ElementsKit

  • Attractive default styles are available.
  • It has the option to customize labels.
  • You can add expiry titles and content with this Elementor countdown timer plugin.
  • Style editing option to add a custom style to the timer.
  • Set the color and typography of your WordPress countdown timer.
  • Advanced customization such as making sticky, adding motion, etc are also available.
  • It generates a 100% responsive and optimized timer for device and speed.

Quick look:

  • WordPress.org rating: 4.8
  • Active users: 6,00,000+
  • 5 star review: 850+
  • Update: Frequently

Countdown Timer Ultimate:

Countdown timer ultimate plugin

It is another popular WooCommerce countdown timer plugin that allows you to add a timer even with Gutenberg shortcodes. Besides, you can add an attractive WooCommerce countdown timer to any page or post within a few minutes. Don’t need to spend hours doing it. This is the most effortless way to place a fully customizable HTML5 countdown timer.

Countdown timer ultimate is a fully responsive plugin through which you can create an unlimited countdown timer for your site in less than a few minutes. Moreover, you don’t need to take the hassle of doing code. Let’s check out the features of this countdown timer plugin.

Features of Countdown Timer Ultimate:

  • 12+ incredible designs for the timer.
  • Elementor, Divi, Beaver, Fusion page builder supported.
  • Fully customizable background color and text.
  • Easy integration with WooCommerce coupon.
  • Lightweight and multilingual supported.

Quick look:

  • WordPress.org rating: 4.2
  • Active users: 20,000
  • 5 star review: 24+
  • Update: Frequently

Sales Countdown Timer:

Sales Countdown Timer is another WooCommerce countdown timer plugin

It is an Elementor countdown timer plugin that lets you boost the sales of your marketing campaigns by showing mesmerizing timers on your landing page or any other page. Besides, these timers will be fully device responsive which helps them to adjust according to the screen size.

In addition, you can add the timer with shortcodes by using this plugin. Furthermore, you can display it on any page such as shop page, single product, archive, checkout, and cart pages. It will also let you deliver special messages both at the starting and the end of the sales.

Features of Sales Countdown Timer:

  • It shows a sales progress bar or stock quantity bar by that visitors or users can check the stock status of the product.
  • This WooCommerce countdown timer plugin displays messages with shortcodes.
  • The sales progress bar can be shown in two styles.
  • 100% design customization.
  • Option to select the time for the timer in the backend.
  • It has an option to provide offers before hits the timer to zero.

Quick look:

  • WordPress.org rating: 4.5
  • Active users: 6,000
  • 5 star review: 15+
  • Update: Frequently

Countdown Timer for Elementor:

Countdown Timer for Elementor

Want to showcase your sales countdown timer in the most elegant and conversion-friendly way? Then Countdown Timer for Elementor is the plugin that you are looking for. This plugin will help you to create a sense of urgency by displaying a unique and catchy timer on your landing page. On top of that, as it is Elementor compatible, you can add a timer by dragging and dropping. Furthermore, customization options are even easier.

Features of Countdown Timer for Elementor:

  • It has a timer restart option after a specific time.
  • This WooCommerce countdown timer sets a cookie-based timer.
  • 100% responsive timer for device and speed.

Quick look:

  • WordPress.org rating: 4.8
  • Active users: 6,000
  • 5 star review: 3+
  • Update: Less Frequent

Countdown Timer:

Countdown Timer plugin

Countdown Timer is an Elementor-supported plugin that adds splendid and functional timers on WordPress websites in less than a few minutes. It is a converting timer plugin that is fully optimized for device and speed. Besides, you can add an unlimited countdown timer to your site with this WooCommerce countdown timer plugin.

The premium version of this plugin will unlock more opportunities by offering animation effects, vertical slider buttons, and many more. This can be a conversion-friendly and effective timer plugin because of its functional customization options.

Features of Countdown Timer:

  • 39+ unique and beautiful animation effects.
  • It sets action after timer expiration.
  • Countdown Timer sends a message after the end of the sales.
  • Position selection option of the timer.
  • It can show timers in different styles.
  • Fully customizable countdown timer plugin.

Quick look:

  • WordPress.org rating: 3.6
  • Active users: 10,000
  • 5 star review: 30+
  • Update: Frequently

How to add a countdown timer in WooCommerce?

WordPress has many countdown timer plugins that allow you to add a timer within a few seconds. The good news is these timer plugins are free to use. All you have to do is install and activate a suitable countdown timer plugin for your site and you are all set.

For example, if you want to add a timer with ElementsKit, then you need to just activate the plugin and go to the pages or posts where you want to add a timer. After that, click the “Edit with Elementor” button and drag and drop the “Countdown Timer” widget to the plus icon. Now you can customize the timer as you desire.

Want to check out the full guide to adding a countdown timer in WooCommerce?

Have a look at the blog “How to add countdown timer in WooCommerce in easy steps”.

Boost sales with a countdown timer plugin

Now you have a hand-picked list of 5 top and conversion-friendly plugins for your site. Make the final verdict and pick a WooCommerce countdown plugin that you feel is suitable and effective for your site. Though all the above plugins are responsive and fully customizable.

However, one thing to note is all the timer plugins are confined to adding timers except the ElementsKit which is an all-in-one Elementor addon that satisfies numerous WooCommerce functionalities. For example, you can add a Facebook feed, Zoom Meeting, WooCommerce opening hours, custom Facebook like buttons, and many more with ElementsKit. Because of its endless contributions, ElementsKit is used by 700K Elementor users now. Therefore, it is the most suitable countdown timer plugin for your site.


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