9 Best WordPress Mega Menu Plugins for Elementor 2024

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To explore a website with categories and subcategories, the Elementor mega menu is the best way to navigate the deepest section of your site and show information in a well-organized drop-down menu.

In today’s advanced marketing era, almost all eCommerce websites, news, and online sites could not go a day long without a mega menu. Even the biggest retail sites, like Amazon, eBay are using mega menus to help users browse through the website’s entire navigation in a single menu.

Here we’ll discuss and recommend the 9 best Elementor mega menu plugins for WordPress that will take your site to the next level. You may choose any of those best Elementor mega menu plugins to design your website.

What is a Mega Menu in WordPress?

A WordPress mega menu is an advanced menu system that goes beyond the traditional dropdown menus. It allows users to navigate the deepest section of your site with just one click.

Mega menu in WordPress is designed to handle large amounts of information and provides a more user-friendly and visually appealing way to navigate through a website.

Unlike traditional drop-down menus, which usually show a simple list of links, mega menus can include a variety of elements such as images, icons, text, and even widgets.

👉 Key features of a mega menu in WordPress (included, not limited to…)

  • Multiple Columns: Mega menus in WordPress often have multiple columns of content. It allows a more organized and spacious display of navigation options.
  • Rich Media: You can include images, icons, and other visual elements within the mega menu to make it more visually appealing and user-friendly.
  • Widgets: Mega menus can support WordPress widgets. It offers the option to embed dynamic content like recent posts, categories, or custom widgets directly within the menu.
  • Customization: Many WordPress themes and mega menu plugins provide customization options. As a result,  you can design the appearance and structure of the mega menu to suit your website’s design and needs.
  • Responsive Design: Good mega menus are designed to be responsive, ensuring that they work well on various devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

To implement a mega menu in WordPress, you may need to use a theme that supports mega menus or a dedicated mega menu plugin like Elementor and its add-ons. Thus, you can create and customize mega menus through the WordPress dashboard without the need for extensive coding.

Why Elementor Mega Menu?

Elementor is the ultimate free drag-and-drop page builder plugin for WordPress. It is the only front-end page builder that offers countless top-notch design patterns.

Its dozens of useful widgets, extensive toolset, visual features, and stunningly designed template library with the integration of other add-ons make it the first priority for customers.

The best thing you get, Elementor is highly configurable with many mega menu add-ons to add more functionality via using this WP mega menu plugin. This catches the user’s attention and boosts your productivity.

If you still use Gutenberg on your website, you might consider moving to Elementor. To know more about the differences, you may check our Gutenberg vs Elementor blog.

So, let’s check out the top 9 WordPress mega menu plugins for Elementor!

Best WordPress Mega Menu Plugins

In this section, we will discuss the 9 best menu plugins for elementor on the market. Let’s have a look at all of those WordPress Elementor menu plugins at a glance.

  1. ElementsKit Mega Menu builder
  2. Max Mega Menu
  3. UberMenu
  4. QuadMenu
  5. Clever Mega Menu for Elementor
  6. Jet Menu
  7. Ultimate Mega Menu
  8. HT Mega Menu
  9. The Plus Mega Menu

1. ElementsKit Mega Menu Builder

ElementKit - Best Elementor mega menu plugin

Presenting the most powerful, exceptional, and feature-rich Elementor Mega menu builder at the top of the list that enables you to create and customize any type of Mega menu with an Elementor live content interface. You can use ElementsKit which is considered the best WordPress mega menu plugin for making stunning and user-friendly mega menus with Elementor.

Elementskit Mega Menu comes with all other advanced features that make it an all-in-one add-on for Elementor. If you’re not already familiar with Elementskit just to let you know, currently this Addons is the Fastest growing and Top-Rated Addons for Elementor. To use Elemetor, you have to use Elementor Pro mega menu. However, ElementsKit offers a free mega menu widget. So, you can design a free mega menu on your WordPress site without spending a single penny!

It provides the highest number of features at a glance including 100+ amazing widgets, 14+ unique modules, 98+ ready pages, 791+ ready sections, and many more.  That’s the main reason for becoming everyone’s first priority.

Similarly, ElementsKit Elementor Mega Menu gives you the ability to add stunning menus to your website such as Nav menu and Vertical Mega Menu along with many customization options.

The most unique feature of this WordPress Elementor menu plugin is that you will get two options for showing mobile submenu, one is “Builder Content” and another one is “Wp Sub Menu List”. 

You will have many more dynamic settings options for the Elementor Mega menu along with Vertical Menu such as Content, Select Icon, Choose Icon Color, Choose Badge Text, Color, and Position. You can also select the Elementor menu position as Relative or Top and set the Width to provide a perfect look for each featured item. 

If you have eCommerce stores then this WordPress Elementor menu plugin is the perfect choice for you because it includes WooCommerce features like adding WooCommerce items, products, and categories. 

ElementsKit WordPress Mega Menu plugin is highly configurable and comes with an impressive selection of powerful pro features including drag and drop menu builder panel, blog post, add blog categories, auto add pages, social links menu, display location, pages, content, menu, custom links and many many more. It’s really easy to customize with CSS.

Overall, ElementsKit Elementor Mega Menu is a full-featured Elementor mega menu builder and highly recommended for building an eye-catching professional site. Most importantly, it won’t affect your webpage speed.

Let’s See the Main Features:

  • Nav Elementor Menu
  • Vertical Mega Menu
  • Sticky Menu
  • Parallax Effects
  • Off canvas
  • SEO Friendly
  • Sub Menu Supported
  • Custom menu JS/CSS code
  • Advanced mega panel options
  • Free elementor mega menu widget
  • Google Fonts
  • Supports any Content Type
  • Dropdown animations
  • Support Font Awesome icons
  • Horizontal Mega Menu
  • Fully Responsive and compatible
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Perfect integration with WordPress themes
  • Multiple pre-designed Elementor mega menu template
  • Use Elementor widgets inside the Elementor mega menu
  • Work with the most popular plugins like woocommerce
  • Deemed as the best mega menu for Elementor


Elementskit Mega menu plugin price/month is:


2. Max Mega Menu

mega menu elementor

Max Mega Menu is a very popular Elementor Mega Menu Plugin for WordPress. This WordPress max mega menu will automatically convert your existing menu or menus into a mega menu. 

You will also get lots of settings options for your Elementor drop & down menus such as scrolling effects, adding any WordPress widget, restyle menu using the theme editor and changing the menu behavior using the built-in settings, custom CSS3 animations, sub-menu styles, unique icons, and much more.

With WordPress Max Mega Menu for Elementor, you can control your existing menu and create a user-friendly, drag-and-drop, and easily accessible menu. It is basically developed focusing on code quality, performance, and usability. 

  • Display WordPress Widgets in your menu
  • Supports multiple Elementor menu locations 
  • Off canvas 
  • Grid Layout builder
  • Built in theme editor
  • Click event to open sub menus
  • Add icons to menu items
  • Hide Text, Disable Link, Hide on Mobile etc



3. UberMenu

WordPress Mega Menu plugin

UberMenu is a very powerful and responsive WordPress menu plugin for Elementor. It’s a quality Elementor plugin with many more amazing features 

This smart WordPress mega menu plugin offers you options to select the background, font color, font size, etc, that makes it look totally unique to your visitors.

UberMenu is a simple yet powerful Elementor Addons that includes a variety of pre-designed skins, as well as integration with the WordPress Customizer with many configurable settings, that helps you to design your menu with a Live Preview. 

This Elementor mega menu builder allows you to create advanced menu options such as flyout menus, drop-down image menus, tabbed menus, and of course mega menus. UberMenu is fully responsive and works perfectly on smartphone and tablet devices

Let’s See the Main Features:

  • Ease to Use
  • Fully Configurable
  • Responsive
  • Tabbed Submenu
  • Vertical and horizontal menu 
  • Customizable animations effects
  • Columns wrapper to group multiple items
  • Set background images for each submenu
  • Custom Content & Widgets
  • Create beautiful menu layouts
  • Automatic Item Generation
  • One of the best Elementor menu plugin


For 6 Months SupportFor 12 Months Support

4. QuadMenu

best mega menu for wordpress

QuadMenu is a dedicated and intuitive easy navigation plugin responsive mega menu with customizable menu layouts and megamenu drag & drop field for WordPress. You will also get a variety of filters that let you change the style, and behavior of the Elementor drop & down menu.

QuadMenu is a WordPress Mega Menu that will allow you to easily integrate the menu, create mega menus, tabs menus, and carousel menus, add new elements, create columns, and add widgets or any other type of element available in the native WordPress menu meta boxes.

It has another impressive feature that allows you to create horizontal & vertical Elementor mega menu width accordions or panels with support for touch screens and mobile devices. This also improves the user experience on touch screens.

Let’s See the Main Features:

  • Supports multiple menu locations
  • Drag and Drop admin builder
  • Display WordPress Widgets in your menu
  • Unlimited Menu Themes
  • Vertical Mega Menu
  • Horizontal Mega Menu
  • Off Canvas Mega Menu
  • Elementor Sticky Menu
  • Google Fonts
  • Dropdown animations



5. Clever Mega Menu for Elementor

what is an Elementor mega menu in wordpress

Here comes another top-notch and best WordPress mega menu plugin on the list. This modern Mega menu allows you to create fully responsive dropdown items, rich in content modules, all the process clear and easy.

The plugin offers a wide range of features including Elementor mega menu icons, menu skins, menu layouts & sub-menu layouts, import/export menu themes, drag and drop mega menu builder, multiple CSS3 menu transition effects, display mega menus and flyout menus responsively, display widgets, shortcodes

One thing you need to clear about, this plugin won’t automatically adopt the style of your theme, your theme must have a CMM4E-specific stylesheet. You’ll need to customize the styles to recreate it.

Besides that, you can choose a horizontal or vertical menu layout including appearance, set backgrounds, custom width, colors, and others more

Let’s See the Main Features:

  • RTL ready
  • Vertical menus
  • Selective menu icons
  • Selective menu layouts
  • Menu short-codes
  • Menu item badge
  • Advanced support
  • Advanced menu widgets
  • Unlimited menu icons
  • Custom menu JS/CSS code
  • Menu location generator
  • Advanced mega panel options


Single SiteUnlimitedTheme Seller

6. JetMenu

WordPress Mega Menu plugin

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective mega menu for Elementor, then JetMenu is a great choice for you. You can create an ultimate Elementor mega menu using JetMenu.

This plugin offers multiple content types including Stores, Multimedia, Contacts, Blog, Dynamic Content, and Templates with multiple Animation layouts, Box Shadow, icons, badges, drop-down arrows, typography, and many more

For your information, JetMenu also comes with a flexible and customizable horizontal, vertical and hamburger menu that you can give your website a perfect look. 

Let’s See the Main Features:

  • Amazing Capabilities
  • Fully Responsive
  • Supports any Content-Type 
  • Custom Widgets
  • WooCommerce products 
  • Horizontal, Vertical & Hamburger Menus
  •  Essential Styling Options
  • Export & Import options
  • Amazing support


Single SiteUnlimited WebsitesPlugins Set

7. Ultimate Mega Menu

elementor mega menu

One of the popular Elementor Mega Menus in the market is Ultimate Mega Menu. You can customize almost everything in a super interactive and intuitive admin interface with amazing features.

Ultimate Mega Menu for Elementor comes with a flexible menu structure editor with which you can manage the submenu contents quickly. You can customize various menu content such as simple text, images, maps, forms, shortcodes and much more they can all be displayed in the submenu. 

This WordPress mega menu plugin offers a wide range of customization options including spacing between all elements, their width, position, colors, background, separators, borders and menu trigger & close icons,  typography, and more.

Let’s See the Main Features:

  • 100% responsive and mobile ready
  • Horizontal/Vertical Menu
  • Spacing Control and Styling Options
  • Set breakpoints 
  • Opt to display a full-width menu when opened
  • Align the mobile menu to the center or left
  • Style the toggle button and manage the alignment
  • Detailed Documentation


Ultimate Mega menu Price is included with Ultimate Addons for Elementor

Ultimate AddonsMini Agency BundleAgency Bundle

8. HT Menu

what is a Elementor mega menu in wordpress

HT Menu is a very professional Mega Menu plugin for Elementor page builders.

This simple and highly intuitive mega menu is the ultimate solution to creating rich and stunning navigation menus, add menu icons, and customizing the styles using drag-and-drop tools. 

This one of the best elementor mega menu plugins includes 10 pre-defined Menu Layouts, custom colors, badges, and many more. WT Mega Menu allows you to add Elementor templates to build columns and use Elementor widgets to create mega menus.

Let’s See the Main Features:

  • Add Elementor Template under a menu.
  • Individual Menu Width Control Option.
  • Sub Menu Position
  • Menu Icon Picker
  • Menu Icon Color
  • Menu Badge
  • Menu Badge Color
  • Menu Badge Background Color


Ultimate AddonsMini Agency BundleAgency Bundle

9. The Plus Mega Menu

mega menu elementor

Another best Elementor mega menu plugin that comes last but not least is The Plus Elementor Mega Menu which is fully responsive. Plus, this mega menu plugin for Elementor works smoothly on mobile screens smoothly. The Plus mega menu comes with the Plus Addons for Elementor

It’s design integrates different layout variations building your navigation in one place. This mega menu for Elementor offers both vertical and horizontal options from which to choose.

The Plus Elementor Mega Menu makes your navigation easy with tons of options to create unique and various designs.

Let’s See the Main Features:

  • Drag and Drop Menu Builder
  • Fully responsive
  • Vertical and Horizontal Mega menu
  • Mega menu width Options
  • Navigation Icon and Indicator Options
  • Elementor Mega menu with lots of Options
  • Indicator Option
  • Responsive


The Plus Mega Menu Price is included with The Plus Addons for Elementor

1 Website3 WebsitesUnlimited

Comparison of Best Elementor Mega Menu Addon

PluginTop FeaturesAnnual Prices
ElementsKit Header Footer BuilderDrag-and-drop mega menu builder interface.
Two distinct options for mobile submenus.
Seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce.
Extensive customization options & pre-designed templates.
Parallax effect, sticky menu, off-canvas and dropdown animations.
Starts from $39
Max Mega Menu for Elementor Scrolling effects & custom CSS3 animations.
WordPress widget integration
Built-in grid layout builder.
Starts from $29
UberMenu for ElementorTabbed submenu
Automatic item generation
Vertical and horizontal menu
Starts from $15
QuadMenuSupports multiple menu locations
Display WordPress widgets in your menu
Vertical and horizontal mega menus
Starts from $15
 Clever Mega Menu for ElementorIncorporate a variety of content module
Multiple CSS3 menu transition effects
Horizontal and vertical menu layouts
Starts from $19
JetMenuSupports content type
Add custom widget.
Horizontal, Vertical, & Hamburger Menus
Starts from $19
Ultimate Mega Menu BuilderCustomizable submenu contents
Horizontal/Vertical menu
Mobile menu alignment
Starts from $48
HT MenuIndividual menu width control option
Add and style menu badge.
Pre-made mega menu templates.
Starts from $29
The Plus Elementor Mega MenuVertical and horizontal mega menu options
Navigation icon and indicator options
Starts from $59.40


How to add a mega menu in a WordPress website?

The effortless way to add a mega menu to your WordPress website is using the ElementsKit mega menu builder.

Is it possible to create a mega menu without a plugin in Elementor?

Yes, it is possible to create a mega menu without using any plugin on your Elementor website. But, it’s a complicated endeavor using complex coding. The best way is using an Elementor mega menu builder addon.

Is ElementsKit Mega Menu Builder compatible with all WordPress themes?

Yes. ElementsKit Mega Menu Builder is compatible with all the popular themes.

Is ElementsKit Mega Menu mobile responsive?

You will get separate controls for making your mega menu mobile-responsive with ElementsKit mega menu builder.

Why use WordPress Mega Menu?

WordPress Mega Menu enhances navigation by displaying a visually appealing and organized menu with multiple columns, rich media, and widgets. It is especially useful for large websites with extensive content and diverse categories.

Does WordPress Mega Menu affect SEO?

In general, the use of a mega menu itself does not directly impact SEO. However, it is essential to ensure that menu items and links are well-organized, relevant, and follow best SEO practices for optimal search engine performance.

What is the best mega menu plugin for Elementor?

The ElementsKit add-on is the best mega menu plugin for Elementor. It offers advanced widgets, drag-and-drop features, customization options, and seamless integration with Elementor, making it a popular choice for creating impressive mega menus in WordPress.

Final Recommendation 

Based on the Features, Pricing, and Performance we have figured out the best Mega menu Elementor plugins that will improve your navigation and usability. 

So considering all the requirements our favourite one is the ElementsKit Elementor Mega Menu Plugin and we would highly recommend you try out this plugin. By far, it is one of the best WordPress mega menu plugins for Elementor.

And if you have any recommendations or queries, also let us know in the comment section. We’d love to hear more from you!


  1. Akshay Avatar

    Reading this article I got the clarification that ElementsKit is the most feature rich option for a Mega Menu. However what’s your opinion on the overall value for money bundle? Does Plus Addons or Ultimate Addons beat Elements Kit as an overall value for money bundle?

    1. Sanjida Avatar

      Hi Akshay,

      I must say it is a really good question 😉

      To be honest with you, ElementsKit is a one-stop solution to a website. I mean as you can see with ElementsKit you’ll get not only just the Mega Menu feature but also a bunch of other wonderful features, widgets, and modules that will help one to make the best out of their website.

      And as you’re getting a feature-rich plugin installed on your site it will also make your website lighter, as you don’t need t install other plugins!

      However, Plus Addons or Ultimate Addons, are also great plugins, with amazing features but not much budget-friendly though 😊

      Stay safe ❤

  2. Carl Johnson Avatar

    Is there no option that does not cost money? Is a mega menu option in the pipeline for elementor natively. It seems odd to me to limit the menu navigation so much.


    1. Hasib Avatar

      Hi Carl, there are free options available but they seem to perform very poor. We highly recommend using a pro one like ElementsKit for the optimal performance.

  3. Mohsin Alam Avatar
    Mohsin Alam

    I’m searching for a free solution for the mega menu. I couldn’t get any free plugins for the mega menu. Is there any trick to do manually with CSS and JavaScript?

    “ElementsKit Elementor addons” is it giving the option to create a mega menu without Pro? The title of the plugin says: “Header Footer Builder, Mega Menu Builder”, so this might work. Please confirm, as I need the mega menu urgently. Thanks

  4. Robin Avatar

    Thanks for sharing such a helpful article, it helped me a lot

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