Wpmet Roadmap: Upcoming Features and Expectations in 2022


Wpmet was founded in 2018, and in a small span of years we’ve received such phenomenal responses from our users. 

Our primary focus is to structure our Wpmet roadmap to stellar the process of WordPress website Development for our users. Wpmet strives to create the features and maintenance of WordPress plugins as comfortably as possible for both plugin developers and users.

Wpmet has always recognized that one-day Elementor Page Builder’s facility will be the revolutionary thing to happen in the WordPress world since it was just getting started. And that’s how our idea came, that it would be a great initiative to bring up an add-on ocean in which people could access a lot of wonderful features alongside Elementor.

Our developing team is truly dedicated to introducing highly demanded features that WordPress users have been looking for in Elementor from that very first point.

In addition, Wpmet is also moving ahead towards SaaS development.

Yes, WordPressians! we’re aiming to launch our own ‘Ai Tool’ in which people around the globe can get multiple content solutions. 

🧐 What makes Wpmet Products Special?

Well, one of the fundamental parts of creating a plugin is to understand the user’s perspective. And Wpmet never compromises their user’s needs and always has been dedicatedly working to enhance the WordPress site experience. Moreover, We regularly work on improving our query optimization and widget control to make our plugins the fastest loading addons for Elementor.

We have a whole experienced and dedicated support team, who are always ahead to assist our users anytime. On the other hand, our developers are continuously working on improving and developing our widgets and introducing new features and updates requested by the community.

Also, all of our products have detailed and categorized step-by-step documentation, demo video, and of course tutorial videos along with blogs for every feature.

In a nutshell, we aim at making it easier for web creators to build astonishing websites/pages with Elementor and WordPress. And also making this beautiful WordPress community BIGGER and better! 

⚡ ElementsKit Roadmap 2022: Upcoming Features & Goals

ElementsKit is one of our most sophisticated and premium products for Elementor. Moreover, recently we’ve reached a remarkable milestone of 600,000+ Active installations and we’re truly grateful to all of our dedicated users. 

In 2022, we are mainly focused on complementing and extending Elementor Pro widgets rather than bringing the same widgets that Elementor already has like some other addons.

ElementsKIt elementor addon
All-in-One Add-on for Elementor

In this year of 2022, we’re looking forward to introducing a number of brand-new advanced widgets and modules. In order to provide our users with over the top experience, we will be extending Elementor Pro Form with features such as –

  • Conditional Field
  • Signature Field
  • A reset button

Besides that, we will introduce other useful widgets including –

  • Register,
  • Forgot Password,
  • Team Slider,
  • Google My Business reviews
  • Background carousel slider and many more.

Also, we’re planning to include some major updates this year for both Free and Pro versions. 

⚡ MetForm Roadmap 2022: Upcoming Features & Goals

Moving on to MetForm, one of the best and easy-to-use contact form builders for Elementor. A week ago we’ve reached a massive turning point that over 100,000+ websites are using MetForm all around the world. 

The drag-and-drop form builder makes it really simple to create forms, even the non-developers can create stunning forms with MetForm. Awesome isn’t it?

MetForm elementor addon
Your Ultimate Form Building Solution for Elementor

And to make it more advanced we have included Fluent CRM integration with it very recently. And this following year, we’re hoping to enclose more features like –

  • Advanced Repeater,
  • SMS Integration,
  • Easy Digital Download,
  • Chained Selected Field,
  • Improved HubSpot Integration
  • Conversational Forms
  • Surveys
  • Quiz Module and many other useful features.

⚡ ShopEngine Roadmap 2022: Upcoming Features & Goals

ShopEngine is the one-stop solution for WooCommerce which has been rapidly growing since its release last year. This WooCommerce builder has so far won multiple awards and currently has over 10,000+ active installations.

ShopEngine Wins The Monster Award & The WordPress Awards by The WP Weekly
The WP Awards goes to ShopEngine

We have many exciting features of ShopEngine lining up that will be available in 2022. The most interesting feature that you will get with ShopEngine this year is Shopify Style Checkout. This has one of our highly requested features and very soon you can use this feature in ShopEngine. 

We are also focused on providing Gutenberg support to ShopEngine! This means you will be able to customize your WooCommerce store and its default pages along with enjoying the amazing modules of ShopEngine even if you don’t have Elementor installed. You will be able to utilize all ShopEngine features using Gutenberg.

Along with Shopify Style Checkout, you will also get-

  • Multi-Step Checkout Wizard,
  • Checkout field editor,
  • WooCommerce Email Template Customizer,
  • Custom checkout page by-product,
  • Change Quantity and Remove Products on Checkout page,
  • Product images on checkout page,
  • Cart hold,
  • Option to Rename Title Tags and many more.

⚡ Wp Social Roadmap 2022: Upcoming Features & Goals

Wp Social is another popular product of Wpmet which offers social share, social counter, and social login in a single plugin. More than 10,000+ people are using this social plugin as of now.

Wp Soical WordPress plugin
You One Stop Social Integration

Some of the upcoming features of Wp Social include Auto login, new design for Login page Social buttons,  Limit login attempts, Integration LINE Share, Elementor widget, etc. Limiting login attempts would be really beneficial as it will give protection from automated bots. Besides, the new design will also make your social login section more appealing.

🔥 New Endeavor: Get Genie AI

We started a new endeavor in the form of Genie AI. This is different from all the existing plugins of Wpmet. 

This new project is about AI writing tools that assist writers to create all sorts of content such as articles, email, copywriting, fiction/nonfiction, etc within a few moments. This is an awesome SaaS tool (also available as a WordPress plugin) that is designed to make your life easy by providing you well researched, grammatically correct content really fast.  

This is not just a writing tool or a tool that helps you improve your SEO score, it offers both and more. This tool can research, write and optimize content based on your instructions. As a result, you get captivating content that will engage your audience. At the same time, this tool will ensure that your on-page SEO score is high and you are on your way to grabbing the top spots at SERP. 

Moreover, this tool also maintains the relevancy and essence of the content. In fact, you will be happily surprised to know that,  Genie AI can do the task of 10 popular writing tools. So, you get the benefit of popular tools like Jasper, SurferSEO, Frase, Writesonic, WriterZen, NeuralText, etc in just one plugin.

We have so far worked to make web development easy for our users, now we have taken it one step further to make even the website content creation easier for you. We can assure you you will not be disappointed with our new venture because we have built it with the same level of dedication as we always put in all our plugins.

📢 Good News for The Gutenberg Fans!

Being the fastest WordPress block editor Gutenberg has always assisted us with the most convenient and user-friendly interface. It is also quite sufficient for widget customization, even for non-coders.

Apart from the regular updates & features from Wpmet, we’re planning to launch Gutenberg support for our growing product ShopEngine this year. Our developers are working on providing the best Gutenberg block features, in which you will be able to enhance and develop your eCommerce site in the most extensive manner. 

Judging by the enormous amount of feedback and requests from our users, this expansion of our page-building features towards Gutenberg will surely add value to the ShopEngine users. 

We hope you’re as eager to learn more about Wpmet plugins on Gutenberg as we are. For better acquaintance, we’ll be providing regular updates on our social sites. So, don’t forget to check that out! 

Wrapping Up

Wpmet is profoundly known as one of the finest and most popular plugins for Elementor.

We offer a number of solutions for Elementor, WordPress, which include advanced widgets for both our free and premium use, Pre-designed Header-Footer templates, all-in-one WooCommerce solution, Social site, or Review integration, Form building, Pre-designed forms along with ready blocks or sections with detailed documentation and tutorial videos.

What makes our solution better? 

Well, you can edit and create each widget exactly the way you prefer, thanks to comprehensive customization options. 

Want to keep yourself updated with our latest offers? Keep an eye on our social sites and subscribe to our YouTube channel for useful tutorials.


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