Top 7 WordPress Ai Content Generators

Top WordPress AI Content Generators

WordPress content generated by artificial intelligence is a speedy method that saves your time and minimizes the redundancies of writing. These tools are designed to help creative professionals, marketers, and website managers. 

WordPress Ai Content Generators can be used to generate new articles, blog posts, website copies, and much more. The technology behind a WordPress content generator is based on natural language processing (NLP) techniques. This means that the content generator can understand human behaviors and language structure. 

Additionally, a WordPress Ai writer plugin can study the human brain better than any other existing content-generation tool. So, these tools work smartly to produce better content for you. 

In this article, we have discussed the best modern best Ai content generators in WordPress. Have a look at them, hope they’ll help you to gather all the necessary information.

What is WordPress Ai Content Generator?

WordPress Ai content generator is a software capable of generating large amount of content in seconds utilizing given prompts, NLP (Natural language processing), machine learning, and built-in algorithms. This Ai writers process the given inputs and create the best possible output to meet your requirements.

Why Do You Need a WordPress Ai Content Generator plugin?

The main advantage of using an Ai content generator tool is saving time and avoiding unnecessary struggles at the same time. Let’s see more interesting benefits of it – 

  • You can add some fresh content to your WordPress site within a short time
  • An Ai content creator is your perfect assistant who provides useful suggestions. 
  • With a standard plugin, you can generate hundreds of original pieces of text.
  • Such a plugin generates content and puts it directly into the post editor.
  • The Ai tool pushes templates to offer options for customizable headings, language, and other essential parameters. 
  • A WordPress Ai content generator plugin can take complex topics and break them down into smaller and easier pieces. Thus making and editing content is an effortless job through this robotic system now. 

What are the Characteristics of a Good Ai Content Generator?

Websites need informative pieces of content that represent the organization’s name and the products also. A standard content-making plugin must hold some qualities that make it a good tool. Let’s inside out –

  • A good WordPress content generator must have a user-friendly UI.
  • The plugin needs to be systematic and fast.
  • There should be useful workflows in place that should complement the default functionalities of WordPress
  • The Ai generated content should be relevant and unique.
  • The tool has to produce manageable pieces of content that are grammar and spelling error-free.
  • One of the top qualities is if the plugin produces SEO-optimized content.

Top 7 WordPress Ai Content Generators

Ai content creators are efficient to study the inputs and release outputs accordingly. However, there are many tools on the internet, you need to know which ones have stolen the spotlight already. So, let’s see the best WordPress Ai post generators –

GetGenie AI

The best WordPress Ai content generator plugin

GetGenie Ai is one of the popular tools among WordPress and SaaS users. It is a simpler tool yet works magically for any type of content writing in WordPress. With this WP Ai blog writer, you can feel free to play around with the settings. Thus, GetGenie allows you to modify the prompts to create exactly the content you need.

One of my favorite features of GetGenie Ai is its one-click blog generator feature, you can create an entire blog in just 60 seconds. Further, you have SEO, keyword research, and competitor analysis supports right in your WordPress dashboard.

Main Use Cases of GetGenie AI

  • Provides SEO-optimized content and helps to rank 20x faster than ever.
  • This WordPress auto content generator plugin is effective for both short and long-form content.
  • It includes 37+ templates.
  • GetGenie is available as a WordPress plugin, SaaS app, and chatbot named GenieChat.

Cons of GetGenie AI

Though GetGenie shows a plan to develop a browser extension, they are still working on that.

Cost and Features

This WordPress Ai writer has a free plan for users which comes with 2,500 Ai word generation and other credits every month. With 14-day money, and a return guarantee it also sells premium packages. There are two payment systems: monthly and annually.

You can start trusting this Ai tool from $19 per month. The main features of this plan are – 50,000 words, 40 SEO keyword analysis along 20 competitor SERP analysis per month. You can upgrade any current monthly plan up to $89.50. This package comes with unlimited words, 600 SEO keyword analysis, and 200 competitor SERP analysis per month. Yes, you have access to 37+ templates with all the monthly and yearly plans.

For more details, check their Starter, Writer, Pro, and Agency plans.

Bertha AI

Content generator Bertha AI

Bertha Ai is also an advanced content generation platform designed specifically for marketers and writers. In a robotic yet smart way, Bertha has the capability to prepare any new or rewrite any old content. This WordPress AI blog writer offers a range of features to design your product copies, articles, and images.

Main Use Cases of Bertha AI

  • Bertha is an expert at making web copies.
  • This WordPress Ai post generator helps to create different images and illustrations.
  • Provides high-quality product descriptions to increase conversions.
  • Good at generating content ideas.

Cons of Bertha AI

The tool has no SEO feature. You have to work on SEO to make the content SEO-optimized.

Cost and Features

By opening an account, you can try Bertha Ai for free simply, and the limit is 5k words. Its pro plan starts at $45 per month and offers 3 websites, 100,000 words, 63 image generations, etc. Besides, there are yearly packages and a ‘pay as you go’ system. This WordPress tool for content writing also ensures 7 days money-back guarantee and excellent user support.

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AI Content Writer

Content generator AI Content Writer

In the modern digital marketing world of WP, Ai Content Writer plugin is an alternative solution for you. It gets you standard writings for the WordPress site with less manual effort. With the tool, you can generate engaging articles, desired images, stories, and so on. This WordPress Ai blog writer will also help you improve your content SEO and save time.

Main Use Cases of WordPress Ai Content Writer

  • The OpenAI GPT-3 powered content writer generates original texts
  • This Ai content WordPress plugin also gives heading ideas
  • This WordPress Ai post generator creates unique images
  • It has custom settings for better SEO

Cons of Ai Content Writer

This WordPress Ai generator plugin has no monthly pricing plan. It should develop more SEO features and also improve the existing settings.

Cost and Features

WordPress users can use the core plugin for free. You can avail of more advantages by using premium plans which begin from $39.99. The plans are named personal, professional, and elite. These plans come with features like adding custom headings for content generation, images, changing heading type for h2-h6, etc. You will get a 1-year update and standard customer support with each plan.

GPT3 AI Content Writer & Generator

Content generator GPT3 AI Content Writer & Generator

We have listed another versatile plugin as a simple solution for your WordPress website. The Ai tool interprets your inputs and produces useful and accurate content. Also, you can make your content visually attractive as the Dall-E integration allows the tool to make appealing images.

Main Use Cases of GPT3 AI Content Writer & Generator

  • Quality content and Image generation
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Bulk content writing system
  • Playground for testing purposes

Cons of GPT3 AI Content Writer & Generator

The tool doesn’t allow you to generate content on its own. It needs a personal openAI API to work.

Cost and Features

New users can get standard longer content and other facilities without cost. GPT3 AI content writer & generator gives a paid plan at $9.99 per month. This pro package comes with all features, keyword adding system, Q&A, tone settings, and much more.

Copymatic – Ai Content Writer & Generator

WordPress auto Content generator plugin, Copymatic AI

Copymatic Ai is a quite well-known writing tool for WordPress. Whether you want distinctive product descriptions or big articles on any topic this WordPress Ai post generator can show its expertise. It is fast and the AI-generated content is rich enough to bring you good traffic. 

Main Use Cases of Copymatic

  • Social Media & Ads
  • Website Copy, blog, & SEO
  • eCommerce Copy
  • Grammar checker

Cons of Copymatic

Copymatic only provides 2 pricing plans, which is not a flexible way to select the required plan sometimes. Also, the free version offers only 1000 words, which is a bit low to test the content Ai WordPress generator tool’s performance.

Cost and Features

The Copymatic Ai tool offers 15k words at $6 per month which is the lowest rate you can start using it. This pro plan permits you to utilize all the templates, do SEO keyword research, plagiarism check, etc. Again, you can customize your package based on your needs which is named enterprise. This WordPress auto content generator plugin costs from $6 to $532 and you will get all the benefits of a pro plan plus many more.

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ContentBot AI Writer

Content generator plugin, ContentBot AI Writer

This is among the expert Ai content-making tools. It gives you unique and exact-size content based on your inputs. With just a few clicks, you can give instructions and ContentBot will return you interesting content and new ideas to improve your website.

Main Use Cases of ContentBot

  • Human-like log copy and topic ideas
  • The tool generates innovative marketing ideas
  • Excellent landing page copies
  • SEO features

Cons of ContentBot

ContentBot generated long-form content quality needs to be improved. Additionally, the tool seems a bit costlier as it has no yearly plan for users.

Cost and Features

ContentBot Ai offers four packages to its customers. The prepaid plan costs $0.5 per 1k words and the limit is 15k-5m words per month. The prices of starter, premium, and premium+ are $14.5, $29.5, and $49.5 per month accordingly. All these plans come with 30+ Ai skills, unlimited seats, a plagiarism checker, and so on.

AI Engine

WordPress Ai content & blog writer plugin, AI Engine

AI Engine is the last addition to this top content generator listing. This Ai writer WordPress plugin can also improve your writing to attract viewers to the website. It is a modern and well-structured Ai tool. With this WordPress auto content generator plugin, you can develop attractive headings, meaningful content, and relevant images smartly.

Main Use Cases of AI Engine

  • Generates fresh and valuable content
  • You can keep track of your OpenAI usage with built-in statistics
  • It has an internal API
  • This WP Ai tool allows you to add AI-powered chat functionality to your website

Cons of AI Engine

AI Engine doesn’t offer any browser extension. This Ai writer WordPress plugin also needs to work more to enrich the SEO feature to ensure better performance. 

Cost and Features

AI Engine costs $0 per month if you use the free version. It gives a chatbot, Ai playground, quick suggestions and other features. To enjoy premium features, you can pay $29 and begin with the starter plan. You can stretch up to $499 and use packages with different advanced features. The packages are named as Starter, Standard, Professional, Developer, and Agency.

Which WP Ai Tool is Best for Content Writing?

GetGenie is an Ai tool that comes with content creation and optimization option inside WordPress. Other tools like Copymatic,, etc include WordPress integration but those don’t allow content creation inside WordPress platform.

Is ChatGPT the Best Ai Writer?

ChatGPT is widely used and recognized Ai chatbot that can generate instant content according to your input. However, with the increasing competitiveness, Ai writers like GetGenie is getting spotlight in this dynamic landscape for their quality content creation.


Overall, WordPress Ai Content Generators are a great way to create high-quality content in a fraction of the time. They allow you to create content quickly and effectively, freeing up valuable time and resources. Thus, WordPress Ai blog writers have gained popularity today.

We have made an effort here to present the best and most modern WordPress Ai content & post generator tools. Now it’s your turn to check them with your demands and pick the one that suits you best.

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