7 Best Ai Plugins for WordPress in 2024 — Free and Paid Picks!

Best Ai Plugins for WordPress (Free and Paid Picks)

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, powering over 43% of all websites. But what if you could make your WordPress site even more powerful, efficient, and engaging? That’s where Ai comes in.

Ai for WordPress emerges as a game-changer, bringing innovation, efficiency, and enhanced capabilities to create and optimize your online presence. 

So, let’s start digging for the 7 best Ai plugins for WordPress!

What is an Ai Plugin?

An artificial intelligence (AI) plugin is a piece of software that adds features to your WordPress website. These plugins improve user experience, optimize content, and automate processes. They use machine learning algorithms to give your website greater intelligence and responsiveness.

 7 Best Ai Plugins for WordPress: Your Better Choice

Unlock the potential of artificial intelligence on WordPress sites with these best Ai tools for WordPress to consider in 2024. The list consists of Ai free plugins and paid picks.

PluginCore Function
GetGenie Ai➡️ Generates and edits various creative text formats.
➡️ Focuses on SEO-optimized content generation.
➡️ One-click blog generation.
Alt Text Ai➡️ Automatically generates descriptive alt text for images, improving accessibility and SEO.
Taxopress➡️ Taxopress WordPress plugin automatically assigns relevant categories, tags, and custom taxonomies to content.
All-In-One SEO➡️ Optimizes website content and technical SEO for better search engine rankings.
Divi Supreme Ai Writer➡️ Generates and improves content within the Divi Builder. This includes blog posts, product descriptions, and social media captions.
Elementor Ai➡️ Generates and improves content and design elements directly within the Elementor editor.
LinkWhisper➡️ Suggests relevant internal linking opportunities. 
➡️ Identifies and fixes broken links. 
➡️ Tracks backlinks and analyzes keyword research to improve website structure and SEO.

1. GetGenie Ai


GetGenie Ai simply feeds it your topic, target audience, and desired tone. It watches it weave its magic, crafting content that resonates with your readers and ignites engagement. GetGenie Ai’s built-in SEO intelligence ensures your content climbs the SERP ladder. Keyword optimization, meta descriptions, and many more – it’s all there in your creation.

A language alchemist, GetGenie Ai is also a master of nuance and tone. GetGenie Ai can mold your voice to perfection. Whether you desire witty and humorous, authoritative and informative, or anything in between. It even understands different writing styles, mimicking Shakespearean sonnets.

But what exactly makes GetGenie Ai the genie of WordPress and one of the top Ai plugins? Let’s peek into its lamp:


➡️ Content Writing with Blog Wizard

A content Ai WordPress solution that offers two content creation options. You can manually write content with Blog Wizard. Or, use a one-click blog generator for quick and easy content generation.

➡️ Unique SEO Features with Blog Wizard

GetGenie seamlessly integrates Ai-driven SEO content assistance into Blog Wizard, optimizing generated content automatically.

SEO features include:

  • SEO Keyword Analysis
  • NLP Keyword Suggestions
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Related Questions
  • Content Score
  • SERP Visualizer
  • Head-to-Head Analysis

➡️ Multi-language Support

GetGenie translates Ai content into 33+ languages, fostering effective communication and business success.

➡️ 37+ AI Templates

The tool offers various ready templates to generate write-ups in seconds for:

  • General and long form content writing.
  • Copywriting / landing page copy.
  • eCommerce posts.
  • Social media posts.

➡️ Image Generation

  • Powered by the innovative OpenAI DALL-E 2 technology.
  • A WordPress plugin generator Ai for images that inserts images directly into the WordPress media library.
  • Utilizes an advanced (CLIP) neural model for effortless text-visual connections.
  • Compatible with all WordPress themes and builders for enhanced convenience.


  • Available in a free plan
  • Starts at $19 (with unlimited discounts)

2. Alt Text Ai

Alt Text Ai

Alt Text Ai uses advanced algorithms to identify objects, actions, and emotions in images accurately. This results in rich, engaging descriptions that cater to different contexts. The Ai adjusts its descriptions accordingly to provide relevant information and nuance. This makes the descriptions not only informative but also engaging and relevant for users.

This WordPress Ai alt text generator optimizes descriptions for search engines. It incorporates relevant keywords and ensures images are informed and converted. Hence, this Ai is one of the best illustrator plugins.


➡️ Automatic Alt Text Generation

Generate descriptive alt text for images and videos automatically. This improves website accessibility and SEO.

➡️ Image Tagging & Classification

Identify objects and scenes within images. Automatically add relevant tags for better organization and search.

➡️ Multiple Language Support

Generate alt text in multiple languages, catering to a wider audience.

➡️ Customizable Templates & Rules

Create custom templates for specific types of images or brands. Ensure consistency and accuracy.

➡️ Content Analysis & Optimization 

Analyze existing alt text for accessibility and SEO, suggesting improvements for better performance.


  • Available in free trial.
  • Starts at $49 per year.

3. Taxopress


TaxoPress plugin empowers you to effortlessly create and oversee Tags and Categories. It also helps you manage all your WordPress taxonomy terms. TaxoPress has got you covered if you’re dealing with Tags and Categories for Pages. It also covers handling WooCommerce Product Categories and bbPress Topic Tags. 

Let’s dive into the treasure trove of features. Taxopress is the ultimate weapon against tax-time woes.


➡️ Automatic Taxonomy Management

 Analyze your content and automatically assign relevant categories, tags, and custom taxonomies.

➡️ SEO Optimization

Optimize taxonomies for search engines by suggesting relevant keywords and meta descriptions.

➡️ Content Clustering

Group similar content together based on shared taxonomies. This improves user navigation and internal linking.

➡️ Taxonomy Templates 

Users can create reusable templates for consistent and efficient taxonomy assignments.

➡️ Bulk Editing

Manage large numbers of taxonomies across your site with ease.

➡️ Integration with Popular Plugins

Works seamlessly with Yoast SEO, Rank Math, and other SEO plugins.


  • Starts at $79 per year.

4. All-In-One SEO

All-In-One SEO

All-In-One SEO is one of the best Ai SEO plugins for WordPress that uses a sophisticated intel-gathering unit. It analyzes your industry, competitors, and target audience. It finds keywords that boost online visibility and target the right customers for your unique offering. It creates optimized blog posts, website copy, and social media captions noteworthy for high rankings.

All-In-One SEO is a digital tool that optimizes your website’s infrastructure. It provides in-depth insights into competitors’ SEO strategies and real-time metrics. It helps you analyze keyword focus, content performance, and backlink profiles. It identifies weaknesses and opportunities to outrank competitors in the SERP jungle.

Hence, All-In-One SEO is considered as ai tool to create WordPress website in high ranking.


➡️ On-Page Optimization 

Optimize titles, meta descriptions, keywords, images, and internal linking. This will improve search engine rankings.

➡️ Technical SEO

Generate sitemaps, robots.txt files, and no-index rules. Manage redirects to improve website crawlability.

➡️ Local SEO

Optimize your website for local search with schema markup. Integrate Google My Business. Use location-specific SEO settings.

➡️ Social Media Integration

Add social sharing buttons. Include Open Graph and Twitter Card meta tags. Optimize content for sharing.

➡️ Content Analysis

Analyze your content for readability, SEO score, and potential issues to improve optimization.

➡️ WooCommerce SEO

Optimize your WooCommerce store for increased visibility for product pages, categories, and checkout.

➡️ SEO Audit Checklist

Get a checklist of tasks to improve your website’s SEO and track your progress.


  • Starts at $49.60 per year.

5. Divi Supreme Ai Writer

Divi Supreme Ai Writer

Divi Supreme Ai Writer is a versatile Ai tool for WordPress for generating creative content ideas. It offers prompts and outlines for various topics, adapting to your brand and audience. This tool works for blog posts and landing pages making it as one of the best WordPress Ai content writers. It crafts content in different styles, ensuring engagement and relevance.

Integrated with search engines, Divi Ai plugin streamlines fact-checking and sourcing. It optimizes content with keywords, enhancing visibility online. As a meticulous proofreader, this Ai writer WordPress plugin eliminates errors. It ensures smooth-flowing sentences and polished prose. 


➡️ Content Generation

Generate various content formats within Divi—for example, blog posts, product descriptions, social media captions, and more.

➡️ Content Improvement

Enhance existing text by rewriting sentences, optimizing clarity, and suggesting alternative phrasing.

➡️ Grammar and Style Check

Identify and correct grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and improve sentence structure.

➡️ SEO Optimization

Analyze content for keyword usage and readability. Suggest improvements for better search engine rankings.

➡️ Multi-language Support

Generate and improve content in over 25 languages, expanding your reach to a global audience.

➡️ Integrations 

Seamlessly integrates with Divi Builder and Theme Builder for a smooth workflow.


  • $29 per year.

6. Elementor Ai

Elementor Ai

Elementor Ai plugin is a design tool that recommends elements based on content, target audience, and design goals. It provides real-time mockups, allowing experimentation with layouts, colors, and fonts before coding. As one of the Ai-powered plugins, Elementor Ai is like a personal design lab. It guides users to visual masterpieces without complex coding.

Ensuring a perfect look on all screens, Elementor Ai has a responsive design engine. It offers a curated library of royalty-free images and videos. It also optimizes website structure, meta descriptions, and image alt tags. This maximizes visibility and improves search engine rankings. 


➡️ Ai-generated Container Layouts

Allows users to generate web designs in 3 ways:

  • Text-Based
  • Elementor-Based
  • Web-Based

➡️ Image Generation

Elementor Ai produces stunning images within the Editor environment. You can edit, enhance, and refine them seamlessly.

➡️ Content Generation

Generate various text formats like headings, paragraphs, and product descriptions directly within Elementor. You can also create social media posts and more.

➡️ Code Generation

Allows users to create personalized code, HTML, or CSS directly within the Editor, giving you full control over your website.


  • Available in free trial.
  • $35.88 per year.

7. LinkWhisper


LinkWhisper is an Ai for WordPress website that scans the digital landscape to identify high-quality, relevant websites for backlinks. It offers a curated list of potential partners, ensuring quality content attracts links. This plugin analyzes existing content and suggests targeted improvements. It acts as a personal content editor, ensuring your work is worthy of digital backlinks.

LinkWhisper simplifies link building by creating personalized email templates and automating follow-ups. It provides in-depth insights into competitors’ backlink profiles, enabling strategic planning and outmaneuvering competitors. It also provides real-time metrics for SEO health. This allows users to adjust strategies and react to changes in the SEO landscape with agility. 


➡️ Internal Linking

Suggest relevant internal linking opportunities within your WordPress content. This improves website structure and SEO.

➡️ Broken Link Checker

Identify and fix broken links on your website, ensuring a good user experience and search engine crawlability.

➡️ Backlink Monitoring

Track backlinks from other websites to your content. Analyze their quality, and identify outreach opportunities.

➡️ Keyword Research

Discover relevant keywords and search intent insights. Use them to inform your content strategy and SEO optimization.

➡️ Content Optimizer

Analyze your content for keyword usage and readability. Suggest improvements for better search engine rankings.

➡️ White Label Reports

Generate professional white-labeled reports for clients or internal use.


  • Starts at $97.

Choosing The Best Ai Plugin for WordPress

Selecting the best WordPress Ai plugins is essential. It helps effectively construct and oversee a thriving website. As Ai technology progresses, it has become indispensable in diverse industries. This includes web development.

When deciding on the appropriate WordPress plugins, consider crucial factors such as:

  • Purpose
  • Compatibility
  • Ease of Use
  • Ratings and Reviews

Additionally, thoroughly review the features of the Ai plugin. Ensure it aligns with your specific requirements. Remember that an excess of plugins may slow your WordPress website.

If you are looking for the best Ai for WordPress that focuses on content generation with SEO optimization, GetGenie is the best choice. It’s a free Ai plugin for WordPress, the pro plan is budget-friendly, and it’s the leading Ai tool on the market today!


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