Top AI LinkedIn Post Generators (Updated for 2024)

LinkedIn AI generator

Hunting for an AI LinkedIn post generator to create quick and effective LinkedIn posts? An advanced AI LinkedIn post generator can help you create compelling content promptly and easily. It will save you time from spending hours on research and editing.

Luckily for you, in this blog, we have enlisted the best AI LinkedIn post generators to help you find your desired one. So, if you are looking for an AI tool to create LinkedIn posts, this blog is definitely for you.

How Does an AI LinkedIn Post Generator Work?

GPT-3, a machine learning model created by Open AI, provides the basis for most of the AI writing tools. Its neural networks are trained on a vast dataset. So, the tools are capable of generating natural-sounding language by leveraging pre-trained language representations.

The working principle of an AI Linkedin Post Generator is not different. It works by allowing you to create and customize pre-made content made specifically for the platform powered by GPT-3. It typically provides you with templates you can follow and easily create posts with your own branded or curated content.

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Why Should You Use a LinkedIn AI Post Generator?

According to Hootsuite, organizations with a complete, active LinkedIn Page see 5 times more page views.

So needless to say, a well-written relevant post is all you need to expand your brand name in this professional world. This is where a good LinkedIn post creator tool supports you. Let’s see some specific reasons to choose such an AI tool –

1️⃣ LinkedIn post generator provides customized templates for quick content creation.

2️⃣ Shows tips, and advice, and optimize the post for different search engines for better reach

3️⃣ Track the performance of each post, so that you can understand what works best and maximize the impact of your content.

4️⃣ The tools suggest words, images, and hashtags that help in enhancing LinkedIn posts.

5️⃣ Provides SEO-optimized content with magical AI sidekick support to improve your processes and product.

Top LinkedIn AI Generators

We have sorted out some advanced LinkedIn AI generators to make your LinkedIn post creation hassle-free. Follow the list below to create LinkedIn posts with AI –

GetGenie Ai

The best linkedIn post generator

GetGenie boasts a LinkedIn post generator template to make it easy for you to create intriguing LinkedIn posts with the power of AI. GetGenie LinkedIn post template generates professional posts with new ideas. The tool can enable you to maintain consistency by generating creative posts for your LinkedIn page.


GetGenie offers a fair price to let you take buying decision easily. The price starts from only $17.1 monthly and $12.4 per month if paid yearly.

This starter plan offers 2,500 Ai Writing Words per month, 10 Credits of SEO Keyword Analysis per month, 5 Credits of Competitor SERP Analysis per month, and many other benefits.

What Makes the Tool Worth Using? 

GetGenie Ai is an overall high-featured tool. It serves the best content for SEO and shows an instant content score to improve your content. The tool provides 37+ different writing templates along with the LinkedIn post generator, 33+ language supports. Also, it replaces 10+ apps with its Ai writing magic.

🤩 🤩 🤩 Another attractive fact about the tool is, it facilitates you as the WordPress plugin, a SaaS app, and a chatbot called GenieChat.


Jasper linkedIn post generator helps you to know how to write a post on LinkedIn

Creating attention-grabbing content for LinkedIn is quite painless with Jasper’s post generator. All you have to do is fill out a template with your input. You can focus on what matters in your business and produce relevant content to post on LinkedIn.


You can start using Jasper at $29 per month which offers 20,000 words and other facilities. You can use this word limit to generate LinkedIn posts or choose from boss mode also based on your needs. Also, you can make a custom plan from the business plan option if you need to.

What Makes the Tool Worth Using? 

Jasper has got a user-friendly interface and provides great customer service to the users. It is a standard tool that is suitable for almost any type of user. So, you can definitely pick the LinkedIn template and make relevant write-ups.


Writesonic LinkedIn AI Generator

Writesonic is another premium tool to create all types of LinkedIn posts. With a few clicks, you can quickly create thoughtful posts on any topic. To stand out from the crowd and attract even more potential customers, you can adopt Writesonic for AI LinkedIn post writing.


Writesonic costs $19 initially for bloggers, freelancers & businesses with 19,000 words. There are options to choose from premium, good, average, and economic qualities of the output.

Each package comes with different offers and perks for the users. Also, to grow your network on LinkedIn you can give Writesonic a free trial and generate Linkedin content.

What Makes the Tool Worth Using? 

We recommend Writesonic for its efficiency in supporting you to get different types of LinkedIn content. It gives you synchronized and semantically correct content as any other quality AI tool.

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Anyword LinkedIn AI Generator

Whether you need to develop new content or improve existing content for LinkedIn, Anyword can be your go-to choice. Anyword also offers a selection of features and formats to generate content. It provides content that can be easily personalized to suit your brand and promote your products or services.


Spending only $29 each month will get you 20,000 words to start producing your LinkedIn content. The tool presents two options — starter and data-driven to select pricing packages based on the needs. Similarly to other LinkedIn content generators, Anyword gives you a chance to try it free for.

What Makes the Tool Worth Using?

Anyword is one of the best LinkedIn post generators that produce content according to your style and tone. You can also get different types of posts and also improve old copies to make them worthy.

Again, proper utilization of the tool will allow you to convert LinkedIn post copy for all of your professional needs. 

Viral Post Generator

Viral post generator is a useful LinkedIn AI Generator

Here is another one for you! The viral post generator is powered by Taplio. This is a well-known tool that guides you on how to write a LinkedIn post with only a few clicks.

It crafts effective posts easily, saving your time and effort while potentially increasing post engagement rates. Besides, a viral post generator also gives you the chance to schedule the posts at the right time.


The template presents easy steps on how to write a post on LinkedIn that is free of cost. But to get more real viral ideas and details about pricing, you can visit the Taplio website.

What Makes the Tool Worth Using?

Like the name viral post generator is popular for its quick catchy content. You can utilize the options in your posts to further personalize them. You can choose from the best and post to build new relationships and monitor all your results.


TinyWow LinkedIn AI Generator

TinyWow’s post generator is a simple yet efficient tool to maximize your presence on LinkedIn. It generally doesn’t require any limit, no sign-up for its featured tools. TinyWow is handy and helps you to overcome all distress in making LinkedIn posts. Here remember that the tool deletes all files both processed and unprocessed after 1 hour.


You can enjoy a more powerful experience with paid TinyWow. The price begins from $5.99 every month and unlocks an ad and captcha-free test for loyal users.

What Makes the Tool Worth Using?

The tool is also worthy to use as a LinkedIn post generator as it is programmed with modern algorithms. It holds all the necessary options to make a quality post on any topic. It maintains relevancy with the social platform while ensuring original content. Whether you are a business owner, marketer, or professional, you can trust TinyWow.

Select The Right One

Writing a good LinkedIn post is easy yet tricky. A dynamic LinkedIn AI generator knows how to apply the tricks and provide creative posts. The content is also customized to fit your brand’s messaging and goals.

These generators come with built-in designs and analytics that are known to compose likable content and the standard LinkedIn post size. Additionally, an AI tool assists you in tracking how each post performs and measuring its impact. Thus you can gain deeper reach and more visibility for your brand. 

We tried to present the best tools of the present time. Now, it’s your turn to select the best LinkedIn post generator for yourself and your business as well.

Here is your personal Ai assistant 😎 👇

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