Best Ai Chatbot Online in 2024

The Ai chatbot platform is widely famous nowadays for its quick service.

Today, every company wants to have its own chatbots. To get ahead of the competition in this digital world, implementing an Ai chatbot is advantageous

Some Ai chatbots online have already arrived in the market. These have the potential to streamline online customer communication systems. It provides convenient access to information and predicts customer behavior or preferences.

However, making a chatbot may seem like a daunting task, but there are plenty of resources available. In this blog, you will see how artificial intelligence has made it easy and given some really good Ai chatbots.

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What is the Best Ai Chatbot Online?

An Ai chatbot is a computer software or program that is designed to simulate conversation with human users. Ai chatbots use natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to respond to user input in a meaningful way.

Typically, chatbots are used in customer service and marketing applications over the Internet. You can also use an Ai chatbot online in other areas such as healthcare, education, and entertainment.

6 Best Ai Chatbots Online in 2024


The best Ai chatbot online

The most realistic online chatbot is GenieChat, powered by GetGenie Ai!

GenieChat is a powerful tool that helps smoothen searching different queries online. For WordPress plugin lovers and SaaS users, it automates content-making tasks effortlessly. You can use this best online assistant to improve customer satisfaction. 

Some notable features of GenieChat are –

  • Chat instantly with GenieChat (ChatGPT alternative)
  • Talk to 22+ different Ai personalities (Marketing Expert, Dating Coach, Financial Advisor, Personal Trainer, etc.)
  • Select the size of your output
  • Edit or regenerate your prompt or instruction anytime
  • Use GenieChat anywhere in your browser (extension upcoming)

From your WordPress dashboard, you find GenieChat easily 👇

GenieChat is the best ai chatgpt free

While using Playground, the SaaS version of Genie, you can access GenieChat 👇

Using GenieChat through Playground

How does it help you?

GenieChat is one of the intelligent Chatbots. You just have to open the chatbot from your WordPress dashboard and ask your query, it’s easy!

Every customization option is there to help you get the exact answer you are looking for. You can hide and visualize the prompts based on your convenience. There is a facility to check the previous history, you can also delete a history if you want. Again, you can like, dislike, copy, and generate any output anytime with GenieChat.

Besides, if you are a SaaS lover don’t forget to the access GetGenie Ai SaaS model now 😎

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GenieChat is very reasonable and you can try it for free. With the starter plan you will enjoy 2,500 Ai writing words per month. To enjoy premium advantages regularly you can purchase it by giving only $17 monthly and $13 yearly. At this price, you will get 37+ templates, a blog wizard with the excellent opportunity of one-click blog generation, a woocommerce wizard, SEO benefits like – keyword analysis, competitor SERP analysis with many other facilities.


You can use the GetGenie Ai WordPress plugin, SaaS model, and chatbot. But, it has a plan to launch a browser extension, the work is still ongoing.


ChatGPT is the popular Ai chatbot

This is a conversational chatbot and one of the amazing virtual assistants of the present time. ChatGPT runs on OpenAI’s GPT-3. By chatting with the system, you can get all the desired content you want. It is straight and comfortable to use. 

Some attractive features of ChatGPT are —

  • Converses with you
  • Generates fine-tuned texts and no use of jargon
  • Accepts mistakes and refuses inappropriate requests

How does it help you?

Using ChatGPT is like talking with an online agent. You have to just insert your queries and the system will provide an answer.

To use ChatGPT, visit the OpenAI site and sign up for an account here. Through your account, you will find ChatGPT easily and try it by clicking the given option. You can also read details about it on the site. 


Presently it is free of cost.


ChatGPT has limitations to provide perfect answers. The answers are sometimes lengthy and consist of repetitive words. Moreover, ChatGPT has data on world and events only till 2021.

Bing Chat

Bing ChatGPT is a good online Ai chatbot

Microsoft has brought Bing Ai-powered chatbot to prevent wasting time searching your queries. You can chat, ask questions, and get full answers at any length. This new Bing integration has many more rich and efficient features. Some features include –

  • It can compose, email, bulleted lists, compare items on a webpage, and more.
  • For any specific query, Bing checks search results across the web and summarizes responses.
  • The tool is designed with various conversation styles like creative, balanced, and precise.

How does it help you?

Basically, the Bing chatbot follows users around as they browse the web and observe information to make content. You will find it on the iOS, Android Bing, Edge, and Skype apps.

When you open the Bing page on your browser, the new Bing will show you the chat option. You can open the chatbot and start using it straight away.


Presently, it is a free service provided by Microsoft Bing to help you find the information you need.


Bing chatbot sometimes misrepresents and gives incomplete answers. The features and functionalities are very limited.

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 YouChat is one of the good online Ai chatbots

YouChat is a modern Ai chatbot that also does human-like conversations with you. It is developed by Artificial intelligence and natural language processing fuel this chatbot to help automate your ideas. So, the tool is functional and fast responsive as any good chatbot.

Let’s see a few features of the tool –

  • YouChat chat in real-time with anyone including group chat
  • Compose emails, code, math, etc.
  • Review chat histories including photos and videos 
  • It lists sources for the text it generates

How does it help you?

With YouChat you can get help in generating summarized texts, question answers, translation tasks, etc. Youhave to open an account and it is simple to use the chatbot. Moreover, YouChat offers you both web and mobile version.

Pricing doesn’t yet charge for YouChat, it is free.


The UI of the chatbot is poor. Since it is constantly learning from the internet it produces wrong information sometimes.

Jasper Chat

 Jasper Chat is a quality Ai chatbot online

This is another wonderful conversational Ai tool. You can chat, generate answers, and revise any content with Jasper chat.  Based on the brand type it converts the generic language into marketing phrases. Some features of the chatbot are –

  • It is built for business use cases and generates useful promotional content
  • The chatbot uses the GPT 3.5 language model
  • It has copy-editing and grammar-checking features

How does it help you?

Jasper chat is smart and responds with accurate information. To begin a chat with Jasper, you have to log in to your account in Jasper. Next, you can just ask a question or give a command. Thus, by continuing to chat you will get your desired content. Afterward, you can send the chat into a document to complete your task. 


Starts at $24 per month and there is an option to make a custom plan according to your choice. 


Jasper is comparatively costly. Also, it has no knowledge about after mid-2021.


ChatSonic is one of the conversational Ai chatbots

This chatbot is powered by Writesonic. It is also a dynamic and conversational Ai chatbot. You can feel comfortable conversing with the chatbot on the latest topics and producing content. The top features of the chatbot are –

  • It is trained by Google and has current data
  • ChatSonic can produce digital Ai artwork
  • It takes and understands voice commands and responds accordingly

How does it help you?

As we said before this chatbot can search all the trendy information for you to help you with quality content. 

You just have to log in to your Writesonic account and you will find ChatSonic from the library. Now, you can explore it and make well-detailed texts and artworks.


The free version is available and you can give it a try to ChatSonic easily. The premium package starts from $19, you can also make custom plans with the tool if you need. 


With WriteSonic, you can’t get help doing math. Also, till now, there is no option to check previous chat history.

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Can chatbots work without Ai?

Yes, chatbots can work without Ai. Many messenger chatbots we use are not Ai chatbots. Even without Ai, a chatbot can respond to its users’ needs and achieve set goals.
However, Artificial intelligence fuels a chatbot to become more smart, fast, and accurate with results. It even performs sentiment analysis to detect sentiment in user feedback and adjust responses accordingly.

What problems can chatbots solve?

Chatbots can solve both simple and complex problems. They give math solutions, write blogs, poems, and so on. They help businesses better engage with their customers and streamline business workflows. Chatbots can also communicate with customers to solve their problems and offer discounts in real time.

What to look for when choosing a chatbot?

To choose a suitable chatbot you have to know your demands. You may want it for marketing, customer support, making content, or others. Of course, the chatbot you are going to pick should be compatible with your current platform. For example, GenieChat is the perfect chatbot for WordPress users.
In addition, look for a tool that has an excellent and user-friendly UI, and offers various chat personalities, unique content, and authentic answers. 

Which Ai technique is used in chatbots?

One of the most fundamental Ai techniques used in chatbots is Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP is the foundation of understanding how artificial intelligence is being used in chatbots. Entity recognition is another technique used in chatbots. NER performs information extraction by locating and classifying named entities in text into predefined categories.

What is the smartest Ai chatbot?

Based on their outstanding performance, creativity, originality, and free availability ChatGPT and GenieChat are the smartest Chatbots today.


To lighten our work pressures and better the online communication system, Ai chatbot technology is playing a huge role. These bots help to satisfy customer needs and also make content with greater accuracy and efficiency.

We have presented some latest and best Ai chatbots online to help you select one. As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more advanced and sophisticated chatbots in the future.

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