10 Best WordPress Quiz Form Builder Plugins in 2024 (Ranked & Compared)

Best WordPress Quiz Form Builder Plugins

The right quiz form builder plugin can help you boost your user engagement and website dwell time. It can help you to collect email leads, understand audience persona, conduct skill assessments, and many more. 

You have several plugin options to pick from. You need one that will offer versatile question types, customization features, and an easy-to-use dashboard. Besides, a quiz form maker plugin also helps to access essential data and analytics. 

In this article, we’re going to assist you pick the top WordPress quiz form builder plugin for your needs by comparing our top choices. Let’s review the best quiz form builder plugins for WordPress.

Top 10 WordPress Quiz Form Builder Plugins

The WordPress plugins below will help you to create stylish and interactive quiz forms effortlessly. Here we have compiled a list of the best 10 WordPress quiz form builder plugins, available in both free and premium versions.


Best WordPress Quiz Form Builder Plugin

MetForm is an all-in-one solution for WordPress form creation. It comes with pre-made templates for anyone to easily build quiz forms without technical skills. This quiz form builder plugin is developed for Elementor users. Using a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can make a fully functional quiz form within a few steps. 

It takes care of everything that you need to customize the quiz form in your preferred way. You will get access to useful widgets like multiple choice, true/false, checkbox, short answer, image select, multi-select, and many more. MetForm is used for various types of quiz forms like personality quiz forms, health & skill assessment quiz forms, conditional logic quiz forms, score-based quiz forms, etc.

Top Features:

✔️ Show help text to give instructions or hints for any questions.

✔️ Set a mark for a quiz question.

✔️ Show a warning message and a success message.

✔️ Available with dedicated pre-made templates for different quiz forms.

✔️ Set different validation types depending on character or word limit.

✔️ Show results instantly to quiz participants.

💸 Pricing: MetForm is available in both free & pro versions. However, only pro users can use the quiz functionality. MetForm package starts at $39 yearly.

Thrive Quiz Builder

Best WordPress Quiz Form Builder Plugin

Thrive Quiz Builder is another popular quiz maker WordPress plugin that is excellent for personalizing the quiz experience. For example, according to the quiz results, you can set a different appearance to show the quiz results to boost engagement.

You can create the quiz form from a drag-and-drop editor and quickly select a quiz style. 

Thrive offers five quiz types: number, percentage, category, right/wrong, and survey. A key feature that helps Thrive Quiz Builder stand out from the competition is its helpful analytics to optimize quiz forms. You can see where visitors stop engaging and redesign the piece to improve.

Top Features:

✔️ Add personalized content to improve visitor experience.

✔️ Let you ask for the participant’s email address before showing the quiz result. 

✔️ Show questions based on previous questions to keep the users engaged.

✔️ Show the quiz form anywhere on the post or page.

✔️ Enables to take users’s data from the quiz form.

✔️ Facilitates automated A/B testing.

💸 Price: Thrive Quiz Builder starts at $199 per year.

Quiz and Survey Master

Best WordPress Quiz Form Builder Plugin

Quiz and Survey Master is a powerful quiz form builder plugin. It ships with a large number of question types like dropdown, checkboxes, fill-in-the-blank, true & false, multiple choice, CAPTCHA, polar, accept, etc. But, the best thing about this quiz maker plugin of WordPress is it provides some unique solution, that is hard to find on other WordPress quiz builder plugins in the market.

Imagine what could be an essential feature when you are creating a skills assessment quiz form. Well, it can be a countdown timer and this form-maker plugin has this feature. Another unique thing about this plugin is that quiz results can be sent to website owners and quiz participants via customizable emails. You can also schedule a quiz activation time. Actually, there are many.

Top Features:

✔️ Enable users to share quiz results on social media.

✔️ Organize all questions on a single page or define question numbers per page.

✔️ Set participation requirements such as logging in or answering a certain number of questions.

✔️ Limit the number of quiz-taking attempts and candidates.

✔️ Implement unique question sets for different users.

✔️ Make the quiz form user-friendly by adding hints or comment boxes with questions.

💸 Price: Quiz and Survey Master plugin offers a free plugin on WordPress.org. Its yearly membership starts from $129 per year.

Formidable Forms

Best WordPress Quiz Form Builder Plugin

Formidable Forms is a cutting-edge WordPress form maker plugin that excels in building all types of forms. It supports you in creating Buzzfeed-style outcome quizzes, viral personality & character quizzes, scored math tests,  geography tests, etc. Particularly, if you’re looking for a quiz form customizer plugin for an online learning website, Formidable Forms can be your super deal.

Featuring advanced solutions like automatic scoring, question weights, conditional logic, result page, and many more to effortlessly create a fully functional quiz form builder. Pre-made templates are a better option for those trying to get started quickly. 

Top Features:

✔️ Insert different question types like multiple choice, short answer, paragraph answer, math questions, etc.

✔️ Can design multiple-page quizzes for an easy experience.

✔️ Customize quiz questions by adding images.

✔️ Provide multiple formats to show quiz scores. 

✔️ Build a personal grading scale.

✔️ Apply trigger actions depending on test scores to boost website engagement.

Price: The quiz maker addon is only included with the Business and Elite packages. 

Poll, Survey & Quiz by OpinionStage

Best WordPress Quiz Form Builder Plugin

Opinion Stage is another excellent choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-use WordPress quiz form builder plugin. Various templates are available to cover your different quiz form needs, such as personality quizzes, trivia quizzes, product recommendation quizzes, lead generation quizzes, etc.

This WordPress quiz form maker plugin by Opinion Stage enables you to share quiz forms anywhere you want including social media platforms, messaging apps, email, or anywhere on your websites., The good thing is that you can track the user participation in your quizzes and analyze the data to optimize the quiz programs. Apart from intensive customization features, users also have a dedicated dashboard to analyze the quiz results.

Top Features:

✔️ Customize the quiz form in an intuitive and easy dashboard.

✔️ Provide versatile types of quiz questions including multiple choice, true/false/, yes/no.

✔️ Offer a larger number of templates than competitors.

✔️ Distribute the quiz programs in different channels.

✔️ Add images to make the quizzes more interactive.

✔️ Supports engagement analytics to enhance the user experience.

✔️ Integrate quiz funnel software to personalize the quiz form according to the target audience.

✔️ Also provides: CSV result exporting, submission email notifications, branching logic, and lead generation forms.

Price: Offer a free plan to build quiz form and a premium plan begins at $25 per month.

Quiz Maker (Ays-pro)

Best WordPress Quiz Form Builder Plugin

Quiz Maker offers one of the largest libraries of question types among quiz form builder plugins. And, few of them are very unique, such as Date– when the quiz answer is a date, and Matching– when the candidate connects items from two separate lists. Further, you have radio, checkbox, banner, fill-in-the-blank, and many more. 

The question bank is a highlighting feature of this plugin, which we personally like. The scenario here is, for example, you save 100 questions under this option and define 20. In the quiz form, the plugin will generate 20 questions randomly out of a list of 100 questions.

Overall, the features of the Quiz Maker plugin will let you create viral quizzes, trivia quizzes, personality tests, knowledge assessment quizzes, IQ tests, true or false quizzes, Buzzfeed quizzes, yes or no quizzes, etc.

Top Features:

✔️ Randomize questions and answers to maintain quiz standards.

✔️ Show different messages based on quiz scoring.

✔️ After quiz completion redirect the participant to your preferred page.

✔️ Chance button text and set the passing score.

✔️ Data appears with an easy-to-understand dashboard. 

✔️ Has several options to appear after completion of the quiz test.

Price: Has a free version and purchasing a premium pack of the Quiz Maker plugin cost will start from $29.

Gravity Forms Quiz Add-on

Best WordPress Quiz Form Builder Plugin

Gravity Forms Quiz Add-on is an official extension of Gravity Forms, meaning it is developed by a team specialized in form-building tools. This plugin is essential for creating fun and interactive quiz forms with different field types like radio buttons, dropdowns, checkboxes, etc.

It gives you the flexibility to apply a custom score for each question on a quiz form. You can also choose your preferred way of grading between percentage and letter grading systems. Further, quiz results of individual entries can be seen at a glance from the admin area.

Top Features:

✔️ Let you enable an automatic scoring and grading system.

✔️ Show your quiz form on a page or post.

✔️ Power up your quiz form building with Gravity Form features.

✔️ Facilitates a list of quiz merge tags.

✔️ Get premium-level support from the Gravity team.

💸 Price: You must pay $199 for a developer license to use the Gravity Forms quiz addon.

HD Quiz

Best WordPress Quiz Form Builder Plugin

HD Quiz is one of the best free quiz form builder plugins with a 5 out of 5 stars rating. An easy and effective user experience is backing this widely positive reputation for this quiz form customizer plugin. And, the best thing is that you don’t have to pay for using many advanced features like social sharing, hints text, pagination, timer, and modern solutions like animated GIF support & translation options.

And, the team behind HD Quiz is actively working on adding more functional features of a comprehensive quiz form builder plugin.

Top Features:

✔️ Place quiz forms anywhere on the post or page with a shortcode.

✔️ Support randomization option for answers and questions.

✔️ Add a timer for the entire quiz session or per question basis.

✔️ Apply images for multiple question types.

✔️ Show quiz results in different places on the screen.

✔️ Get free addons for saving the results of quizzes.

💸 Price: Absolutely free! HD Quiz doesn’t have a premium version.

Quiz Cat

Best WordPress Quiz Form Builder Plugin

Creating a BuzzFeed-like quiz form with a free plugin can be a true blessing. The Quiz Cat WordPress quiz form builder plugin exactly does this. You will access a smart interface to build viral & engaging quizzes within a few minutes. 

An added advantage of this plugin is, it won’t slow down your website speed. Plus, you can create as many quizzes as you want with the free version. We all know users won’t mind giving their email addresses to show their quiz results. You can apply this tactic with this smart quiz form builder plugin.

Top Features:

✔️ Has integration with advanced email marketing and automation software.

✔️ Lightweight and fast quiz form maker plugin.

✔️ Help with lead generation and audience segmentation.

✔️ Redirect users to a new page after concluding the quiz.

✔️ Learn quiz-taker interaction with useful analytics and insights.

✔️ Export quiz results in CSV file.

💸 Price: Available in a free version and start the premium package at $69 per year.

ARI Stream Quiz

Best WordPress Quiz Form Builder Plugin

Touching almost every basic need of a WordPress Quiz builder plugin, ARI Stream Quiz is a standout choice for those who want to collect unlimited leads. It reaches more people with the support of features like the “Force-to-share” feature. 

Further, you can embed quizzes anywhere on your website and also show them outside of the website using shortcode or IFRAME element. Thus, you will end up collecting more leads. It has some unique functionalities like showing the real answer after users answer the quiz questions. And, you can see the user answers in the backend as well.

Top Features:

✔️ No limits on quiz creation and question numbers in the free version.

✔️ Add tricky hacks like reloading the browsers for every question to increase page views and show more ads.

✔️ Define the number of random questions from your stored questions.

✔️ Can load quizzes via AJAX and show the Play Again button.

✔️ Show personalized content based on the quiz results.

✔️ Encourage users to display quizzes on social media.

💸 Price: Grab the free version and the premium version starts from $17 for a lifetime period. 

How to Choose the Best WordPress Quiz Form Builder Plugin

To help you find the best quiz form builder plugin, we are going to outline some common requirements that can lead to getting the most effective tool based on your own scenario.

👉 An all-out Form Solution: Rather than going for a dedicated quiz form builder plugin, you should find a plugin that meets all of your form solutions, like sign-up form, contact form, conditional form, and quiz form. It saves you from using multiple plugins.

👉 User Friendliness: Whatever features you have on your builder plugin, that won’t be effective unless it facilitates a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard. 

👉 Question Types: Check out the list of supported question types, it should include the question type you want to include on your quiz form. Find one that has a versatile set of question types.

👉 Customization Features: To bring a fun and stylish look to your quiz form, the quiz form builder needs to have all the customization features for changing the font, layout, and everything from top to bottom of the quiz form.

👉 Unique Features: This is what we mostly miss! Every plugin has some unique features that represent the vision of the developers. If this vision matches your quiz form design needs then, it means you will find all the upcoming features very useful. For example, if a developer supports a countdown timer feature, that means it may bring more advantages for educational quiz form support.

👉 Data & Analytics: Your chosen WordPress quiz form builder plugin should support an easy showcasing of data and analytics. It shouldn’t limit the availability of data which is associated with only the passing or failing quiz taker’s numbers. You should get advanced reports to segment the audience and understand their persona.

👉 Support & Regular Updates: In any unexpected issue, you need support from the plugin team and also need assistance with documentation support. And, another important thing is regular updates of your plugin.

Also, consider the integration of quiz builder plugins with other marketing and automation tools. Or, you may have other personal requirements that need to be supported by your installed or purchased quiz builder plugin.

Feature Comparison of the Best WordPress Quiz Form Builder Plugins

Plugin Name
Best ForPriceFree Version
MetFormMultipurpose quiz form builder.Starts at $39 per year
Thrive Quiz BuilderPersonalize quiz formStarts at $199 per year
Quiz and Survey MasterSkill-assessment formStarts at $129 per year
Formidable FormsQuizzes for online coursesStarts at $199 per year
Poll, Survey & Quiz by OpinionStageEasy building experience.Starts at $25 per month
Quiz Maker (Ays-pro)Large question libraryStarts at $29 per year
Gravity Forms Quiz Add-onVersatile grading systemStarts at $199 per year
HD QuizUser ratingsNo premium option
Quiz CatBuzzFeed-like quiz formStarts at $69 per year
ARI Stream QuizSharing quiz formsStarts at $17 per year

Best Practices to Boost Your Website’s Engagement with Quiz Forms

As we know quiz forms can glue your visitors to your website and increase social engagement. We have to maximize the utilization of this practice. Here we have bullet-listed some best practices to enhance the website’s engagement.

☑️ Ask questions on a topic that is relevant to the targeted audience and provoke their thought.

☑️ Insert visual elements to make the quiz form more interactive.

☑️ Include versatile question types to make quiz tests more energetic.

☑️ Let the users see their quiz results instantly, it can drive them to share quiz results on social media.

☑️ Can ask for email addresses to send quiz results.

☑️ Show the right answer while users give a wrong answer.

☑️ Enable multiple attempts for taking quizzes.

☑️ Customized the result page according to the user results.

☑️ Create a leaderboard or show badges and rewards for interactive participation.

WordPress Quiz Form Builder Plugin FAQ

In our view, MetForm wins the top position in the list of best quiz form builder plugins. We haven’t found any limitations in customizing and creating a comprehensive quiz that can give a pleasing experience to users.

Yes, there are. However, you will find most of the quiz builder plugins come in both free and premium versions.

You can use a plugin to create a quiz form easily on your WordPress website. Go through this tutorial to learn how to build a quiz form within five minutes only.

You can use a shortcode to create a quiz form on your WordPress website. But, it can be a hard experience for beginners. 

Go for the MetForm plugin, it supports a pre-made layout to easily create a conditional logic quiz form.

Final Thoughts on WordPress Quiz Maker Plugin

WordPress quiz form builder plugins are the smartest way to add quizzes and surveys to your website. Our chosen plugin can be an excellent choice for creating multipurpose quiz forms. Now, when it comes to selecting one it is down to your preference and requirements.

We will recommend MetForm, which is a comprehensive solution for building a form. You don’t need to go for any other plugin when you will need to have a contact form, conditional form, sign-up forms, etc. This is why we’re considering MetForm as one of the best WordPress quiz form builder plugins.

MetForm gives everything that will enable you to create any type of quiz form. Such as personality quiz forms, health & skill assessment quiz forms, conditional logic quiz forms, score-based quiz forms, and many more.


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